Now that we’ve had a few weeks to get into Neverwinter since it’s Open Beta launch, it’s time to take a bit of a deeper look at the game than just some of our first impressions pieces. I haven’t hit max level just yet, but I am in the upper 50’s, so I’m getting very close. In that time I have logged several hours in the game and have accrued a list of some of some of my favorite, and not-so-favorite, aspects of the game.

No game is absolutely perfect, and this week we’re going to take a look at some of not-so-great aspects of Neverwinter as it currently exists. This isn’t going to be a Neverwinter bashing article, so if that’s what you’re looking for you can go ahead and close out the page. What we are going to do is discuss some parts of the game that could definitely use some attention from the developers as Neverwinter moves forward in its life cycle.

The Good

We’ll start and end with some good things. Overall I think the game is a solid free-to-play option that has already provided me hours of entertainment. There are tons of articles here on GAMEBREAKER that I wrote that covers all the things I like and enjoy about the game. Feel free to head over to the Neverwinter MMO page to check out all of those rather than me simply rehashing everything I’ve already written numerous times here.

I’ll just summarize those here by saying that I enjoy Neverwinter a great deal, and nothing you are about to read has changed my mind that this is a super fun MMO that my friends and I have a great time playing together.

The Bad

As I stated earlier, no game, especially no MMO, is perfect. And no MMO has launched without bugs and server connection isssues, so those aren’t the kinds of things we’re going to discuss. What we will talk about here are things that are specific to Neverwinter that aren’t particularly to my liking. Be warned, this article will be full of opinion. If you disagree, that’s fine. To each his own.

Let’s begin with something simple.

Can’t Log Out To The Character Select Screen

Yes, it’s a little nitpicky, but having to re-log in to your account every time you want to switch characters is a little annoying. A simple option in the game menu would solve this.

Companions In 5-Mans

Whatever healing or DPS boost companions provide in 5-man content is not worth the on-screen clutter they cause while running around aimlessly before falling over dead because they don’t know how to move out of bad stuff. I hope the Neverwinter developers reconsider having companions in 5-man content, although I suppose that would remove an obvious money maker in the cash shop.

Cash Shop Is Overpriced

The haters can keep screaming pay to win if they wish, but something we can all agree on is that many of the items in the Neverwinter cash shop are overpriced, and some of them obscenely so.

neverwinter mmorpg     The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Neverwinter

Take mounts for example. 4000 Zen. That’s $40.00 for those who will use cash to buy the top tier cash shop mounts. At a mere $25 dollars World of Warcraft receives a lot of flak for its cash shop mount pricing. So what the heck is with mounts that cost forty freaking dollars?!?

Ten dollars for 24 slot bags or enchantment fusing wards, you could just go on and on about the real money cost of the items in the cash shop. There can always be changes to the pricing policy, but at the end of the day, if people are buying, the prices will continue to be outrageous.

Doing Multiple Runs For Dailies

Just last week I was singing the praises of the daily quest system in Neverwinter, and now here I am putting it on my “bad” list. So what gives?

I think the overall system is still sound. Pick up quest, do things you would be doing anyway, get rewards. The problem I have is that the higher level you become, the more times you have to do, say… a dungeon run, to complete your daily quests.

The biggest problem with that right now is that the game is still buggy. Folks are having connection issues, and loading into a dungeon or skirmish seems to cause disconnects quite a bit. Oh, and once you’re in a group and in a dungeon, there’s no way to auto queue for a replacement at the moment. So even if you get halfway through and your Rouge suddenly has to go eat dinner, you either have to find someone the old fashioned way, which is a pain seeing as how you’re in the middle of a dungeon, or what happens most often is that your group slowly disbands one by one until you’re left starting over in the LFR. So what should be a relatively quick activity is already more time consuming, then you add in the fact that you have to do it three times. By the time you finish you’ve spent hours doing this one daily quest.

Now I already know someone is going to chime in and tell me how awesome they are, and how their groups are perfect, and they get all there dailies done in some impossibly short amount of time. The fact is that what started out as a simple and fun way to earn extra rewards just for playing is turning into something to be avoided for me.

