So the end of the world is on it’s way and The Secret World‘s Game Director, Joel Bylos is pretty upset about it.  In fact, it’s safe to say he might have flipped his lid.

Worried about the impending — yet unknown — doom of December, 21’s 2012 @ 11:11, Joel began to think about all the people who have yet to experience The Secret World.

Suddenly, after moping around some and admitting that as a “fat, white guy” he shouldn’t complain, he stormed into a marketing meeting and told those guys who generally decide these things for the developers to drop the subscription.

Yeah. I did a bit of a double-take there too.

When argued with, he specified “Subscription no longer required.”
Unfortunately, the conversation didn’t seem to finish in any conclusive way.  So we are left to wonder.

Is The Secret World going free to play?  Or is this just an extended trial?  Honestly… I’m thinking the former.  Joel seemed pretty set on that “drop the subscription” thing  and even repeated himself several times.

But it’s also really hard to tell with those TSW people.  What with all the conspiracies and everything, you can never tell if they really mean what they’re saying or if there’s something else hidden there.

Check out the video above, and give us your opinion on this.  Do you think TSW is going permanent F2P / B2P?  Or will everyone just get to play until the 21st and go back to a subscription when Joel realizes the Mayans didn’t know as much as he thinks?

  • Edwin Yang

    nice. . . 

  • Melanie Dawn McGreevey

    I am SO going back to TSW if it goes FtP!!!!

  • john nuyen

    Can’t run it on my system so, ehh but did play the Beta and thought it was cool (only made zombie zone), which shockingly enough for really bad graphics it wont run on my machine, yet a full out warzone on Swtor runs perfectly..go figure

  • Dave

    Fantastic, I will play a F2P version of this. 

  • Corey Downing

    Gonna need a new SSD so I can play this when it goes F2P. Was really interested in the environment of the game, looking forward to trying it out :)

  • Jediwolf

    So does this mean its a big Fuckyou to those who took the 15 month lifetime sub preorder offer? or is there some sort of compensation or reward for these players for shelling out upfront?

    • Matthew Riddle

      You get more cash shop currency, whoopie!

      … what did you expect?

    • QuintLyn Bowers

       Most companies generally do something for the people who supported them with the lifetime sub.  At this point it’s just a matter of waiting to see what Funcom comes up with.

    • Dularr

      Typically a lifetime sub member gets significant benefits when a game goes f2p.

  • David Hatcher

    I would love to play TSW again.  The beta was pretty good, but a sub is deal breaker at this point for me.

    When it released it was all alone, but now it now has to compete for time with GW2, MWO, Planetside2, Firefall beta, SWTOR F2P and Lotro/Rohan for my gaming time.

    My bet is it will only be F2P for a few weeks, then go Sub again next year until the 1 year anniversary when it will go F2P permanent just like SWTOR.

  • Stefan Gospodinov

    I honestly hope it’s going F2P…It’s a great game which I (sadly) could not afford… It needs the exposure, and if it goes F2P it’s going to get that exposure. 

  • Matthew Riddle

    Even F2P, I doubt I’d really get into it. Seems too single-player based, at least when it comes to the questing. Was fun, but the combat was god awful, and the skill circle required too much unlocking before it really started opening up. Good luck, though!

    • Lord Steve ‘Ashar’ Spain

      “Seems too single-player based, at least when it comes to the questing.”

      I find it bizarre people can say that, with seriousness. I quested with friends and random folk I met in the world so many times, more than any other MMO. Yes there are some instanced quests that are solo, but not enough to spoil the fun. In every case I teamed up with a random person in the world we always waited until the other person got through, and compared notes.

      I understand the critique of the combat, although it doesn’t bother me as much as others, nor do I see a great world-breaking difference with other MMOs popular at the moment. Where there were aesthetic problems I can appreciate more, but again I understand that both technical and aesthetic issues for others are valid for them.

      Tell us about the games you enjoy where progression does not equal 75% of leveling content before skills/abilities/powers “really started opening up.”

      • Nick Cattane

        “Tell us about the games you enjoy where progression does not equal 75% of leveling content before skills/abilities/powers “really started opening up.””


