The Lost Shores events have come and gone in Guild Wars 2, but parts of Tyria remain changed (our poor lighthouse) to remind us of the karka invasion.  ArenaNet’s content updates have been a massive undertaking as they provide special one-time events to go along with the new additions.  In Lost Shores, they added a new dungeon, PvP map, and a max-level zone, which everyone would agree is a hefty update especially considering the lack of a subscription fee.  However, ArenaNet aims to add context and story elements to their patches and for the Lost Shores, they created a three act weekend-long event that would run simultaneously on every server never to be repeated again.  Despite their intentions, did they bite off more than they can chew?  Let’s take a detailed look at what transpired to find out!

The patch landed last Thursday, though most of the content was held back until the weekend.  Players were able to try out the new PvP map, Temple of the Silent Storm, and the feedback has been mostly positive on the kodan-themed iceberg dojo.  Lion’s Arch was also updated with two new points of interest and a new merchant organization called the Consortium settled in and got cozy.  Thanks to a bug, Consortium Subdirector Blingg will be immortalized forever in Guild Wars 2 canon with his incessant spouting of the word “Citizen”.

The Lost Shores Phase 1:  Defend Lion’s Arch

On Friday, the first phase of the Lost Shores event kicked off promptly at the designated time and players in Lion’s Arch were treated to a brief cutscene before battling the deep-sea karka for the first time.  Unfortunately, this event was mired in extreme lag for most players.  Some players reported extreme framerate choppiness, while others (like me) had input lag with spells and abilities not firing off when pressed.  Apparently, zoning out of Lion’s Arch and back in made the battle run smoother, but for many players the karka invasion left them crabby.  *rimshot*

After the over-sized crustaceans were driven back, players were sent on two separate investigations.  Inspector Ellen Kiel sought the truth behind the karka attacks while Miyani sent players to various locations seeking a way to penetrate the karka’s thick shell.  Unfortunately, many players got stuck during various parts of these scavenger hunts when NPCs bugged out or wouldn’t spawn.  ArenaNet responded to these reports and said they would extend parts of these quests into phase 2 so players impacted by these issues would be able to complete them once they were fixed.  When the game was patched on Saturday, Inspector Kiel’s quest was fixed; however, the NPCs from Miyani’s quest were removed and unavailable.

ArenaNet responded to upset players stating, “There were some events that we could not extend past Phase 1, unfortunately. Extending all events in Phase 1 would have been a much more extensive fix, requiring much more time to thoroughly regress. Given the time sensitive nature of the event, we extended what portions we were able to effectively.”

I was not able to complete the Miyani quest, but at the end of the day all I missed were a few events, a bit of lore, and a few commendations which were easy to obtain elsewhere.  It’s clear that ArenaNet built this event to have certain events become unavailable as the story progressed throughout the weekend and unraveling that code to keep content around must have been a massive undertaking.  I hope going forward that these events can be built independently, making it easier for the development team to pull an audible if issues arise.  I do, however, appreciate the amount of work it must have been to at least allow players to see the end of the Inspector Kiel chain.

Fractals of the Mists Dungeon

The Fractals of the Mists dungeon was also opened on Friday and players began climbing an endless ladder of difficulty in search of increasingly rewarding loot.  The Fractals are an eclectic mix of nine not-so-short mini-dungeons that are strung together in random sets of three.   Despite last week’s drama of the new Ascended tier of gear, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  The Fractals are challenging and pit players against a variety of challenges with inspired mechanics.

Unfortunately, if a player gets disconnected while running the dungeon, they are unable to rejoin their group which is frustrating.  ArenaNet is working on this issue and already the Fractals of the Mists is proving to be some of the most popular content to hit since the release of Guild Wars 2.

The Lost Shores Phase 2: Defend Lion’s Arch…Again!

On Saturday, phase 2 of the Lost Shores event was delayed for close to an hour on some overflow servers which caused panic and confusion.  Cries of “Where are we supposed to be?”, “Did we miss it?”, and “Are we supposed to do something?” filled up the map chat box.  On my server, the boat to the Southsun Cove appeared before the Lion’s Arch event even kicked off.  This resulted in many players going to the new zone leaving only a smattering of people to defend Lion’s Arch.  I stayed to witness a second lag-free karka attack, but died many times due to the lack of players.

