The end has come for Final Fantasy XIV… But with every end there’s a new beginning.  In this case, the upcoming launch of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, the much anticipated relaunch of the MMO.

Following the epic closing events of 1.0, the company has released a two hour long producer video answering questions from the XIV community.  Among questions related to duty finders, parties and market systems was a question as to whether characters will be able to get married and if that will include same-sex marriage as well.

According to the producers, marriage will be a part of the game in the future.  However, they’re not sure about same-sex marriage.

“As for same-sex marriage, this is an extremely controversial topic that has been under discussion in the MMO world for the past few years,” the firm says. “First we would like to start out with opposite-sex marriage, and then consider the feedback from our players in order to make a careful decision. I can’t say whether or not it will be possible at this point in time. I’d like to keep dialog open with our players as we deliberate the matter.”

It’s easy to understand why the XIV team might want to steer clear of the topic for now, with same-sex marriage being a hot-topic issue all around the world. It’s sometimes difficult for a company to take a stance on such issues. However, in a game where not all the players are even the same race — and let’s face it, the genders of the characters are pretty likely to not indicate the gender of the players — it does seem like a pretty silly thing to even debate.

The bigger question, is “What do the players think?”  Would you be okay with same-sex marriage in XIV?

  • Andrew June

    Shouldn’t even be up for discussion. Yes it should be in the game.

  • Ryan Martin-DeVries

    why does any one care it has no effect on other players so if two players want to do same sex marriage let them, this should be a non issue.

    • Kevin J. Redmond

      Hrm… seems like that logic can apply to the real world, as well.  ^_^

  • Xen Alkalistone

    It should be in the game. To take choice away from a player, because it MAYBE bothers someone that is completely NOT effected by it is ridicules. If you don’t want to be involved in a same sex wedding….. go do something else, isn’t that the point of an MMO is that you can do whatever you want within the realm of the game world?

  • Monstercloud

    In a game like this….who cares. No one is a main character, and entering in a same-sex marriage wouldn’t hinder the story or affect other’s gameplay, so why not?

    On the flip side though, I really don’t want to hear bitching and moaning if they decide not to. If you feel that deeply about the issue enough to begrudge the developers and game for not including same sex marriage, then there are probably better, more proactive avenues to direct your feelings at.

  • Henrik Abrahamsen

    Only americans need to discuss dis shizz because they are so zealously religious. Take a trip to scandinavia people, we have these two things called liberalism and secularity. 

    • Dularr

      With that, why does scandinavia have such a high suicide rate?

      • Luis A. Perez

        Yeah! In the U.S. you are probably more likely to get shot before you attempt suicide. USA! USA!

        • Dularr

          The numbers were amazing, looks like the only death rate stat that is higher in the US is automobile accidents, must be those Volvos.   They have higher mortality rates of heart disease and cancer, go figure. Socialized medicine.  

        • thomas

          so because i live in a country with a high crime rate, that must mean i support crime, as well as religious zealotry.  brilliant logic.  keep em coming, this is great.

    • thomas

      hahahaha, you’re so liberal you can make up sweeping generalizations about entire groups of people. gg.  feels awfully hypocritical in here all of a sudden.

  • rulez

    Technically a marriage system in a game is by default not gender restrictive. Only if a dev wants to put in such a restriction they have to actually implement a check for gender. So it is the opposite of “steering clear” of the issue.

  • Dularr

    Ah,  FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is still waiting for their ESRB rating.  

    Personally, I don’t care.  

    Just don’t want to see a Orc Rogue win….. oh, nevermind.   Her gems and enchants were so messed up. 

  • Grzegorz Zelek

    just do it.. no discussion needed rly.. Rift did it and it was funny to marry my friend in the guild, and I even got a title for doing this. Just put it in the game and forget about it.. no big deal there :)

  • Travis Peabody

    Rift did it, Guild Wars 2 did it, so why not? Then I could make a miqo’te and marry one too!! =^_^=

  • Bill Gerrettie Jr

    Abraham Lincoln understood people shouldn’t be treated unfairly because they were different. It saddens me that we’re still having this conversation in 2012.

  • German Lopez

    Not taking a stand on this is pathetic. Square-Enix is an awful company. Of course it should be in-game.

  • Demi_God

    Sure, I’ll bite and play Devil’s Advocate in this instance, because a  one-sided discussion isn’t a discussion at all.

    I am racist, I am sexist, and I am homophobic.  To cap it off adding insult to injury, I’m a man and also white.  But please don’t call me European American, because I don’t need a pity card play when things aren’t going my way in life like all the other ethnic minorities in the USA.  (I am also the only honest person as of yet to post on this thread as anyone/everyone is prejudice in some form or another and you are just lying yourself to think otherwise)

    Games are a reflection of real life and same-sex marriage in the real world is morally wrong and should be illegal.  Marriage is a religious institute as old as civilization itself.  At no time in history was same sex marriage ever accepted, even in societies that accepted homosexuality to a far greater extent than modern western civilization.  So yeah let’s take the last 10,000 years of human tradition throw it in the toilet and hit flush because it offends 1% of the population who can enjoy the same legal rights that married couples do through civil unions. 

    Normally I would state something to the extent of how I am going to boycott this game, but the Final Fantasy brand has done such an excellent job of committing Hara Kiri that I can’t see the newest upcoming game possibly be worth buying.

    • thomas

      your understanding of human nature is woefully lacking.  you sound overly sheltered.  try getting out of the house and meeting some of these minorities that you are so eager to pigeonhole into your sad, ignorant stereotypes.  

      Proof of your sheltered ignorance? You actually think everyone else is as racist and ignorant as yourself, but just not admitting it.  Wow.  So in addition to being sheltered, mildly retarded, and having a soul filled with skunk testicles, you also comfort yourself by thinking that WE’RE ALL JUST AS SHITTY AT LIFE AS YOU ARE. So we can add “delusional” to your resume.