Again, I like the idea of the dailies, but the multiple runs to complete just one makes them more like the dailies we all loathe so much than I care for them to be.


The Ugly

So there are some of the things that kinda rub me the wrong way right now. On to the good part. Here’s the things that just absolutely send me into a Twinkie tossing, Mountain Dew spitting, nerd rage fit.

My Companion Is A Moron

neverwinter mmorpg     The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of NeverwinterMy cleric companion is literally worse than any League of Legends random I’ve ever had the misfortune of teaming with. Yes, you can call it bad AI, and I would give my left big toe to have the devs do something to fix it, but I’m convinced that my cleric does stupid shit on purpose just to see how far she can push me.

A giant boss deep in some troll cave solo instance who does giant AoE damage or devastating cleaves? My cleric companion will go out of her way to walk up beside my Guardian Fighter and catch as many attacks as she can with her face. It doesn’t matter if there is an entire giant cavern full of spots for her to safely stand in. If there’s a big baddy with big red circles on the ground, you can count on her to stand right in the middle of it.

Quest Tracking In Groups

Is this a bug that only me and my friends encounter? Why is it that if we’re in a party, only the party leader can change quests that are being tracked. And I don’t mean shared group quests. I’m talking about being in a party that is queued up and waiting for a dungeon, and even though we are in different zones, if I’m not the party leader I can’t choose which one of my own quests to track as the primary so that my super casual MMO player sparkly trail of awesome can show me where to go?

Need Rolling On Non-Class Gear

Yes, this is a community problem, and it could sort itself out in time, but the developers really need to block classes who just flat out can’t use a piece of armor from being able to roll Need on it. It’s becoming a real problem, and although you sometimes get a nice-guy who gives the gear to the appropriate class and apologizes, more often than not the pleas for that awesome blue piece of gear that you and only you in the party can wear falls on deaf ears.

I’ve actually seen this happen to others way more than it’s actually happened to me, and I often find myself in a party where everyone has taken sides after such an incident, and it’s just not conducive to a fun group adventure.

neverwinter mmorpg     The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Neverwinter

Sure, if you let only classes who can use the gear roll need on it you create and opportunity for that system to be abused, but that’s still better than watching that uber new piece of gear drop for your Control Wizard leave in the hands of a Great Weapon Fighter.

Difficulty = More Adds

This is the big one for me right now. Not only is it extremely frustrating, but it’s also making so many boss fights boring and repetitive.

Sure, there are some interesting fight mechanics spread throughout the bosses of Neverwinter, but the vast majority of showdowns with the big bads consist of the exact same formula. Boss does big AoE/Cone/Cleave attack, adds spawn, boss does more AoE/Cone/Cleave attacks, more adds spawn. And that cycle continues over and over until the boss is dead. So basically the devs answer to making fights more difficult right now is simply spawn adds until you can barely tell what’s happening on the screen, then have them all do AoE damage as they chase the Cleric around the room.

neverwinter mmorpg     The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Neverwinter

This game can be so much better than that. The combat system is fun and the settings of the dungeons are gorgeous and do a great job of setting the mood. So why does every boss fight have to be essentially the same thing with a different skin on the boss?

I can’t tell you that I’ve seen every fight in the game yet, but I’ve seen enough in my 58 levels to know that the developers are going to have to get more creative with boss fights. If they don’t change things up and introduce new and fun fights with unique mechanics, the end game is going to get very boring very quickly.

I Still Enjoy Neverwinter

Even after listing the things that I don’t like about Neverwinter, I still really like the game and have enjoyed my time playing. As I said before, no game is perfect, and it’s OK if there are things about your game that you aren’t exactly crazy about. Especially this early in a game’s life. There is hope that some of the things I’ve listed here can be addressed by Cryptic. And who knows, maybe there are already solutions in the works for some of my complaints.

Or maybe I’m just a big complainer who hates games….nah.