Fortunately, the Lionguard was more prepared this time and equipped us with a shell-melting super solvent.  After driving the karka out of the city (again), I sauntered off to Southsun Cove to find that many of the base-establishing events were already completed.  I did find one overflow server that had events still going on, but during one of the escorts, the NPC bugged out and prevented progress.

Despite the issues, Southsun Cove is a gorgeous zone sporting some of the most amazing landscapes in the game.  It features two new jumping puzzles, including Skipping Stones, which has elements reminiscent of the non-stop action found in the Mad King’s Clocktower.  Southsun Cove also contains new enemies to defeat, such as reef drakes and reef riders, and new areas to farm rare orichalcum ore and ancient sapling nodes.

Lost Shores Phase 3: Ancient Karka is Ancient

On Sunday, the finale of the Lost Shores event started on time and lag-free on my particular overflow server.  It was made clear that if we wanted to put an end to these attacks, then we’d need to destroy the king crab itself: the ancient karka.  We began by escorting the Lionguard demolition team into the karka’s hive in order to plant bombs at strategic locations.  While this event got a bit repetitive and took over an hour, I believed we were near the end after it was complete.  I’ve never been so wrong.

The Lionguard realized that we needed to lure the ancient karka into its nest before we could detonate the explosives.  So a new event spawned to “Maneuver the ancient karka back toward its nesting grounds.”  Those words would remain splattered on my screen for the next seventy minutes.  First we knocked down a tree onto the beast to scare him towards his web-filled home.  Then he summoned an unending group of karka reinforcements, including a champion karka that proved to be more resilient than Big Uncle Franks’s belt during Thanksgiving dinner!

Next we caused a rockslide which forced the ancient karka to scuttle a few feet towards our goal.  At this point I was hoping we were nearing the end, but instead we were treated to another round of brutal reinforcements with two champion karka at the end.  We were fighting adds for so long that I became elated when I died, so I could massage the cramps out of my hands and go for a quick bio.  After the second reinforcement phase, things moved at a better pace.  We pushed the ancient karka back by releasing pockets of explosive gas (thanks again Big Uncle Frank) and finally forced the giant lobster to its creepy lair.

There the event changed to killing the ancient karka, which meant we had to chase it all the way up and then down its nest while destroying different areas of webbing.  After over two and a half hours, we finally engaged the ancient karka and took him down.  While watching the awesome cutscene, where the ancient karka flailed helplessly in a vat of lava, I felt a great sense of relief.  I was tired and I ached all over, but that overgrown crayfish was history.

There was a chest at the end of the event and the rewards it contained surprised me.  I was expecting some sort of cosmetic item that I could show off as a participant in the event.  Instead, I found a 20-slot bag, three exotic items, and two rare pieces of armor.  I stared at the screen slack-jawed when one of my guildmates linked that he had gotten the legendary precursor sword, Zap.  Holy snickerdoodles!  While I was thrilled that this extremely long and arduous event was at least appropriately rewarding, I knew that we were about to experience a new wave of drama.  Checking the forums confirmed my suspicions with many players arguing that it was bad enough to miss a one-time event, but having extremely lucrative rewards was like rubbing salt in a wound.  Furthermore, many players reported that they got disconnected before the end of the event and couldn’t rejoin the overflow servers because they were full and were therefore couldn’t get the rewards.  Thankfully, ArenaNet is working on a way to send rewards to all participating players that missed out on opening the chest.

In Closing…

It’s difficult to summarize my feelings on the Lost Shores event this weekend.  While much of my experience was laden with bugs and issues, I managed to enjoy myself immensely.  I explored a lush new zone with my friends and giggled with glee upon finding a rich orichalcum node.  I completed a set of Fractals with my GuildCast co-hosts and cracked up each time one of us got blown off the colossus ledges.  There were even moments during the ancient karka event that made me feel like I was a part of something special, even though I’m extremely glad that it was a one-time event!  I think ArenaNet is trying to push the boundaries of what people expect from their MMO and it has certainly been a challenge for them.  And while the Lost Shores was messy in spots, I’m hoping the data they’ve collected will serve them in the future and better prepare them for upcoming events.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that our life experiences are rarely all positive or all negative.  In fact, some of our fondest memories were probably riddled with moments of strife that fade through time.  Months and years from now, I may not recall all of the hang-ups and hiccups from the Lost Shores, but I will remember that I was part of something special.  So in the spirit of this week’s festivities, I’ll wrap up by saying, “Thank you, ArenaNet!”




