A Chinese gaming site has dug something up which is either fanart or the next expansion’s title and logo…

Now, the reason we’re presenting this information as we are is that there is literally no guarantee it’s real in any way, shape or form. Blizzard has been very skilled, historically, at keeping things under wraps for at least a short while. However, it’s interesting to speculate, and a little of what we’re seeing here does ring true. So, first up, this site asserts to have discovered not only the name, but the logo of the next expansion, which would be WoW 6.0. Again, it’s really important to note that this could be complete nonsense, unrelated to the expansion. But here we go.

Now, this isn’t the only thing these guys have found out. They’ve been doing their research in-game into the likelihood of this, and no dedicated WoW player will have missed the regular references to the Burning Legion cropping up from Wrathion and others, and zol.com via the magic of google translate also discusses a new NPC in Felwood that talks about the Legion’s return. I was not able to locate said NPC, partly because google made a hash of the translation, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there! 

So what’s your take on this? Does it look like a fake to you, or might it be real? We’re really not sure here at Gamebreaker. It wouldn’t be hard at all to mock up a WoW logo and freak out some gamers, would it? But on the other hand, there have been so many hints, well, even more obvious than that, that this might be what’s coming up next. Maybe zol.com have actually managed to unearth the next expansion, WoW 6.0, and if they have, what do you think? Are you excited? and where’s the Emerald Dream, anyhow?!

Thanks for the tip, Bradley!

UPDATE: We’ve had confirmation that this is a fake. Are you disappointed?!

  • Cody R

    Interesting going back to the Legion so soon figured we would go for the Emerald Dream first. but this would make sense in to going for the Titans

    • Siku

      The Emerald Dream story was finsihed in a novel about a year ago. IT’S NOT HAPPENING.

      • Squirrel

        Add that to the massive list of things that blizz would never do, that already happened

      • Luke Malcolm

        Emerald Dream isn’t over it being contained in the Rift of Aln in the Emerald Dream. One day it will spread again, its even in the book.

    • Richard Elder

      While Emerald Dream could be cool, it would be MASSIVE. It would make the Cataclysm revamp look like child’s play. We’re talking about a land mass the size of the E. Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria, Vash’jr and a bunch of other bits and ends that would have to be near teaming with content to make it not boring spaces of scenery and unessential random mobs. That amount of work would take far longer than a typical expansion.

  • edgar luna

    Pretty sure I’ve seen that signature many times in wow related forums for months

  • Squirrel

    Even things on the Beeta or PTR arent real. Leaks from a Chinese site are less than that.

  • mikey

    SO this is what Susan has been working on when i don’t see her in trade.

  • Brian Day

    I dont think they will make the Emerald Dream an expansion, so many people have wanted this that they know even if they do get it 100% right ,and we are talking about blizzard here, they know they will still upset alot of people at best they could make it the end raid of last expansion

  • Nate Glass

    The Emerald Dream just wouldn’t work as an expansion… A real Burning Legion focus had much more broad appeal, plus that would give opportunity to get that lonely Bolvar Fordragon back into the mix. However, with a lot of the foreshadowing being towards exactly that – the Burning Legion, it wouldn’t be hard for any fan to cobble this logo together. Whether it’s legit or not remains to be seen, but the Legion is easily where the next Xpac will go.

  • Chad Cowder

    Its totally fan art.Have seen it a poster on MMO-Champions using for about month in his posts

  • Luke Malcolm

    Someone on MMO-Champion posted this months ago !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/JoeKey Joe Key

    ro9ue on MMO champ made this fan concept and that logo http://goo.gl/SkFdj

  • Michael Ponte

    I saw that on a forum a while back. Probably fan made. It had other info on Arrakoa and Ogre races being playable

  • BLazed

    Meh.. It’ll probably be a disappointment..

  • Maanee

    Yes, the next expansion was confirmed to deal with the Burning Legion. (The npcs that talk about it in Felwood are next to the pet trainer there.)

  • FFXIVgamer

    Wouldnt surprise me if it is true, as people found out about MOP 6-7 months in advance while Blizzard said it wasnt xD

  • Sarah

    As has been shown already by numerous others.
    This was fan art on mmo champ.
    So real free to go and spend some time on writing that Bigfoot article now.

  • Mike

    I am disappointed.

    I wanted to relive TBC

    • Artificial

      Same… I havent enjoyed WoW since TBC.

      • Dularr

        Lol, you know, you guys will never be happy.
        Let me start you with your first three complaints:
        1. The new Burning Legion starting area is not red enough. I want everything to be red! red! red!
        2. I didn’t replace every piece of gear with questing greens within the first hour. I want my questing greens! I want my questing greens!
        3. The starting zone in TBC made my character look like a clown! Why didn’t the new starting zone give my character a full set of mis-matched gear and colors!!!

  • Sully

    Do you not think its a little suspect that its very close to being called ROFL?

  • Dularr

    I agree the Burning Legion would be an excellent next expansion. The entire Mists legendary questline seems to be pointing to a new confrontation with the Burning Legion.

    Took a look at the fan art site on MMO-Champion, it’s really well done and worth a look.

  • James Fristik

    I’d come back to this expansion.

