Rift players participating on the Public Test Shard may be in for a treat this Thursday. The first ever three faction battle will be taking place at 4:00pm Pacific and it just might decide the fate of Telara.  Or maybe I should i say all Telaras…

You see. What none of us knew was that out there, beyond the Ward, there exist other Telaras.  Each one different yet the same. Each have their own people to worry about and not all share the same fate.   And until now it was those things each were concerned with.

Now — as the Ward continues to deteriorate — the Ascended see beyond it and understand.  There’s more than one Telara and more than one war being waged.

This new battle, born in the space between the worlds, is not about survival but philosophy.  Three factions fight against one another to determine the proper role of the Ascended.  One believes they are destined to rule, another that they should continue to protect the people of Telara and the third wish to usher the Ascended along into the cosmos.

Welcome to Conquest —  Trion’s three faction PvP in Rift.  It sets the scene for large-scale, cross-shard Open World PvP.  Players can choose one of three factions to fight for.  Each have different philosophies and ideals and are willing to die for them.

Trion has transformed the zone of Stillmoor into a battleground complete with control points and sourcestone powered fortifications.  It is here that the three opposing factions will battle for the control of Sourcestone Extractors while fending off their foes.

The battle takes place out in the open. There are no castles to hole up in.  However, it would be wise for players to not underestimate the importance of Caer Mathos — which has been cleared of the undead — during their battle.

Players who gain control of these points earn buffs and resources that are beneficial to their chosen team and can also unlock additional buffs and abilities for themselves.  And, it’s not just the fighters that can contribute.  Crafters will be able to refine battlefield resources into upgrades and earn their team more perks.

The rules for Conquest are pretty simple.  A battle comes to an end when one team owns 40% of the control points or 5,000 players are killed — whichever comes first.  Once either of these happen a ten minute timer is set and the other teams have a chance at taking back control.  After the ten minutes are up, it’s all over and rewards will be reaped.

I have to say, a lot of players have been wanting improvements to Rift’s PvP  for a while now and it’s agreed upon by most that the best PvP is three faction.  So far, it looks like Trion has come up with an elegant solution to the problem of making that available in a two faction game without destroying any of the things we already love about it.

Of course, all this has yet to be seen in action.  But as of now, I believe Rift’s PvP fans should be very excited.

  • Keenish

    This is kind of neat. I’ve stayed away from Rift over the last 6 months, this wouldn’t get me anywhere near the game again, but it is cool. I hope the new shooter mmo Trion has coming out will take some cues from this pvp move.


    ” to determine the proper roll of the Ascended. ” 
    Role. Unless someone stole their Ascended Sweet Rolls…

    • ArcherAvatar

      Mmmmm… delicious Ascended Sweet Rolls… they taste even better stolen!

      • http://quintlyn.com/ QuintLyn Bowers

        We must figure out the recipe for these.

    • http://quintlyn.com/ QuintLyn Bowers

      Haha.. Whoops. Thanks. I’ll fix it. 

      • Keenish

        Hope it didn’t sound snarky XD

        • http://quintlyn.com/ QuintLyn Bowers

           Grammar corrections always sound snarky.  But when you’re right, you’re right.

          Besides. I correct people all the time when they confuse things like they’re, there and their. So don’t feel bad.

          Also… In your first post you said something about Trion’s shooter?  Do you mean EoN, because I was under the impression that was more RTS-like.

          I really haven’t paid that much attention to it. It’s not my type of game, either way. So I could be wrong.

          • http://twitter.com/Tjoerin Tjoerin

             EoN is an RTS. He probably means Defiance (is that what it’s called?) … the shooter that is made with the SyFy people

          • http://quintlyn.com/ QuintLyn Bowers

            Oh yes.  I completely forgot about Defiance being a shooter.  The main thing I remember about it is that it’s coupled with a TV show and I’m very curious as to how things will go for either if one or the other fails. (I’d expect the show to fail first.)

  • scottsummer

    Applaud to Trion.

    Take note Bioware.

  • http://twitter.com/Patrikules Patrick Hargan

    seems to me that this is a ‘fix’ to guardians rofl stomping defiants… unless i misunderstood something…

    • http://quintlyn.com/ QuintLyn Bowers

      I think it was also just a way to put into the game something players had been asking for (3 faction warfare) without destroying the entire premise of the game.

  • ControlBlue

    More like a shameless copy of GW2 WvW… Oh well imitation is the highest proof of admiration!

    Now if they could fix their useless Support role and make the Soul System an actual true customization system, we would get somewhere.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Under.9000 Tyler Weit

      Other MMO’s copying ideas? BLASPHEMY!

    • dagatkarimlan

      Damn straight! GW2’s WvWvW concept has never been implemented in other MMOs before.  Oh wait…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Panneton/100000392828787 Matt Panneton

      Buddy, we’ve been asking Trion for this since March 2011.  They’ve been developing this for a very long time.  Strategic release?  Probably.  All in all this is a classic concept of the genre that belongs in any MMO that hopes to make a name for itself.

      Take your ignorance else-where imo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/richard.peppers Richard Peppers

      Dynamic content… Public questing…. Wait what mmo am I talking about? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.peppers Richard Peppers

    Conquest was fun But the weaker of the two factions didn’t work together so they both got steam rolled. I think they really need to make it so only the top faction is pvpable otherwise when you see a sea of red you tend to just start tabing away.