Pokémon Red MMO In The Works

Some folks scoff at Mists of Pandaria‘s pet battles as being similar to a Pokémon MMO.

But what if you could play the real thing?

A group of Pokémon fans are taking a shot at something Nintendo‘s never tried: making a fully MMO out of a Pokémon game.

PokéMMO is a mod that lets players interact, chat, and do battle, all within the confines of the original Pokémon Red game world. The mod works on a PC ROM of the original game.

While still in alpha, just a brief look at the trailer video should be enough to get any online gamer/Pokémon fan’s blood pumping like water from a Squirtle. A list of development tasks on the forums also looks tantalizingly complete, especially considering that the project only got started in January.

Would you play a Pokémon MMO, even from an unofficial source? Or would you rather wait for the “real thing” from Nintendo — even if it never comes?