So how about you? Even if you love Neverwinter there are bound to be some things about the game you don’t like. Feel free to share in the comments below, and you can also tell us why you still enjoy the game, even if it isn’t perfect.

Troy spends his days playing, writing, streaming, and making videos about MMOs and PC games. And yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. Follow on Twitter @Noobfridge
  • Eric Duncan

    Maybe I read it wrong, but was the GOOD, two sentences?

    • Zedris

      what else could he say? new game mechanics? amazing graphics? reinvented the wheel on something? compared to most free to play its a lot better but compared to any really decent mmo its pretty bad as well as the fact its a pure pay to win which was not mentioned at all….

      • Justin Pfeifer

        How is it pay to win at all? have you even played the game or are you just spewing more crap you’ve read from the internet?

        • Kundalini

          I’ts completely pay-to-win from a PVP perspective. Firstly you can use mounts in PVP (The faster mounts are bought for cash, unless you want to spend 768,000 astral diamonds for the training book which takes 32 days min to grind for) Then you have the weapon and armor enchants, which only have a 1% chance of fusing unless you pay cash for a coalescent ward. The tenebrous enchantments for example give a huge advantage to those willing to pay cash.

    • Troy Blackburn

      I replied to another comment above, but basically wordpress refused to publish a list of previous articles in which I speak very highly of Neverwinter. I will be going back in and making some changes to account for this error.

    • Jon Lacey

      You may have missed the part where he said he was focusing today on the things he did NOT like.

  • ArsenicSpritzer

    “So even if you get halfway through and your Rouge suddenly has to go eat dinner…”

    You can get by without your Rouge, but it’s game over when your Mascara runs.

    • Troy Blackburn

      Oh, I see what you did there. You’re sooo very clever.

  • Matthew Riddle

    Two sentences for ‘the Good’, a few paragraphs for ‘the Bad’ and a few more paragraphs for the Ugly. From the get-go, this article seem very slanted towards your problems with the game without mentioning the many areas where the game pulls off something well or provides a fun experience.

    I don’t disagree with any of your Bad or Ugly aspects, but I think many of them are technical aspects, and could be fixed or added in future patches very easily. Many don’t seem like inherit problems with the game, just bugs or poorly chosen choices on the developers’ part like high Cash Shop prices.

    I think your comments about boss difficulty and companion AI hold the most merit overall, and they are areas I’d love to see improved as well.

    I just wish the Good parts about the game could have gotten more coverage than a few sentences in the entire article, because I feel Neverwinter does many more things right than it does wrong.

    • Eric Duncan

      I agree with your post, I think everyone agrees with the Bad and Ugly as it were, but don’t call it Good, the Bad and the Ugly and sling in 2 sentences to make the paradigm.

      When really its things that need fixing in Neverwinter.

    • Matt Perkins

      When critiquing a game, you generally have to go into greater detail with the bad stuff, because just saying it’s bad doesn’t provide the proper context. Also, Troy has several articles about the great stuff in Neverwinter. This piece is just showing that their are some problems.

      • Matthew Riddle

        I disagree 100%.

        “the game is good.”

        *2 pages of bad stuff*

        *2 pages of ugly stuff*

        “but the game is still good.”

        What is a new player supposed to think when they read this article?

        • Alex Peters

          Most people read the article and see he already wrote about the good stuff on here. There’s no reason to repeat all of that in this one, and it would make it much longer than it needs to be.

    • Troy Blackburn

      I have been writing good things about Neverwinter for WEEKS. There was actually a list of links to previous articles intended for the “Good” section, but WordPress decided it did not want to publish those. I will have to go back and add in some more words regarding the Good, of the game since our publishing software is having issues.

      In the meantime all you have to do is head over to the Neverwinter section of the Gamebreaker site to see several articles I have written singing the praises of this game.

      • Eric Duncan

        Thank you for taking the time to listen to the comments and update the post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post now :)

  • Catherine Haigler Cook

    One thing not mentioned is that although there is indeed a cash shop, there is also a way to trade Astral Diamonds (earned in game) for Zen (their version of cash) so if one is motivated to do it, one can actually buy ‘cash’ things without actually using cash. It might take more time but it’s an option.