  • Deucengine

    Overall I would have to say the event was good. Sunday’s event was epic. Yes it dragged on a little bit. Mostly because the overflow server I was on had too many people expecting to get res’d when they were sitting defeated under the boss mods so we took longer almost 3.5 hours to complete. 

    The thing that I didn’t like was since I did it with my lvl 60+ I didn’t get the chance to get any of the legendary precursors. I still received the lvl 80 accessory and the 20 slot bag but all other gear was my level. I retired my lvl 80 as it wasn’t as much fun to play as some of the other classes and thus I started over. 

  • Corey “Crimzen”

    I agree on most of the points stated, the final event was actually the most enjoying (aside from the dungeon) for me though. Yes, it was pretty long, however it made the fight more epic and engaging especially since the mobs weren’t necessarily all face roll easy. Every time I turned around there were at least 20 people dead or in a downstate. Between reviving other players, and killing and dealing with the mobs and some secondary mechanics I had a pretty good time. I do agree they could work out the bugs and the lag issues, especially if they don’t want new people who are coming and trying out the game for the first time to get the wrong idea, but overall I think the content they added was very enjoyable. Haven’t checked out the new PvP map yet, but from what I’ve seen it looks amazing. Loving the vertical aspect of it.

    • Richie Procopio

      I don’t think length necessarily makes an encounter feel more epic.  It could still be challenging with people dead on the floor and not take 10-12 minutes to take out a single champion creature.  The last event had good ideas, but it was just too drawn out for the sake of making it long.

      • theunwarshed

         I sat thru Cloud Atlas (a 3 hr movie) and it was over before I knew it-point being, length of time isn’t the issue like you said (but from a different angle).  I think the extended event allows for more flexibility in getting the largest number of players to log on and experience it.  Having said that, merely having the exact same experience over a multi hour long event makes it drag on.  I would’ve liked to have seen more curve balls thrown into the event to shake things up.

        on the tech front-massive ability delay lag on the first day, cleared up for me by the third day.  the third day event was pretty lag-free for me, whether this is due to quick response from AN or not I don’t know, but if it is kudos to them!  broken quest chains/givers were frustrating, but I was able to catch up and complete stuff by the end of the event, so on a personal note I’m more forgiving about this stuff.  It’s always a challenge to handle massive numbers of clustered players in a persistent, open world map. 

        like you and other players, I too have mixed feelings about the event-they probably would’ve been more negative had I missed out on content and rewards, so I can empathize; however, I think it’s important to put this all into perspective.  They haven’t charged me anything extra and they’re attempting to do big concept stuff with this game.  I’m willing to give them a lot of time/latitude/patience to work this stuff out.  The only thing that has really disappointed me so far is the reversal of their philosophy on gear progression (unfortunately that is a big integrity issue for me). 

      • DoctorOverlord

        Agree completely that the event was far too tedious and needlessly drawn out.    That is one of many suprisingly basic flaws ArenaNet made in the final event.   As another example, why would you have mobs with a one-shot kill mechanic based on a visual tell (the karka roll) when you *know* the event will be lagging and impacted with players?

        The rest of the game has been done so well and the Halloween event was so enjoyable this horribly designed event came as a very rude shock.   I really hope ArenaNet is learning from it and not thinking they did a good job with it.

  • Ronnie Hatter

    i loved the event the lag was bad but that is almost a guarantee with this kind of event further more griping you can’t make this event is stupid sometimes you can do stuff sometimes you can’t plus with the exotics and precursors flooding the market it will drop them all down to a more real price plus the game is still new if they don’t try it and then work on it they can never perfect it everyone griped about the mad king event and arena net did there best to appease everyone and i am sure this will continue on as they fine tune these events and other such things i only really have one complaint is that i hope they do something to make the new island more then a mining playground for crafters

  • Adam Armstrong

    Great write up as always Richie. I appreciate your honest reviews and positive viewpoints! I played most of the event, missed the second phase, but also had a blast despite the bugs and problems. I love the fractals, and the new PvP map is pretty fun and different from the others as well.

  • rulez

    I would rather call this weekend another stress test and hope the devs learned a lot from it for the future. :D

  • Feyd Darkholme

    Pretty much agree with everything that Richie said… fun, memorable, buggy, and the last event was way too long.