        • Marco Matias

          it doesnt for pvp, but on pve and WvW you must lvl in order to get the max out of your char mate. try to do the story as soon you have lvl for it, and start doing story only when you get to cap lvl, you see there is ALOT of diference because you need to lvl to make your char stronguer. altho you get all the skills at lvl 1, they will make alot more diference when you have your traits unlocked. therefor, GW2 also needs you to progress in order to get things ”opened up’ as lord steve said. maybe just not needed as much time as many other mmo’s, but its still needed, specially for WvW. no traits in WvW is almost like a certain steamrolling from other players (even with a exotic gear, traits make a difference).
          but anyway, i tryed secret world, and altho i liked the idea of the skill circle and the modern environment its lore was set, i didnt enjoyed the characters design and animations, combat could be better, and i might play it again if it goes f2p, but very casually because when i have free time for a game, im dedicated atm to gw2 in that time.

          • Dularr

            But GW2 sPvP is not really a MMO.  It’s a lobby based system in a non-persistent world. 

  • Matthew Riddle

    Genius video, though!

  • Chris O’Brien

    Hilarious video!  I do hope they drop the sub fee.  I wouldn’t getting back into that game since it is actually quite fun to play.

  • Aisar

    Will def check this out if it goes F2P. And obviously the video is awesome. I really enjoyed it.

  • Kaemin

    I would come back in a heart beat

  • Michael Coulombe

    I’d keep it open “as a pretty good option”, but I wouldn’t stop everything to go back to TSW. I personally think it would “be a great game if it had a modern business model”. Funcom needs to get out of the mid 2000s. Monthly fee AND cash shop? Please…

    • Aisar

      My thoughts exactly.  I never touched the game and honestly I am still not particularly interested but if they went F2P I would probably at least check it out.  It should have been that way from the start but better late than never.  I think they are starting to realize this.

  • RBHgamer

    Joel is wasting himself developing games… he should have a show on Fox. He’s way better in this 2 min than 3/4 of their shows… never thought I’d try secret world but I would have to give it a try if it went free.

  • Luke Malcolm

    Sadly this is the life cycle for MMOs, unless you have stubborn company who doesn’t wanna give up the sub cause they prbly go bankrupt or a success company like Blizzard who doesn’t need to drop the sub.

    Tera & Rift the only recent MMOs with subs still and prbly on the path to F2P aswell, we just don’t know if they will happen or if there companies can handle it.

    F2P isn’t bad, there alot of great games that are F2P actually.

  • tarsal

    Desperate marketing ploy is desperate. Also creative and pretty smart. Oddly enough i just watched the TSW BFF last night and was thinking “that game looks interesting, too bad its not F2P”. Clearly funcom has planteda chip in my brain.

    Ps. Its spelled “apocalypse” guys ;)

  • Alexander Meleza

    i would definitely return if the game was F2P the only reason why i stopped was because of the sudden influx of games that came out shortly after, i do not regret any of the money i spent on TSW it was an amazing experience 

  • Zenotetsuken

    I just really hope for their own sake that if they do go F2P they don’t try to pull a SWTOR.  If you are going to run with a F2P model you need to give incentive to pay for a sub, not punish those that don’t want to/can’t pay.  There are numerous games out there that are making a ton of money with a fair F2P model.  

  • Glacius

    I think they always planned on going F2P.  For one thing, F2P conversions usually take a long time.  It was just a matter of waiting until the subscriptions went beneath a certain threshold.

  • Kagitaar

    I’d definitely pop in every week or so if it went F2P. I had a lot of fun in the two months I got to mess with the game.

  • Eric

    well at the end there they say “drop the sub” and something about an “end of days” event, looks like another one of the ARG’s they love to do. My guess is, ‘win’ the arg, get some free time in game for the end of the event on 12/21, and TSW goes B2P after that (they didn’t day anything about dropping the box fee)

  • Evilevi501

    F2P or no, IF you haven’t played the game, it’s defiantly worth playing.

     If you’re 90% or more wheel unlocked and 10.2/4 on all three sets. It will still be lacking content.

  • Carl Ridgway

    Please follow DC Universe F2P model

  • Bob

    It’s going to have to go F2P pretty soon if it wants to survive. It’s currently #132 out of all games played on Xfire. For comparison, Rift is #61, SWTOR is #13, GW2 is #5 and WoW #4.

  • Mark Andrew Ince

    Well with regards to Funcom, when they announced Anarchy online going F2P they said it would only be a Temporary thing, but today it still is….

  • Mavk sims

    Mister T gonna kill us all!!!!

  • Rae

    The TSW Email I got today states that they Have indeed gone FTP,
    albeit with a 30 dollar fee to purchase the game.
    I am patching it as we speak, as I unsubbed awhile back.

    all complaints aside, I hope for nothing but the best for these guys.