Red light special on all World of Warcraft character services! Now 50% off sale for this week only!

This week only Blizzard Entertainment is having a sale on all their character services for World of Warcraft! A perfect beginning for summer vacation to get a fresh start with a new look, faction, or even a new name! Below are the services available for this week’s sale! For more information on how each service works, check out the links.

  • Character Transfer—Move your character to a different realm
  • Faction Change—Change a character’s faction (from Horde to Alliance, or from Alliance to Horde)
  • Race Change—Change a character’s race (within the same faction)
  • Appearance Change—Change your character’s appearance (optional Name Change included)
  • Name Change—Change your character’s name

 I know a lot of you have been wondering just what server the GAMEBREAKER NATION has picked and the time has come for a minor reveal! For the US, we are over on Turalyon! And for the EU, check out Chamber of Aspects (we’re still working out the EU kinks FYI)! Both are PvE servers with a decent population. We are not discriminating either faction, so a faction change is not required. Sadly, we cannot accept any guild invitations until GAMEBREAKER NATION launches. But to save you some cash, it felt right to share this information with the Warcraft group.

Guild transfers are not included in this sale! Remember that this offer is for one week only so get it while is it red hot! The sale ends on June 10th, 2013! 

  • Squirrel

    If you are looking into an Alt Guild to hold your toons before GAMEBREAKER NATION launches, your friendly GBN officers have you covered! Look for “Needs an Adult” on Horde, and the Alliance guild will be set up soon!

    • Ixtyr

      Awesome! I just transferred everyone over last night, so I’ll be looking for more info once the GBN Alliance side alt guild is formed.

    • Cullenprime

      I searched for the guild Needs an Adult on the server and had no results at all

      • totaldeletion

        I am online right now for invites to Needs an Adult. Search for Magicidic on Turalyon

  • Alyx

    Is there going to be an Oceanic version of the this guild?

    • lilmissy4205

      At this point in time, I have no idea since we still have to finish the EU part. Do Oceanic require a whole other account or anything?

      • sashi_yo

        Nope. Although they have their own server category, Oceanic servers are part of the West Coast server clusters. Apart from the time zone (which affects the day/night cycle in game), there’s no real difference between Oceanic and US servers.

  • Skaboosh

    Chamber of Aspects? That is my server! Awesome :D

  • Xizta

    I’d also like to note, that for players intending on leveling brand new characters, I will be leveling along side you guys to interact and get to know some of you better.

    • Dularr

      Well, rolled my undead warlock Kaath on the realm. Darnell is helping Kaath pick up some dead bodies.

      • totaldeletion

        Look up Needs an Adult on Turalyon. Its an GBN officer made guild to hold you by until GBNATION kicks off. We are only LvL 2 but with more people lvling, we will have all perks on no time ^.^ I’ll be on online as Magicidic to do NAA invites.

      • Squirrel

        Actually the leveling perks stop at level 6. The other ones are nice. Also, the Horde side GBN guild is already level 5,

  • Chuck B

    @lilmissy4205:disqus I think you meant blue light special. Unless you were truly going for a subtle tongue-in-cheek headline. :)

    • Squirrel

      When Missy writes, the puns are Always intentional

  • Kichwas

    What time zone is that US server? Though I’m satisfied where I am given that I only log in maybe once a month (if that) thanks to having mostly moved to another MMO.
    – Critical to know for anyone considering a move.

    Did all the race, faction, name, server, etc changes I wanted to do back in 2012… maybe a few hundred $$$s worth moving some 20 characters around, then deleting all those ‘alts’ in old servers. Only to then leave for Guild Wars 2. O.o

    • totaldeletion

      Turalyon is an EST server

    • Dularr

      Did your guild move to a new server? You wanted to move to a high population server? Or was it to join a new guild?

      I would only spend that type of money if my entire guild was moving. I usually level a new character for this type of guild.

      • Kichwas

        I had alts scattered across several servers. A free transfer consolidated a bunch of them alliance side – and then I picked from among the others until I had a cast of 10.

        Horde side… my guild collapsed in mid Cata, and over time became a solo guild. When that happened I took my 10 characters + guild and moved them to a PST server, as I had been on a CST one. And that 2 hours was critical – only people I could find were all starting raids before I got off work. This was made worse by a short trip to an EST server with 2 of the toons, to try out the guild of ‘dailyKos’. Great folks for a liberal lefty like myself, but the timezone was deadly to being active…

        Pricey… didn’t do it all at once. Its more looking back at it that I realize how much I dumped into what spanned about a year long process. Also in there were maybe 4 or 5 race changes, and once a dual server/faction change to take all the heirlooms I had to the other side…

  • CaerMorrighan

    So glad you did this – I have some homeless Horde toons to move, but I will be leveling new Alliance toons which will be a great chance to get to know people more.

    • totaldeletion

      We currently have an alt horde guild by GBN officers to place your horde toons in until GBNATION kicks off. Alliance one is in the works. Look for Needs an Adult on Turalyon ^.^

      • CaerMorrighan

        Sadly I’ll be on Chamber of Aspects but thanks for the invite. I would totally be taking you up on it if I could.

  • LegionsUnleashed

    well i just contacted someone from “Needs an Adult” and got an excuse for an answer lol. I guess I’ll wait for the gamebreaker guild instead, no biggie. :p

    • totaldeletion

      I can throw you an invite to Needs an Adult. Ill be on a toon named Draxium. Just so you know, this is just a “in the meantime” guild. Being in NAA DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you are in GAMEBREAKER NATION. The invite process is completely different for GBN. That info will be made know when staff at GB makes it know.

  • Thomas Renshaw

    They should be the price they are at half price all the time. :I