John Smedley Unveils Massive Carrier For PlanetSide 2

Are massive fleet carriers on the way for PlanetSide 2?

That might be the case, if this Tweet from Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley is any indication. But if this Bastion Fleet Carrier does make its way into the game, what role will it fulfill?

Troop transport. As Smedley said in his Tweet, “people keep asking for galaxies to carry tanks. bah.” So the Bastion could very well be a way to airdrop multiple armor units and hordes of troops into a hostile area.

Overwhelming air support. While it would be cool to see the Bastion taking on scores of opposing air vehicles — or even opposing carriers — would it be too powerful and unbalanced for such a role?

New combat style. Sure, the game is called “PlanetSide,” which evokes images of troops fighting on land and low airspace. But might we be in for Star Wars-esque orbital battles, with the Bastion carrying fighters and assaulting space stations or enemy carriers?

Orbital bombardment. Maybe the Bastion won’t play any direct role in combat, instead being something players can call in to strike designated areas for devastating effect.

What do you think SOE will do with the Bastion?