World of Warcraft fans aren’t accustomed to having to share the spotlight — or their dev teams.

With work on Titan well underway, some fans have groused about WoW devs being re-assigned and their favorite game suffering as a result. In an interview with The Orange County Register, Game Director Tom Chilton acknowledges that changes have been made at Blizzard, but not to the point of gutting WoW staff.

“There are people that had worked on the World of Warcraft team that now work on that team [Titan] where we’ve had like a slow trickle of expertise. Meanwhile, we’ve also hired people in and trained them up over the last four to five years to take the place of some of the people that have gone to work on the other games.

“I do believe there’s room for us to have two highly successful MMO games. I don’t feel like there’s going to be a time where we just say ‘OK, everybody on the WoW team, pack it up you’re moving over to the Titan MMO.’ I don’t see that as being a realistic probability. I think we’re going to try to staff up both teams and actually end up with two large, strong MMO teams.”

Imagine that: a company producing two viable MMOs. Never thought I’d see the day.

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Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with, he also blogs about video games at
  • Hoigwai

    Not concerned

  • Old Ben

    > Imagine that: a company producing two
    > viable MMOs. Never thought I’d see the day.

    Yeah, it’s almost as if a single company (say, NCSoft) produced Guild Wars, Aion, and Lineage, or something.

    Oh, wait… ;-)

  • JB

    Don’t forget that Titan is going to be causal thou 

  • Phillip Smith-Keitley

    Was it only me that caught up in the PVP to the point where you had to start the video again because you didn’t listen!? :P

  • Kristinn Heidar

    Like it or now… Titan is taking much from WOW.  Cause if no TItan – then WOW would actually use their income in WOW instead of another game.

    And ofc moving devs over to Titan reduces the quality of WOW.  Not to mention that those devs are still in charge of WOW but have lost alot of their touch with the game.  Hence … we get patch 4.1 and BLizzard thinks its great….