  • St_Draco

    First, I love ANet’s ambition and many of the ideas/concepts that they bring to the table are excellent. They have a phenomenal art and design department and that is reflected in everything they do. I love the scavenger hunt/lore events, I love the large and epic meta events,  and the dungeon design is excellent.

    That said, the execution of those designs is what is failing them right now.  This event would have been a total hit and absolutely epic if not for the fact that it was riddled with bugs and still hampered by one of the games biggest issues, the culling problem. So much of this event was mired with these issues.

    From what I have seen of GW2, practically everyone loves the design concepts and the general idea of the content. There are little things here and there that people don’t like, but most of that comes to personal preference.  But what I see people complaining about is the execution, more than anything. Right now it feels like GW2 and ANet are right on the cusp of something absolutely beyond amazing, but they just can’t seem to pull it off.  It may be that they have talent in their art and design department that exceeds that of their coding and programmers. It may be that their ideas are too ambitious. It may be that they just don’t have the man power needed to pull off the scope of their ideas. What ever the case, they just seem to miss the mark by just enough that you get a little sour taste in your mouth.  You can see the flaws and you can see how much potential is there and you can almost reach it, but things just aren’t quite clicking to get over that hump.  At least not yet.


    • Diequex

      Agreed. Nothing I can really add to this other than that at least the content added outside of the one-time event is solid. The new PvP map is great, the Fractals mini-dungeons (outside of the disconnecting issue) is well designed, and the new zone is pretty cool.

    • saxophone15

      I think these events will become more stable overall in the future. Arenanet is new to this type of content themselves so over time they will continue to polish the design/technical aspect of it. From the beta weekends to now I can already see overall improvements. 

      Regarding the length and one time aspect of this event that some people are upset about, people are going to be disappointed no matter what Arenanet does. I have seen people who enjoyed the length and people who didn’t. Some want the event to repeat several times over a long period of time, others want it to stay as a one time event. It’s up to Arenanet to decide how they want to approach new content.

    • Jay

       I agree with this 100%

  • Dularr

    For me the one time events were okay. I appreciate the efforts Arenanet put into the events, but it was not fun or good gameplay. The best part was the 20 slot bag.

    First day there was so much lag and so many bugs, I couldn’t see the mobs and couldn’t complete the quests.  All I could see were players falling over dead and other players shooting in random directions.

    Second day, I went out to the new zone, so I missed the LA event.  The new zones looks great and had good gameplay.  The jumping puzzle looked good. I’m going to try it later with fewer players around and less lag.

    The third day was a mess, it was 2+ hours of trash mob clears.  Sorry, clearing trash mobs for hours on end is not good encounter design. The lag was terrible, multiple times during the event, my character couldn’t cast any abilities for 30 to 40 seconds at a time and would then start performing random animations and rubber-banding around the event area.  The boss encounter was okay, but there still seem to be some invisible mobs randomly killing players. The good news is once your character died, you could see the mobs clearly and there was no lag for a few minutes.  

    The fractal dungeon looked good.  I did see players spamming chat for the various levels of  difficulty.  

  • Ravenstorm

    Richie… the endfight was so long you easily could’ve done a bio break and reconnect with the fight and you still had to kill a legion of karka. Or yell for a bucket Southpark style.
    But yeah it was long. Very, very, long. At the end, it really felt satisfying. Like after an immens huge traffic jam finally coming home, in which the traffic jam is replaced with wacking karka and coming home with a huge chest full of good stuff.

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    It seems this was the first time Arena Net actually considered giving worthwhile loot from an event, and it is also the first time I made the conscious choice not to bother participating because of just how poorly handled and at times unplayable the preceding events were. Not going to rage but I will say that I am pretty bummed out by this.

    Over the last several years in GW1, the GW2 BWEs, and the recent Halloween I’ve fought to make the time to attend and participate in every event, but these recent issues and Arena Net’s blatant refusal to even acknowledge what most consider an acceptable, simple, and even at times necessary fix to the problem have left me burned out and disinterested in the game in general. It’s a real shame too; this time last year if you had told me that Arena Net’s unfaltering dedication to bringing large scale, open world, dynamic, FREE content at a rapid pace would be the thing that virtually kills the game for me I’d have laughed at you. But then quality counts for more than quantity to me, and I’d much prefer Arena Net stop giving us an event a month in favor of one event every few months that actually works.

