This Week In MMO, we introduce the huge, head-banging panel of Josh “Lore” Allen, Mike B aka Fony, and Mike “I-have-no-nickname” Schaffnit with Gary “Bing Bong” Gannon leading the charge. What could possibly be in store for us today? Could we have some Blizzcon news? Maybe we have a bit of PlanetSide 2? And MechWarrior is what?

During a video promotion of the Horde at Blizzcon, some anti-gay slurs slipped out, and Blizzard Entertainment, the creator of World of Warcraft, was forced to issue an apology to the community. Our panel, of course, caught the slur when the video was played after the conference, but most of them admit that it was missed when the video was being shown live. Either way, Blizzard states that it holds no prejudice against anyone’s lifestyle choice.

At the crux of today’s show, we bust out the Piranha Games announcement that their next MMO will be… wait for it… MechWarrior Online. Our very own Mike B has been impressed with the MechWarrior franchise since he was a kid and admits that he is still hugging his monitors waiting for the release of this massively multiplayer version. Well, unfortunately, that embrace will have to continue until sometime in late summer 2012. On the plus side, Mr. B won’t have to pay a dime to start playing. Piranha did announce that the title will launch free-to-play with, of course, microtransactions.

Sony Online Entertainment announces new information regarding Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online, CCP cuts redundancy on World of Darkness, and RuneScape bans 9.2 million accounts for botting. (Runescape had 9.2 million accounts?) Catch all this plus Mike Schaffnit saying, “Come back with a dubstep trailer and everyone will be happy,” in This Week In MMO!