World of Warcraft fans eager to see the female pandaren character model can feast their eyes below.

If you’re anxious to see upgraded classic races, I’m afraid you’ll have to close your eyes and imagine.

Mists of Pandaria will incorporate 10 times the skeletal structure in the pandaren facial features, but there will be no new upgrade to the original character models.

In an interview with TankSpot, J. Allen Brack — lead designer for WoW — stated:

“We would definitely like to figure out a way to have the time to do that. One of the problems is our character models are probably one of the hardest things for us to do, because they’re your player, so everyone has a lot of opinions. Some of them are subjective, some of them are objective, and it just requires some of our most skilled artists that we have to do it.”

We saw the issues in Cataclysm when non-endgame content dominated the design and implementation cycle, would upgrading the old models have caused the same problems for Mists of Pandaria?

For more on the revelations from the Blizzard press event, be sure to catch a special Legendary tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific.Pandaren Female Model In Mists of Pandaria