  • MikeTsa

    Got to agree with richie, very hard to summarize. It was a good attempt by anet to make a 3 day special event. It’s very exciting logging everyday expecting something big and new to happen with so many fellow players with you. Especially if it’s only going to happen once.

     Unfortunately, issues like lagg, bugs, disconnections and low poppulation overflow servers did not help at all. Last day’s event was too long, was unlucky to get into a low poppulation overflow server and the reinforcements parts took what seemed to be forever.

     Rewards were over the top, everyone got a 20slot bag worth over 10 g at the trading post and an exotic earring with probably the best stats you can find, but that wasn’t enough. Everyone also got 2 random exotic items and 2 random rare items besides that. A lot of these exotics were precursor weapons for legendaries resulting in heavily increasing the amounts sold in the trading post, and this without including many other people who got them and want to sell them but cannot put them in the trading post because of the gold you have to give to post them.

    While the increase in availability and drop in prices makes me happy the solution anet found to do this did not. They said before the patch they would make a scavenger hunt for the precursors, a small increase in drop rate in the mystic forge and randomly giving them in a one time event is not what was expected. People have been asking the removal of the RNG factor in making legendaries since launch. I feel sorry for the people who could not make it or were unlucky to get a disconnect near the end of the event and did not claim anything.

    Overall, I’d like to see more events like this from anet, hopping they will improve by their previous experiences.

  • Thomas Renshaw

    it was something different i cant say i didnt enjoy it but the lag did spoil it slightly as i spent most of my time either dead or down dying.

    its very nice to see theyre adding more content and not just “BAM” new island, that there is a event to introduce it but the event rewards were near non existent for me :S which i was disappointed about.

    It was fun but a bit disappointing  however i hope they continue to do these, and i hope they learn from the feedback/mistakes and things that went well! for next time

  • Age Of Majority

    The lag and the bugs did suck. I think this is something that ArenaNet will improve on with time, now that they can see what works well and what doesn’t. I’m trying to wrap my head around organizing and programming an event like this and it must have taken quite a bit of doing. Getting rid of the lag would have made it 100x better. The bugs, i can deal with, but when i can’t really do anything at all it begins to get frustrating. I was glad they gave some good rewards as well, i was ready for a giant QQ party if they didn’t, at the end i felt it was worth it. They could have made it shorter too, it did drag on for too long as Richie already said, made even worse by the lag. 

    I really loved the area with all the pools and geysers in the new area, reminded me of yellowstone park. I hope ArenaNet treats their art team well because they have done an absolutely fantastic job on everything throughout the entire game. I don’t think i’ve looked at anything in this game and said, that looks like shit, quite the opposite. The fractal dungeons are awesome. The art style for all of them is just great, i can’t wait to play them all. I remember an underwater one where i was in a pug and the goal was to swim through the water and grab glowing plants as you went along otherwise it would get dark and you would die. Team quit halfway through but i’m still waiting for my next chance so i can see what’s at the end of that one! 

    I didn’t make it to the halloween event, but i made it to all three of these. It seemed to get a little better as it went along. If ArenaNet can smooth everything out and learn from their mistakes these events will be amazing. If not, i’ll just skip them and it will be just another content patch, but i hope hope hope they can get them working smoothly. I can just imagine how fun one of these will be when they get most of everything just right and ace one. Here’s hoping! Now, some Borlis Pass fools need a whipping in WvW.

  • Aaron

    I don’t know that I would call a thread in the official forums that is over 10,000 posts, longer than all the other threads in the general GW2 Discussion sub forum combined, 95% asking why Anet has gone back on their own manifesto, as mostly positive. The fact that sites like this and writers like Richie (who seems a decent enough fellow) are basically ignoring a pretty sizable outcry, not to mention the fact that Anet are now putting into the game the very thing they have stated over and over for 5 years that they are against is pretty alarming.

    Swept. under. rug.

    • Jean-Paul Skeete

      I hope this ultimately ends up costing Anet dearly as a lesson in plain decency and customer service if not customer appreciation.

    • AlokP

      If you watched GBTv, namely the hour long GW2 show they do every week, you would have heard them talk about this at length, and not positively either. I think Richie, in this context, was problem talking about the quality of the content itself, not the overarching design issues of progression etc.

    • Richie Procopio

      Check out last week’s GuildCast where we talked about the Ascended item progression at length.  I also wrote a few articles about it last week.  This article was mostly about the Lost Shores events from the weekend.

