The trend of game developers leaving the hallowed halls of triple-A game creation to do their own thing is not only continuing but growing. In the most recent exodus turned indie, three BioWare boys — all SWTOR devs — have begun work on a game titled The Banner Saga.

There’s not a lot of information on The Banner Saga just yet. In fact, if you go to the Stoic Studio site, the biggest news that you’re going to see is that they do have a studio which they refer to as a “goat shack.” It’s very cute for a shack.

What we do know is that The Banner Saga is a 2D animated game involving a troupe of Vikings “aimed at gamers who appreciate art, story, and strategy.” We also know it will utilize turn-based combat and a few things familiar to BioWare fans such as the development of party member relationships. I assume this means somebody is going to be gettin’ some at some point in the game.

For those people who feel that developer ties to BioWare and the allure of Vikings is not enough to turn their eyes toward this game, it might interest you to know that these guys have some pretty serious resumes. Between the three of them — Arnie Jorgensen, Alex Thomas and John Watson — they’ve worked for Sony, Ubisoft, Ion Storm and a couple other game companies. And if that wasn’t enough Thomas has written a few screen plays for Dreamworks and Cartoon Network and Watson worked for NASA.