The Secret World - Funcom - Buy To Play

On Tuesday, we showed you guys Joel Bylos‘ End of Days diary and asked you if you thought — as I did — that The Secret World would be making a F2P/B2P transition.  I think most of you agreed or at least hoped they would.

The two questions most seemed to have were what the new model would look like and what they were going to do for those people who shelled out for a Lifetime sub.

Well… Now we have our answer.  As of this morning, TSW is a Buy To Play game with a couple different subscription options for those who would like to do it and receive some bonuses.  It will still include the shop which is already full of clothing and other items like XP boosters and a run speed upgrade. (I’m not going to lie… I’d throw money at that.  “Run” is TSW‘s version of a mount.)

In addition Issues will no longer be free and it seems like they might be less frequent.

For those of you who don’t know, Issues is what TSW called their free monthly content update.  As of now, the official word is that they will be periodic and will cost $5 each.

All-in-all, I think Funcom have set up a pretty fair system here.  I’m very glad they didn’t go full on F2P as the game is worth the cost of the box to enter.  And I feel like charging a small sum for periodic content is reasonable.

The only thing I am uncertain of — as I did not throw down the cash for the Lifetime sub — is whether or not those who did will feel that what they are receiving for their support of the game is equal to what they gave.  We will see shortly.

For a full details on the B2P transition, check out the blog on The Secret World‘s site here.