      • Aaron

         I have pretty much quit everything to do with GW2 after this so I have not watched the recent guild cast. And I won’t be watching future episodes.

        I think some people don’t realize how big of a mistake this move was though.

  • RBHgamer

    I had a blast throughout the events.  The Fractal dungeon is great. The few inconveniences can certainly be improved upon but they didn’t ruin my fun.  Keep up the good work Anet with all this great [FREE] content.

  • Nicholas McBean

    i enjoyed the event few bugs but they were fixed i did all 3 parts of the event. games i played before this would take every cent out of you to do an event. i appreciate what there doing, love to see what GW2 future holds with both one time events and content. 

  • Brian Orr

    I had  blast at the event, even through the lag which was my biggest issue. I think a lot of the problems they have with these events would be fixed if they opened up a test server and let us help them properly test them. The oooh new shiney discovery feeling with it just showing up on a live server is nice but they would be better served if the events would go off smoother from player testing.

  • Thomas Monahan

    My biggest issue was the invisible enemies and enemies spawning out of thin air and since you cant see them, you found your self and many players getting one shot.

    Anet needs to fix the drawing issues, wither its to make effects invisible over NPC…I don’t know.

    If they have another event like this they either need to fix this or design their event to limit the problems of invisible creatures.

  • DoctorOverlord

    I’m a fan of GW2 and after the terrific Halloween event I was really looking forward to seeing the Lost Shores.    I was encouraged because Fractals turned out to be a very fun dungeon and while the first 2 phases were somewhat buggy, but ArenaNet seemed to fix them quickly.

    The final event Lost Shores event, however, was the single, least enjoyable experience I have had in GW2 to date. It’s quite close to the worst I’ve had in any MMO (that honor continues to be held by a respec mission in City of Heroes)

    Ignoring the lag issues, this was simply a very badly designed event.  The endless waves of mobs quickly became tedious.  Players were repeatedly funneled into a spiral chokepoint that certainly contributed to rendering issues rather than keeping players spread out.   Running back and forth over that zone was needlessly annoying.  

    Also deliberately inhibiting players from getting back to the action is not good game design. After the mass kills resulting from the invsio mobs, dozens of players would just lay dead rather than waypointing because of the additional deaths resulting from trying to do a solo re-traversal of that wretched zone.   (No thanks in large part to those idiotic hatchling/headcrab things whose sole purpose is to slow down players so they can get killed) I tried to waypoint once and wasted more time than if I had just lay dead for 5-7 minutes waiting for people to push back the inviso mobs to rez me.  

    The bizarre thing is that we know ArenaNet understands this.   They put in waypoints in the open world, they have waypoints in dungeons.  Yet this event deliberately took place mostly away from any convenient waypoints in the zone making a tedious event even worse.  

    Overall, this left an incredibly bad taste for all of Lost Shores.   It will take a while before I even want to look at GW2, but I know I will go back, if only to see what ArenaNet learned from this. If they don’t take any lessons to heart from this and instead believe all the people saying this was a great event and produce more like it then I will be severely disappointed..  

    I especially feel bad for people who were invited by friends.  If this was their first weekend playing the game and they experienced this event, I find it hard to believe they would think GW2 is worth playing.

    • Thorghan

      I for myself will noch stop playing Guild Wars 2, but I think it will take me some time, till I want to go back to the Lost Shores. To many bad memories.
      If they are planning to do this kind of events more, then if think it would be better if they would instanced it more. Let’s say, they would have put 150-200 players on each instanced island and I think most things would have run smoothly.
      I don’t need big scale fights with 500 people on an island, which results in a couple of disconnects, lots of lags (almost teh entire time), rubber band effects and unneccessary deaths since I could’nt even make out what hit me.

      The idea of a trial weekend with the same time of this event was in my opinion a bad PR decision. Let’s be honest. If you’re new to this game, most people want to get to know the features, make themselves familiar with the world and get used to everything. Throwing people in a level 80 massive event chain is not very helpful.
      I send one code to a friend of mine and she played the game like I did, when I started with GW2. She ignored all of Lost Shores events and just enjoyed the game in a normal way.
      If ArenaNet would have done a trial weekend, without extra stuff going on, that would have served it’s purpose much better, since the “older players” would have more time to focus on their new friends and help them get used to the game.

