With the release of Rift: Storm Legion, a load of new content has been introduced to Trion’s flagship MMO. By now, a lot of players have been able to get loads of information on PvE, but I want to talk about the PvP side of the game. Storm Legion introduced a new Warfront to the game (Karthan Ridge) and boosted the Prestige rank cap up to 80. The expansion also introduced four new souls that will give plenty of content for PvP players to work their way through.

One of the major PvP elements that has been introduced into Rift is Conquest. Though Conquest was introduced with Patch 1.9, released earlier this year, Storm Legion aims to expand on this concept. Conquest brought true, three faction PvP to the Rift scene. These factions — Nightfall, Dominion, and Oathsworn — are independent of the game’s Guardian and Defiant factions. This allows players from both sides to join which ever faction appeals to them and fight against one another for fun and profit.

Conquest is not just relegated to instanced PvP, though you will be able to gain bonuses by participating in Warfronts. Conquest has its own dynamic in terms of player combat. The factions you involve yourself in are waging an inter-dimensional war within an alternative reality called Stillmoor. Each faction is fighting to control powerful arcane technology, which provide a wealth of benefits to a player’s faction, should they get their hands on it. PvPers are not the only ones that can participate effectively in Conquest, of course, as there is a place for PvE players and even dedicated crafters.

For those that reach the level 60 cap in Rift, Conquest is likely to become a major focus for anyone serious about PvP, as well as those looking to have fun fighting other players. If Conquest isn’t your style, there’s always Karthan Ridge, the latest Warfront that has been added to the game. This Warfront provides players with a new playground on which to smash face. Both Conquest and Warfronts are a great way to test out the new souls that have been introduced with Storm Legion.

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Speaking of Warfronts, Storm Legion introduced a new one called Karthan Ridge. This Warfront is designed around the a “capture and destroy the flag” concept. Basically, players will want to acquire power shards and return these to control points to have them destroyed. Typically, this means that the control point, which is in the center of the map, will be where most of the action is. There’s a lot of room for mobile classes, like the Harbinger and some rogue specializations, to get around and do some damage, while also accomplishing the goal of the map.

What niche these new souls will find in PvP has yet to be seen. Each brings something new to the battlefield in terms of abilities and dynamics and many players have yet to fully discover the potential of these souls, as well as how they can be combined with existing souls to make a formidable killing machine. Conquest and Warfronts give players the opportunity to discover what the next greatest PvP build may be.

  • http://twitter.com/Khelendross Chris Black

    This is not actually how Karthan Ridge works. Karthan Ridge is what is called a “sabotage” map. The shards SPAWN in the center (which is why the center is such a focal point), then you take the shard to one of the enemy faction’s power conduits to sabotage it and gain a capture point. So its sort of the reverse of how Karthan Ridge works as explained in this video. This is all assuming they didn’t change how Karthan works from beta, I haven’t been able to get in to a match of it yet. 

    As Steven said, the mobile classes do really well in Karthan, especially if you have survivability and escape mechanisms. Riftstalker I found to be highly effective with its high mobility, escapes and survivability. 

    Conquest is disabled right now. It should be back soon, once people hit level cap. There are new Conquest maps coming, but I wouldn’t expect to see those till 2.2 at the earliest. They are making alot of changes to Conquest because alot of players (myself included) were unhappy with what it has become from what it was originally or was supposed to be.

  • Avaloner31

    After playing Storm Legion and seeing how good it is I am now even more looking forward to Defiance and End of Nations. TRION seems to know how to make a good MMO and both Defiance and End of Nations (and to an extent RIFT) are pretty dam inovative. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FPXO267IVAHL3MK4HRRNRQPNDA Bush Swanson, The American Dre

    I was playin rift last night and i think i made the best class i’m not ready to tell everyone about it tho because it’s really good. 8^) meow

  • http://twitter.com/MrMarcusBailey Marcus Bailey

    Not as interested in warfronts as I am in Conquest.  Conquest does need some work though and I look forward to see what Storm Legion does to improve it.  A rated warfront system would be great though.