As August creeps closer, a new FFXIV trailer starts to lay down some story.

Square Enix hasn’t really been pumping the story based trailers for their upcoming re-release of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) lately. Unless you’ve followed the game’s development, played version 1, or just dug up information by yourself it’s likely that you may not even know anything about FFXIV‘s plot. Every FFXIV trailer so far has just been geared around the transition from version 1 to 2 (a small story trailer there) or just showing off some impressive visuals or game systems.

In this new FFXIV trailer though, that starts to change. At the start, Square Enix kicks in the nostalgia with a bit of symphony and 8 bit overlap as images of FF games gone by take center stage. After that though, the FFXIV trailer starts to lay it out. Battles with Primals are going on all over the place, the Garlean Empire has decided that they are the only ones that really know what Eorzea needs, and players are starting to rise up and band together to face the coming challenges.

We all know that Square Enix has been able to drop fantastic trailers for years now. The Crystal’s Call trailer is no exception. Seeing the visuals generated with in game assets continues to impress. If I had one complaint though it would be some of the voice over work. Maybe I’m just being picky but some of the Garlean dialogue didn’t really work well for me in the “Bane-esque” breathy voice. 

What did you think though? I like that the FFXIV trailer really starts to give non FFXIV followers a sense of what is happening in the world and I am sure more trailers will follow in this vein as we approach release.

On a side note, after E3 Day 1 last night, I really want to see how FFXIV is going to look on the PS4! (but not enough to abandon playing on my PC…maybe just enough to buy yet ANOTHER Collector’s edition :) )