      • DoctorOverlord

        That is actually a very good point about how new players might want to avoid in-game events and just want to play the game normally when they start.     I’d probably do the same since I don’t think I’d be comfortable enough with a new game to jump into some special event if I had just began playing.

        The more I think about what you say, the more I have to agree it was a bad idea to have an Invite a Friend weekend during an event that drew away veteran players from joining with the new players who may just want to see what the regular game is like.  

    • Ravenstorm

      I died many times too, but 95% of the time I waypointed back and only once I couldn’t make my way through to where the masses were fighting. A bit glad to hear though, that this event was the worst one as said by you, that means if I liked this one then all other content will be a blast, since I just started playing GW2. And although it felt a bit like those 300 spartans against the persian army (of karka), it still was enjoyable. But I for one didn’t find it all that hard to regroup after death.

      • DoctorOverlord

        The event moved around the zone so much, it probably depended on when you were dying.   If you died when the event was in a more convenient location, then the run back wouldn’t be bad.   If you were unlucky, then the run was bad enough to sour the whole thing.     This could have been fixed by keeping the event at one of the better locations. 

        During the event, depending on the location at the time, I was seeing masses of people who refused to rez after getting group steamrolled and we all just lay there for 5-7 minutes until the inviso mobs could be pushed back.   

        It was dull but it was better than trying the run back if the event was in a bad location.  Chatting with people while we lay there confirmed this was the sole reason for it.   If there had been a waypoint decently located the same way ArenaNet locates their dungeon waypoints, we wouldn’t have laid there being bored.  

        I’m glad to hear there was one new player who wasn’t put off by all the vast amounts of lag and bugs in this event.    The bugs and instability are NOT typical.   

        I have to agree that if you thought this event was good you’re going to be *amazed* by the rest of the game lol.   Just wait til you try Fractals of the Mist!    It’s an awesome dungeon that requires real skill.  The final Lost Shores event seems like it was more about being lucky (either lucky with lag or your timing or avoiding being unlucky and not getting any reward at the end).

  • John Sardella

    Minus the small bugs and the lots of lag. I loved this event. Pulled a few of my friends back and we had a great time.

  • HartsHope

    ive been a pretty vocal critic of GW2… but other than some bugs I largely enjoyed the events.

    but this is all secondary to the absolute joy that are the Fractal of the Mists dungeons. just a fantastic set of really fun and CHALLENGING events. love them. without a doubt, the best set of PVE dungeons i’ve ever played. i think what i love most is how they demand teamwork; they are lazy pug killers! there is just soo much magic and fun and “hell ya” moments in these dungeons that i seriously look forward to running them each night. there are some really funny and one very very touching moment that gives me chills every darn time i witness it. (i wont spoil it but its at the end of the Cliffside Fractal.)

    but most importantly, Fractals is a friend maker… and what i mean by that is, it has forced so much communication in PUGs that ive joined that it has actually added many of friends to my Contacts list. strangers are saying things like “great group guys! please add me to friends list. i hope we group again sometime!” good PUGs bond due to the challlenge and teamwork that ArenaNet has built into the dungeons. i havent experienced this since EQ1, circa 1999-2004. and my guildmates and I are just overjoyed to see this direction the game is going in.

    i dont hear anyone complaining about vertical gear progession either. my guild is on Difficulty 12 now and 2 of us arent even lvl 80 yet so theres probably only a handful of exotics between us.

    • Nick Cattane

      Agreed, all very good points!

    • DoctorOverlord

      Agreed!  Fractals is an amazing dungeon.   And your comment about it being a Friend-maker is absolutely true, I added several people to my Friend list after my very first run lol

      All I want to add is to remind people to be open-minded to PUGs with lower level players.   I’ve played a level 20 and grouped with level 80s and we still successfully did fractals.   I felt I was always contributing and levels don’t matter when you’re doing a jumping puzzle :)  

      • Nick Cattane

        The below 80 mentality will only work on OP classes like guardian/warrrior/etc and in lower level fractals as well – the later ones you need to be 80 and need to be geared decently (e.g. at least all rares and a good build, etc).

        • DoctorOverlord

          Certainly later fractals will need well-coordinated and well-equipped groups of level 80s.   I was just saying that if people are still on the early levels of the Fractals to be open-minded enough to group with below 80 characters.    

          I remember hearing one person who was disappointed they wouldn’t be able to try the dungeon until they were 80 and it would be a shame to not see this content earlier than that.  