    • Zedris

      yea it was an option in tera to buy time scrolls with in game gold so u didnt have to buy a subscription to play but that meant u grinding out gold for hours. Just because its an option doesnt mean its possible to everyone besides korean gold farmers, and the devs know it thats why they do it…

    • Jon Lacey

      It takes a LOT more time unfortunately. The exchange rate is balls.

  • mass

    Kind of surprised you wrote about the bad and the ugly and didn’t mention PvP.

    • Troy Blackburn

      Well I don’t typically PvP in MMOs, so I haven’t experienced enough to know if it is good or bad.

      • mass

        Fair enough, for me it’s the worst aspect of the game having to do it three times to complete the daily usually has me wanting to log off and do something else, as Arthur mentioned whole parties AFK and no mechanic to prevent this, spawn points that can not only be camped but entered with no deterent, ridiculous amounts of crowd control with no imunities, class balance that means unless you play one of three classes you might as well not bother with PvP, mounts (mount speed) being a massive factor in games outcomes, one game mode and two maps(?) I know its “beta” and things can change but its by far the worst implementation of PvP I’ve ever seen.

        • Pendragon1013

          I thought they addressed the afk issue in last patch.

          • mass

            Will take your word for that, haven’t logged in for a couple of days.

    • Arthur Monahan

      Oh you mean the people looking for AFK Glory farms in chat?? That that shit is dumb. I got all my PvP gear in an hour an a half by playing the game these kids just want to afk an get 700 glory roflolz

      • CreagerX

        I thought you might be full of shit when I saw your post about a full wizard group…. now I know you are, when you say you got full PvP gear after playing for an hour. Ill bet you got to 60 in 2 days as well. And you soloed Gauntylgrym with nothing more than a lvl 15 cleric companion.

        • Arthur Monahan

          Maybe you should have read the patch notes that addressed this issue couple weeks ago. They came out an said that there was a issue…. Also I did get all my pvp gear in an hour with a premade team. We destroyed any team we went up against. An yes I did get to 60 in 2 days when you could get shit ton of XP in the foundry (Each instance you get 1 level, an since it scaled with you you never out leveled it). Also notice my comment is over a month old. They might have fixed everything now, I on the other hand stopped playing weeks ago.

  • Dan Winborne

    I love how everyone tries to smile and grit their teeth through this. “Its a fun game… really! Even though everything about it is horrible… BUT ITS FUN!”
    Im sensing these are the same idiots that complain about how bad WoW is, and continues to play it.

  • Daniel

    OK let’s see if I understood this, I didn’t just read the title and went straight to posting a comment :P

    So you put the overpriced store items under bad and the primary quest thing (quest tracking in groups) under ugly? Is this your first Cryptic game? The system has been like that since Champions Online carrying over to Star Trek Online and now Neverwinter. The party leader selects the primary quests so that everyone in the party knows where to go. Not only that but making a mission primary auto shares it with the rest of the party. That is a very good system. Now if you wanted to do your own thing then why did you join a group/party? If you say to chat then that’s not required. The Cryptic chat system not only has its own guild channel if you joined a guild but you can create your very own channel. And it expands servers and games so you can chat with your friends while playing different games. To be honest I consider that a good thing. Now I’m not defending Neverwinter at all but you neglected to add the robust Foundry system as one of the good points of the game if not the best.

    If you wanted more points to add to the ugly, well you could have added the currency that is ONLY available through lockboxes which is the only way to get good/great end game gear. You’ll have to buy tons of lockboxes to have enough of those bars so you can afford ONE piece of gear. It is absurd. You could have also mentioned the year long (360 days) praying grind to get a purple companion . There quite a few more problems here that no site has touched, probably hoping to catch some hits from people searching about Neverwinter or hoping that they do another “here’s what X site said about Neverwinter” on their homepage/launcher.