      You also…don’t really know what words mean.  Sure, everyone has prejudices, and reasonable people will own up to this.  There is a FUCKING GIGANTIC GULF OF A DISTNCE BETWEEN THAT, AND BEING HOMOPHOBIC AND RACIST.  You just stated flat out that you think “these people over here are worth less than those people over there”.  Hate to shatter your worldview, but most people actually don’t think this way.  I know it makes YOU feel better to believe that the rest of us are just as mentally incapable of understanding that skin color/cultural choices/sexual preference has no bearing on a human being’s worth.  But its just not the case.  

      Even furthermore, your idea of what games are is hilariously simplistic and kind of sad.  You think games are a reflection of real life?  Thats…so sad and (surprise,surprise) narrow-minded.  The WHOLE POINT of a virtual world, is to give people the opportunity to do things they can’t do in real life.  so your straw man argument about “tradition” (hey, slavery was a tradition once, so IT MUST BE GOOD AMIRITE) fails hard.

      also, its called seppuku, not hara-kiri, you sexy hunk of man love.  and btw, you’re homophobic because you secretly want to suck like, a whole bag of dicks. 

      all in all, a weak performance by a sheltered, small minded European American who doesn’t really understand games, reality, or himself.

      • Mick

         If you’d actually read the first sentence he posted, you’d have understood that he’s being INCREDIBLY sarcastic. Devil’s Advocate. He’s pinpointing the exact argument against the whole topic.

        • thomas

          i actually did read the first sentence. i considered whether or not his “devil’s advocate” comment meant that he was about to engage in satire or sarcasm.  But i also read the rest of the post, and it didn’t sound sarcastic or satirical at all. so, yes, he said he was going to play devil’s advocate. but where’s the sarcasm? show me.

          especially not the last line.  however, you certainly could be correct.  I admit that.  regardless, that doesn’t invalidate my argument, and it was a fun writing exercise.

          protip: if you are going to be satirical, it helps to know how to write in a satirical style.  same goes for sarcasm.

          • Demi_God

            No thomas what you are is a tool, my tool.  The venom you spewed onto your post was exactly what I was looking for in a response. The fact that I composed a post and achieved the exact response I was hoping for adds quite a bit of credibility to my “understanding of human nature”. 

            You spent all your time attacking me and none of it making beneficial arguments for the case of equality.  You called me retarded at the expense of every parent with an autistic child. Casually throwing into the debate the painful history of slavery to support only the vaguest of points. You used the cruelest and nastiest insults you could conjure up to attack me.

            Whereas I, “the ignorant, sheltered, racist, homophobic, dick sucking, butt sex loving person that I am,” used the majority of my derogatory speech to describe myself.  The purpose of which was to illustrate that a single individual does not exist whose perception of the world around them isn’t flawed in some way shape or form.  That I am one of these flawed individuals.  But even so, there is something to be gained when you listen to what they have to say anyways.  What a compelling argument you could have made against a self admitted racist, sexist, and homophobe, to ignore those self deprecations and conceive a valid rebuttal.  

            However, you made no such compelling argument to counter the one single point I made in my post.  The single point that you did make, that the actions of players in a virtual world has no connection to the person behind the keyboard IRL, will easily be disregarded by every experienced MMO player.  Because every last one of us knows that a person who is an absolute jerk in a game, all the time, every time, is just as miserable of a person real life.  If anything, people are more revealing of their true character in a game where the consequences are less severe.

            My own opinion, the real one, is quite complicate and I cannot fully cover it within such a format.  However, the basic principles of it are that every human is born with the desire to love and be loved by someone.  That society should not artificially obstruct anyone from achieving this. 
            But society should also be very cautious of casting away old long held traditions that have made their culture a success, and that marriage was not a tradition founded on the principle of excluding any portion of society from certain rights and liberties.  And that it should not be wrongfully accused as such.

            I see validity in both sides of the disagreement, but as this post is already overly long at the moment, I will not expand on those points. 

            The issue of the game itself, is rather inconsequential.  It would actually take more development to make it heterosexual only, and who is to say what sex the person actually playing the avatar is anyways.  So I don’t care.

            The one thing I know for certain though, is gutter talk from posts like yours will never move important conversations forward in a positive direction.  My only real interest in this subject, is to hone my own personal ability in changing the conversation of a difficult subject such as this from divisive, slanderous hate speech into something more positive. 

            P.S.  hara kiri & seppuku are the same thing.    
            Harakiri/hara-kiri/hara kiri is more universally used than seppuku.  Please use google before you make a frivolous point or you can always learn a little Japanese while you’re living in Japan like an overly sheltered person such as myself did. 

  • Nathiest

    Make an issue out of it, it becomes one. Idiots. Should had just put in the game. Period. 

  • thomas

    utterly ridiculous.  “Controversial issue”?  Um, yeah it is, if YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THE REAL WORLD.

    i thought the whole point of these virtual worlds is that anything’s possible.  ugh, MMOs are being ruined by mainstream thought and panicky corporations watching metrics and taking polls and just uggggh.  the magic has been drained out completely.

  • Brent Wentzel

    I just want to make hot catboy love is that so much to ask xD!

  • Anna

    Have they really learned nothing from Bioware xD

  • ArsenicSundae

    So I wonder what would be worse: a catgirl-thing marrying a boy badger-thing or two catgirl-things marrying.  Is cross species hank panky acceptable, so long as what’s happening between their legs is appropriately “diverse”.  Is Squeenix that thick between the ears that they don’t see how absurd their little moral quandary really is?  Hey kiddies, your audience is growing up.  Time for you to do the same.