Anarchy Online is over 10 years old.

Now that might not be aged for a redwood, but in the MMO genre that’s a veritable eon. So it isn’t that surprising that Funcom has decided on a facelift.

Unlike Joan Rivers‘ face,  AO‘s overhaul looks to be making a big improvement.

In an interview with, Game Director Fia Tjernberg spoke about the new teaser trailer, revealing that the new technology will be the same as used in Age of Conan’s graphical rendering — soon to be seen in The Secret World.

Along with the beautification, Anarchy Online will be getting an overhaul to its new player experience and two completely new areas to adventure in. With so few sci-fi MMOs — compared to the fantasy genre at least — it’s good to see a title that still has a strong community getting such attention from its developers.

Thanks to @Nvrdie666 for the tip.

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