  • Kevin

    Two final bosses in two dungeons come to mind when you speak of boss difficulty being fux0rd. The Dragon in Lair of the Mad Dragon and the last boss in the Wolf Den (cannot remember her name). Their are sooooo many adds and even with a good cleric each person will probably end up burning through 30+ potions during the 15-20 mins of the fight. These fights are WAYYYYY overtuned for pugs I had to form perfectly balanced premade groups just to beat those two bosses which completely defeats the purpose of the queing system and i’m not the only person who feels this way. Pretty much the entire community complains about it.

    Rallos Zek – Leader of Singularity, Dragon Server

  • Arthur Monahan

    What about the terra bad quing system? Does not even look for a tank or healer. I qued into a epic dungeon on my Control Wizard screen loads up low an behold ALL CONTROL WIZARDS….. Also I have noticed when you get into a epic dungeon if the leader is same class as you they will auto kick you, so after waiting 30+ Mins in a que you now need to wait another 30+ just to see if it will happen again.. I had that happen to me 3 times in a row an now could care less about this garbage game.

    • Justin Pfeifer

      Such a blatant lie its disappointing the games Que system always adds one cleric and a guardian fighter go troll somewhere else.

      • Arthur Monahan

        No it doesn’t…………… I’ve gotten into one group where it had a cleric an tank got troll somewhere else kid

      • Arthur Monahan

        There are videos of people quing into a epic dungeons an it being all one class.. Learn to use the internet an go look them up moron.

  • Solaris

    I have to say your example of a wow mount cost is pretty poor. You do ineed pay 40 for a mount in wow. Then you pay another 15 every month thereafter to pay rent for it.

    • Dularr

      Nope, if you buy a mount its yours forever. Blizzard doesn’t come by and take your mount away if you unsub. Look at it like stable and feeding fees at a ranch. If you don’t pay your monthly stables fees, your mount goes hungry. Are you really going to starve your stable of mounts?

  • Alexander

    awkward long smile pose at end….

    • Ron

      aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd … cut.

  • Scary Gary

    What is so damn funny?

  • Zo

    Over all I agree with everything you say and will add 1 more question. What’s with queuing with a group and then having to wait to get into the dungeon? Shouldn’t you get right in? What’s up with that? Also, gold is almost useless. You only use it to buy pots and kits. Way too many currencies for a game this new.

  • Kichwas

    The group quest tracker being only available to the party leader:
    This is a feature, not a problem. It makes it much easier for groups to
    coordinate tasks. I think that one comes from City of Heroes originally,
    unless some other MMO had it first. I’ve not gotten far into NW, but
    I’m glad to see this one ‘return’ to MMOs – back in the day it made it
    super easy to form groups from people just about anywhere in the game,
    then the leader would pick a task and we’d all instantly know where to
    go. None of that “Hey guys, how do I get to XYZ again?” coupled with “so
    um, what mission were we on again? Cause there’s nobody else here on
    the goblins.”

    – NW players will never have those two problems (long as they have semi-awake members in their PUGs).

    I don’t think I will ever get far in this MMO unless I can get over the
    way the camera follows my mouse no matter what I’m doing… even when
    not holding down a mouse button.

    But its good to the rest of the list is the ‘usual stuff’ that MMOs often manage to fix quickly.

    mounts and $40… Mounts in WoW can be earned in game. Again not far
    into NW yet, camera dizzyness kept me from getting past reaching the
    first town… But are they ONLY available in the store, or are the store
    ones just nicer skins?

    For a nice skin mount, $40, I think pricey but can’t complain. Assuming I can get a gameplay viable one in-game.

  • Carlos Navarretti

    The dreadful = Can’t move while attacking as a tank. Coming from a WoW warrior tank, I just can’t take that.

  • Thomas Vu

    There are three main things I look for in a MMO. Combat, Customization and Community.

    Combat in this game isn’t half-bad, even if you do get rooted. The only issue I feel is the delay between your attack hits the target and when it actually displays. There is a minute delay that bugs the hell out of me.

    Customization. This game lacks it, both visually and in an in-depth character aspect.

