The Secret World F2P Announced?

So the end of the world is on it’s way and The Secret World‘s Game Director, Joel Bylos is pretty upset about it.  In fact, it’s safe to say he might have flipped his lid.

Worried about the impending — yet unknown — doom of December, 21’s 2012 @ 11:11, Joel began to think about all the people who have yet to experience The Secret World.

Suddenly, after moping around some and admitting that as a “fat, white guy” he shouldn’t complain, he stormed into a marketing meeting and told those guys who generally decide these things for the developers to drop the subscription.

Yeah. I did a bit of a double-take there too.

When argued with, he specified “Subscription no longer required.”
Unfortunately, the conversation didn’t seem to finish in any conclusive way.  So we are left to wonder.

Is The Secret World going free to play?  Or is this just an extended trial?  Honestly… I’m thinking the former.  Joel seemed pretty set on that “drop the subscription” thing  and even repeated himself several times.

But it’s also really hard to tell with those TSW people.  What with all the conspiracies and everything, you can never tell if they really mean what they’re saying or if there’s something else hidden there.

Check out the video above, and give us your opinion on this.  Do you think TSW is going permanent F2P / B2P?  Or will everyone just get to play until the 21st and go back to a subscription when Joel realizes the Mayans didn’t know as much as he thinks?