  • Steven Opie Wallace

    Some of you are looking at TBC through rose tinted glasses. That expansion, while my favorite as well, really wasn’t all THAT great compared to what we have now. The only things that I find great about that expansion are the dungeons and design of the zones. The zones were designed awesomely (art-wise)

    • Kevin Henderson

      Great zones, amazing dungeons, heroics being hard, and Kara. TBC was the best. The questing in MoP is horrible. It’s always the same three quests together, in every zone or hub. The zones are pathetic and the dungeons are even worse. They don’t even nail the Asian theme correctly.

      The adjustments to some of the systems for convenience are nice but many have made the game far too casual. You know what, I loved TBC the best, and you can’t dismiss my argument by saying I don’t remember it right. Next you’ll tell me I don’t remember dipping Oreos into milk while watching Saturday morning cartoons right. Those days rocked, and TBC rocked.

      • Dularr

        While I think TBC was a really good expansion and should be very well regarded. I also have no quibble with saying TBC was the best MMO expansion ever. Perfect for its game, at the exact right time. Again, the best MMO expansion ever, period.

        With that said, Mists questing is much better than TBC. Mists questing tells a story that is moving forward, while TBC questing seems more about re-telling stories about events that already occurred.

        The art direction in the Mists zones are much better than TBC. The typical Mists zones show a much greater depth of diversity and direction of story. The typical TBC zone was fairly monochromatic with retelling of stories, with very little that was relevant to the on going events.

        Dungeons. TBC dungeons were really well designed, really nice groups of dungeons. I’m so mixed on the lengthily attunements for dungeons in TBC, they were a nice touch, but such a barrier to gameplay. It could be said dungeons were better in Lich King and Cata. Personally, I found Blizzard drop the ball on dungeons in Mists, overall the weakest set of dungeons in all of the expansions.

        Agreed that TBC was the hardest content of any of the expansion, limiting the content to less than 5% of the player base. Sadly, it also foster a mentality of guild jumping. If you wanted to see all the expansion content, you typically had to jump from guild to guild. Easiest content, Easiest, Wrath of the Lich King, they are not called Wrath babies for nothing.

        First tier of raiding, my vote would go with Karazhan as well. Really nice design for healer and dps, could be said a little boring for tanks. Tanking was so limited for Kara. Tanking in Mists is much more diverse, challenging and interesting than the other expansions.

        I’m really excited to see how the final raid tier of Mists turns out, should make an interesting comparison to other expansions.

        Oreos, hmmmm. Dunking them in milk while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Sadly they were horribly unhealthy, loaded with trans-fat, a leading contributor to heart disease. Oreos were nerfed in 2006, replacing the trans fats. Yep, we do have a tendency to remember things better than they were.

        • http://twitter.com/parkkway Mike Ekert

          TBC zones are still amazing looking. Netherstorm, it’s a shame you don’t have to do this zone anymore to level up, same with Blade’s Edge. Honestly, they should re-do the leveling so you level as fast, but you get pushed through the zones faster. This way it takes the same time, but you go to all the locales.

          TBC raids weren’t even necessarily that difficult, but getting to Sunwell meant you had to have done everything (or somehow found a guild that wanted to gear you up in BT/Hyjal). That’s where your “%5″ comes from. The last raid in the expansion, that comes 6 months before Wrath, of course it’ll be the road less traveled. Doesn’t mean tons of guilds didn’t enjoy progressing in Karazhan, or Black Temple, or SSC, or wherever they were at the time. That’s what was so amazing. ALL tiers were progression to SOMEONE. Now you only do the latest tier, and the rest is made obsolete.

          I’d say that what’s a better situation, one where all the tiers are relevant to the playerbase, or where only one is, and any new players coming on board don’t do them. That old stuff is wasted as soon as the new things are released. Blizzard wonders why players quit from patch to patch :P

      • Steven Opie Wallace

        Go back and play through the expansion in full again. They have left outland untouched outside of the xp requirements through the level ranges. Then tell me it’s still the best if you can.

        • Kevin Henderson

          It was the best to ME. I cant stand dailies. Yes, TBC had many of the same issues with questing that MoP does, only TBC is much older. You expect better from a newer expansion, yet it was the same. Stop trying to tell people their memory is bad. That’s a poor argument.

          • Steven Opie Wallace

            You’re getting defensive over something i didn’t say, firstly. I said SOME people look at it through Rose Tinted glasses. If it was your favorite, good on ya but the questing is much more diverse now than you realize in MoP so I’m not going to say your argument is a poor one but I will say please do some fact-checking.

  • Daniel Ellsworth

    We will find out in about August, Blizz has most of the time registered the next x-pac around the end of July to mid August so that thay have it trademarked for that following blizzcon only 3 months later.

  • Quest_Over

    It’s looking like the Burning Legion will be the next expansion, Just look at the legendary quest line in game, The Burning Legion is what Wrathion is talking about, If this is not going to be the next expansion why would they put this quest line in game.

  • Angela Brancato

    Nope it’s still the Emerald Dream :P…. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we see an other Burning Legion x-pac. There is to much “hinting” in this direction. Hell even if you are one of the players that doesn’t read the quest lines at all, you can still plainly see the references. Truthfully I don’t think anything else at this point would make any sense. Between the Sha, and Titan references, along with the (imho) the desperate need to overhaul Outlands, or Dreanar, the timing and build up feels right.

  • ccfreak

    was not disappointed over the logo being fake, it is pretty easy to do. still, it could be anything, even the burning legion.

  • Bouse

    Come on guuys, don’t be silly. Wrathion is a very powerful and smart person warning us of a “Darkness” that will destroy Azeroth if we dont all fight it together. Medivh is Wrathion.