    Community. A D&D community (I believe) is a good community, but to experience this community you just have to wait until the MMO trial players get bored of the game and move on. That might take a month, maybe even two (depends on how much content is available to the players). What I am saying is that what you experienced with the need/greed roll for gear is only temporary. I am confident it will only get better.

  • Erick Raven

    I played Neverwinter for two days. It’s not a game that I would pay for. The graphics are excellent and that’s probably the only good thing I have to say about it.

    The first thing I noticed when I started to play was how the camera lurched along with character movement. Maybe it’s because I’m a halfling and I need to take big steps to hit the invisible grid? I don’t know.

    Granted the game is new, but every rogue (the class I tried) is exactly the same. You get only so many abilities. When you gain a level you can increase damage by 10% for that ability… and nothing else. You can’t even get the third rank until level 20 or something, which is still just a passive damage bonus.

    Feat bonuses are basically just all passive bonuses. Which is fine, I get it, they’re not powers. But looking at it, you can’t tell me that by level 35 they are making two rogues have a dissimilar playstyle in *any* way.

    Once you’re in combat and using your melee superpower, you can’t move around. You have to choose between attacking and moving. Really?

    Everything occurs in instances, and everything is a quest. There is no world to explore. Everything occurs in a closely packed area (which would *seem* to have the advantage of eliminating travel time, but I don’t think it does. The main town requires a lot of running between things to get around) where there is combat to be had, and to prevent players overpopulating an area there are just multiple instances of it. I realize that this mechanic has huge benefits when it comes to controlling player vs. mob density, but it comes at the cost of there appearing to be no world in the game.

  • Erick Raven


    I forgot to mention. There are too few currencies! With only copper/silver/gold, zen, rough astral diamonds, astral diamonds, the varieties of seals, and the varieties of enemy insignias, there are too few ways to gain valuable currency. Actually, the only valuable currency is astral diamonds. For a game this new, the prices are astonishingly large numbers… currency inflation hasn’t even occurred, yet prices are consistently in the tens and hundreds of thousands (or millions).

    The article’s criticism of Zen prices is spot-on. While Neverwinter is playable as f2p, it’s not a game that I would pay money for. Nor would I give them money for an in-game bag or mount. I’d sooner play EVE Online.

    (EVE Online has a great economic setup, which I would highly recommend other companies emulate. In-game currency can be used to buy play-time, as every account is subscription based, but only from other players who have already paid real money for the allotted time. This allows players to play for free, but also allows players to purchase in-game funds. Regardless of which way the transaction goes, the players have paid-for subscriptions and there is no “pay to win” option.)

  • Paul Allen

    Christ the host of this laughs way too much.

  • Sulac0

    The Cleric companion is working out fine for me on both my TR and GWF, The men at arms (tank) companion which I’m using on my Cleric is fubar so now i’m trying the Wizard companion instead. But yes the companion AI could use some love ; )

    Its true that the Zen market is overpriced, I wonder how much you have to spend, dollar, Euro etc. wise to buy both a mount and the training skill…

    Still I’m having so much fun in this game, I love the combat, I wished GW2 had this kinda of combat… GW2’s graphics and action combat that would be awesome in my book, Wildstar and Teso why are you so far from release? : P

  • Dobypinscher

    How about dropping The Republic and making a Neverwinter show?

  • Takakashi

    I agree with your article, but I think those “bad” factors are fairly insignificant, and will be made better as open beta progresses. Overall if that’s the best “bad” list you can come up with then I think Neverwinter is in a pretty good position, it’s an incredible game, absolutely loving it! Most fun I’ve had in years, best MMO I’ve played hands down since WoW, and could very well be just as big someday.

  • Lyn

    If this game is by PWE don’t expect prices on mounts to change…be account wide ..or ever drop in price unless they are trying to promote something else. PWE is notorious for having high priced and very sought after items be available only thru the CS for crazy prices. You’re better off playing a game like WoW where you are guaranteed to only pay $15 a month unless you want to spend more on an account wide mount/pet or move servers/name change/ etc etc…but those are all extras. Nothing you can’t live without. PWE makes sure that you literally COVET these items as things you NEED because you will be at a disadvantage without them. This is their business model and if you want to play its what you will deal with.


