If — like many people who played in the Elder Scrolls Online beta — you weren’t a fan of the starting island, there’s good news. According to a post on Reddit, the latest build on the public test server now allows players to skip the starter islands and the tutorial by talking to an NPC. The player will then be sent to a central city to continue their journey.

According to notes posted on the Rerolled Forums, the starter islands are not being removed, but will allow players to “go straight to the first city in [their] area” with the option to port back later.

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  • j.s

    won’t ever play this shitpile of game anyways..

    • Darklyxes

      They why bother posting about it? Why did you even click the link seeing it was about ESO?

      • Maxime Beaulieu

        Because thats what troll do

  • Troy Smith

    i made about 5 chars and im like here we go again

  • Banjal

    Well it let me skip the whole game?

    • Dularr

      You will have to buy that from the cash shop.

      • theunwarshed


  • Joey

    Whatever happened to multiple starting areas for different races and such? Everquest had loads of starting areas, depending on what race you were. So did World of Warcraft. Why does everybody start in the same place now in games, depending on faction?

    • http://www.JKKennedyTV.com/ Justin Kennedy

      Every Alliance has a completely different part of Elder Scrolls for their story. So there are essentially 3 different main story lines and 3 different entire maps, 1 for each alliance…or essentially they are just three different parts of the world.

      • Joey

        Ok, so 3, as opposed to the 2 that most have. Games used to have more than that. It gets boring playing some of these MMOs today, if you like to play multiple characters. Eventually, you’re doing the same starter zones over and over and over… and that’s just on your 4th alt!

        • theunwarshed

          that’s the point. apparently, you can now opt to skip it and head directly into the world. personally, in an mmo i don’t want the game to split players up so much. it should be minimal at worst.

          • Joey

            Yeah, I know what the point is. MY point is that it’s still just 3 starting areas.

            You may not want them split up so much, but to me, EQ was the best, with around 10 different starting areas depending on your race. I played EQ from the beginning, when there weren’t anywhere near as many people playing, and it was never a problem, not enough players Nowadays, since there are only 2 or 3 starting areas and however many times more people, there are WAY too many people in the starting areas. And, considering MMOs have become single player games for the most part, unless you want to do an instance or end game, there are way too many people competing with each other for, well, anything.

          • http://www.JKKennedyTV.com/ Justin Kennedy

            You are still incorrect, it is not three starting areas…it is three entirely different games story wise.

            Each faction has a different starting area, but the rest of the game is different for that faction as well.

            Most other games have a different starting areas and they all merge after “x” levels to the same content.

            In the case of ESO that is not true. The merger point is the Alliance Wars. So essentially you can have three 100% completely different experiences with three different characters, or you can also get your first character all the way through to 50 on just the one alliance, then go to the next alliance do all of it, then go to the next alliance and do all of its story.

            It is not just starting area differences, it is the entire game.

          • theunwarshed

            you’re welcome to your preference of course, but i believe resources are better spent (for the long term health of an mmo) developing content for where players are going to spending the majority of the game’s life-post level cap.

            look at SWTOR, it has all of its best content in the individual class stories (aka leveling game). they couldn’t sustain that and not one bit of post lunch personal story content has been developed for that game. imo, the game sucks as an mmo.

            at least now, with ESO, you won’t have to repeat the starter zone with alts.

          • Joey

            And in my opinion, this is where MMOs went bad… when they decided to focus everything on end-game, and forgot about the leveling process, which, to a lot of people, is why they play these games.

            Maybe I’m just too old to be playing MMOs nowadays. I long for the old days, to be honest, where end-game was just something you did, and the journey to get there was the fun part.

    • Dularr

      It’s an interesting game design question. If go with one starting area per faction, players can start grouping from the start.

      So, while race or profession starting areas do give you more variety, there can be a delay in grouping up. Players would have to level up and leave their race or profession starting area.