  • Mort

    only big problem with this event I had was Anet complete disregard to time zones, it sure was nice for americans starting at noon, not so nice for ppl in oceania and elsewhere starting at 1-5am

  • Sir Jaxxy

    This has to be the worst idea ArenaNet has done! The Friday patch was very buggy. The loot drop is nothing but a slap in the face to those who had prior commitments like work or Church or just feeding our kids!

    I have never thought one off events are a good idea and to try to incentivise them is an even worse idea! Sorry but no matter how good the loot drop is in this economy folks are not going to miss a day of work to simply play a video game. Sunday is also a bad day for this as, strange as it might seem to some, many of us gamers do actually attend Church!

    • Nick Cattane

      They advertised far in advance that this event would include “1 time only scenarios”.  Not to mention, before you bought the game, before we knew much about it, they advertised and continued to advertise, “world changing events”, etc.  So this should come as no surprise.  There is no way to satisfy the timings of every customer – you chose to do something else, they can’t accomodate everyone (Why saturday night, I party then, why Friday, I work, why Monday, football is on… and so forth and so forth).

      I love these cool one-off events and honestly, the loot was 3 exotics + a 20 slot and a chance for one of those exoctics to be a legendary pre-cursor – which you can still go and get.  Oh wait, you can actually still go any get any of the gear that dropped because it is still all available in the game. They literally gave a cool opportunity for some people to simply get lucky – what is this, communist russia?

      • Dularr

        Talk about rubbing his face in it. Mentioning the exotic accessory, multiple random epics, including possible pre-cursor to a legendary, a couple of rares and and the 20 slot bag.

        • Nick Cattane

          Yep, all which have been in the game since launch.

          • Dularr

            Yep, but my character is level 64 and now already has a level 80 epic and 20 slot bag.  A little overboard.

          • Nick Cattane

             Hardly.  Takes a week or two to casually hit 80.  My guildies hit it in 3 days only lvling cooking and doing events/hearts.

          • MikeTsa

            You can’t hit 80 with crafting in 3 days anymore unless you waste a huge amount of gold lvling all proffessions. They nerfed cooking a long time ago. But yeah you can hit 80 in 2-3 weeks pretty easy.

            The event’s loot was over the top though, the bag is worth over 10 g, the account bound earring has probably the best stats among 80 lvl exotic earrings and these cost at least 2 g atm and the 2 exotics you got could be worth from 2 g to hundreds of g. So yeah, people that could not make it missed out items worth alot of gold from just a 3hour event.

          • Dularr

            Oh for sure, just simply haven’t gotten around to it.   I just simply need to generate enough interest in getting to level 80, to finish it up. 

  • Cpt.Badger

    Hands down, it was the worst event I have seen in any MMO. It’s not an event if you can’t complete it because the NPC simply does not appear / is bugged. Waste of time.

    • MikeTsa

      The last event was pretty bad, probably the most boring 3 hours I’ve ever had in my mmo experience. If we did the same things but in an hour instead it would be just fine. But the rewards were definately worth more than what anyone could possibly make in that time period.

      The bugged npc you are refering must be the ones from the investigation chain, they hotfixed that the day after, reward wasn’t really special anyhow, a jug of karma and 5 lionguard tokens.

  • JazzEneLya

    If they continue to make one-time events with insane rewards like the Phase 3 one, wherein they will want to make people attend it or don’t miss it, I’ll be really sad. I’m from the Oceanic community. The one-time events happened to us at 4AM, and on Phase 3, it was Monday (some people need to work and stuff). I love one-time events because it makes the game more unique and fun, but rewarding players like that just because they’ve attended the one time event is kinda, unfair. We want to attend, but we really just can’t. Timezones. :(

  • Jay

    *Evade*…. *Evade*… *Evade* … Oh look, another health bar… -____-

    I never wanna see another giant Karka again… New dungeon is a step in the right direction to me though. Other than them forcing us to participate in jumping puzzles, I like having checkpoints instead of waypoints. I just think they should let you respawn in the FoTM lobby so you can at least sell, repair, and organize your inventory while waiting for your chance to rejoin the fight.

    • Dularr

      Yep, using the health bar for the Karka shell and refilling the health bar for the Karka itself was a bit confusing. 

  • Dekin

    ZOMG Gary has ears! >.< I was unaware of this fact…..