    This game has to be the worst joke anyone has ever played on me.My friends said “omg this game is great you have to play it” After 3 days and lvl 60 all it was is a chat of WTT 231423432 boxes for 1 key spam.Terrible comps,poor gaming community and lack off boss mechanics.Exactly right Bosses with one attack and summon add ..add.add.adds.Pure trash

  • Derik

    I was immediately bored with the game. It has nothing, absolutely nothing, in common with the old D&D. The game is a boring single player MMO where players choose to go solo most of the time. WTH is an MMO for if everyone wants to play solo?!!! The game industry has diminished in quality, and players are now brain dead zombies who just want the easy point and click crap where no strategy is involved.

  • guest

    i installed the game few weeks ago and picked control wizard and the one thing that really bugged me was his moving with 2 hands up like a stiff zombie. I mean what is up with that

  • Honza Havlasek

    Hello what i disliked about this game is its way 2 pve originated and the pve is way 2 easy and the items are all spam items no customization all players of all classes play the same you got almost no spell customization just look at path of exile which is still in beta.

    Also its way 2 zone originated what else oh yes the spells for mages are a joke its pretty much you running in a world of clones no individuality.

    If i wanted to play pve a single player game i go to Skyrim where i can ride mounts combat with mounts to flying mounts to having my own house to having good and evil alignment aka neutral having quests i do by how i want to i can be who i want to be or i go play Dragon age to many other good single player games.

    This game is pretty much a clone of the good D&D with nicer graphics and pretty much a carebear game no pvp zones oh give me a break ! Just get Guild wars if you like this type of game or get Witcher lol haha a single player game hell you got many single player games that have multiplayer if you want to play with your friends !

    D&D the original is the true D&D that has pvp pve where you have to be becareful which is not a care bear game.

    Thanks for the review.

    With regards. John

  • Roxten

    Hi this is my first time here and I just had to comment on the gorgeous host.Nevwerwinter is fun and has cool looking armor and you get more covered up as you get better armor lol but it’s true,everyhing’s overpriced and they give you less and less astral diamonds(one of the game’s currency) and you have to do double the work to get it.

  • dracomancer

    i only hate 1 thing about this game that if we are not moving for around 15 mins it automatically log us out i hate it but i can’t stop playing it though

  • Shinjiro

    Everything besides companions in 5 mans have been fixed. New update rolled out squashed many bugs and updated some visuals for people who have the horsepower to run it. Overall very solid game. Somehow, I always come back to playing this :)

  • Tailfox

    I really love Neverwinter and anything related to D&D. The pay2win crap is annoying but I got over it. Recommended.

  • Ethan

    They do overcharge but like you say if people are buying it at the ridiculous price then they will keep selling it at the ridiculous price – anyway im fairly new to the game just did a 10hour sprint to get used to it and i have to say im in love with the game. The overall feel off the game is so good and unique. I love D&D and tbh its not as D&Dish as it could be but i think its perfect how it is so yeah! I love the game and i haven’t spent 1p on it. – 8/10 RECOMMENDED!

  • Voice of Truth

    PVP is absolute garbage in this game. No matchmaking, horribly unbalanced classes. Clerics are completely useless in PVP having awful damage, crap heals and not enough survivability. They also have the worst dodge in the game–ZERO immunity frames. Meanwhile Rogues, Wizards, Hunters all have immunity frames, Guardians block all damage done until their guard meter empties and Great Weapon Fighters can sprint crazy fast AND go into fucking godmode with their stupid “unstoppable” crap.

    But the biggest and most unforgivable problems with this game’s PVP? No stacking resistance to crowd control–you can literally be stunned/disabled/knocked down until you die and lastly..gear rules the day. No amount of player skill matters if you join PVP and the enemy team has a loser Great Weapon Fighter with a 15,000 gear score. There are way too many ubertool nolife losers like this with godly gear picking on helpless lowbies all in this awfully designed PVP mode. You’re gonna die and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.