      • Joey

        That’s true, but we never ran into that problem in EverQuest. I started playing as a barbarian warrior, and never had a problem finding groups. We’d be a nice group of barbarians, sitting around and pulling things and killing them. After we leveled out of Everfrost Peaks, we’d move to the next zone.

        But things have changed, MMO players nowadays expect something different, so I can understand why the games cater to them. I still think the old way was better, in my opinion.

        (And yes, I could end this with a “Get off my lawn!” because yeah, I consider the older style games to be better. *smile*)

        • Dularr

          Not necessarily about find groups, more about playing with friends at very low levels. Especially if they want to play different classes or races.

          If you can get everyone to agree on the same race, perfect. Everyone can level together. But, if you want to play different races, with different starting zones, it is a little bit of an inconvenience gathering the players together.

          On more than one occasion, I’ve spent 30 mins or more, running a new undead character to Undercity, so I could travel to the Orc, Troll or Blood Elf starting zone.

          BTW, the WoW recruit a friend was a helpful tool. Your friends could summon you so you could level together.

  • Daniel Hurstfield

    I wonder if it gives you a few levels for skipping the starter island. If not, there’s no point in skipping. That’s a lot of Exp you’re missing.

    • K

      i dont think leveling xp is the “thing” in ESO its the skill points which are acquired outside in the world

      • Verus

        No you level up and gain xp just like any other mmo. The only difference is you don’t really gain much xp for killing mobs and you are instead forced to quest to level.

        I would guess you start at level 5 or so if you get to skip the first few hours of the game. Strange concept saying our starting areas are so bad you can just skip them ;)

  • ryan phillips

    i honestly don’t get all the fuss…
    are people just being overly critical again?

    • Dularr

      Nah, just some folks are being overly sensitive about feedback on the game.

    • Sunrock

      The combat is so extremely boring the first 10 levels you just want to skip it. That is what all the fuss is about.

      But this really don’t fix any problems with the game. They need to improve the NPC IA to match the complexity of the combat system. Right now lv 1-12 NPCs behave like straw dummies.

      • ryan phillips

        The combat doesn’t change after 10.
        You can get all kinds of skills but it’s
        still the same game. If you don’t like
        it early, i don’t see you liking it at all.

        • Tom Stone

          I disagree, every mmo i’ve been on is boring for a while then it gets good, for example WoW is shit until Level 14, then you get more to do

          • ryan phillips

            I don’t know what game you were playing,
            but WoW gameplay never changes…
            except for very specific quests added in
            the pre-Cataclysm patch.

  • Mike Daniël B

    There is a public test server?

  • Dularr

    So was this change just for the beta test or will this carry over to launch?

  • Robert Caliolo

    This this island supposed to be only a tutorial island? If so then it is unimportant. Those that need the tutorial will play it then skip it on alts.
    I mean 30 minutes of our time is that precious? Come on people!!!

    • Jason

      i played about 3 hours and got bored on that island and didnt touch it again. i’d be one who would be willing to skip it and come back when I start to enjoy the game just to get the shards and stuff.

  • Hawaiian Shirt

    Aren’t changes to the PTS still under NDA? Anywho, foregoing skyshards (6), treasure maps, chests and leveling opportunities seems counterproductive if you want to hit Cyrodiil at 50 asap. Plus, snow/desert environments on ultra look real nice.

    • Maxime Beaulieu

      That is not really a change for those who want to hit lvl 50 asap… It was a complain from TES fans who wanted to get the freedom to go explore and discover stuff that you get in TES games and that open up after the starter islands. By skipping those island, they have the choice to go explore or go and do those zones first than come back.

      Someone who want to hit 50 asap will find the best route to do it I’m sure, but thats not the purpose of that change.

  • Iadien

    Very much needed, I’m glad they had it in mind and/or listened to our requests to skip it.

  • Jason

    good, the starter island is mindnumbingly boring with enemies that dont do any damage.