If you’ve wandered away from Rift — maybe to a galaxy far, far away — Trion Worlds is pulling out all the stops to get you back.

Update 1.8 is adding the hobby skills fishing and survival, introducing leaderboards  and a guild finder and also making it easier for high-level characters to go back and experience low-level content.

But the new trailer for 1.8 is all about the new raid, Infernal Dawn.

Here the dragons of fire and earth — Maelforge and Laethys — combine forces and it’ll be up to 20 players to bring them down. Trion’s got a horde of bosses lined up, ready for players to slaughter, including a fight on a pirate ship in a lake of fire; which will have players scrambling to and fro to battle its captain and his malevolent deckhands.

Also, as mentioned on the Update 1.8 page, “The Carnival of the Ascended ends in fiery catastrophe.” It’s probably the clowns’ fault.

It’s always the clowns’ fault.

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