Five promising features of Square-Enix’s MMORPG

Even as a big Final Fantasy fan, it’s hard to look at the latest Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn videos and not have a little skepticism, but I still think Square-Enix‘s MMORPG re-launch has promise. With a new development team in charge, it’s possible and even likely that Final Fantasy XIV will capture some of the magic that made Final Fantasy XI so memorable to many gamers out there. With that in mind, it’s time to look at five promising features that will likely be in Final Fantasy XIV.

Open-world group content

It may be a hard pill to swallow for World of Warcraft players, but one of the things that made Final Fantasy XI so good was its emphasis on group-based content even when traveling out into the world. For its first few years, Square-Enix’s first MMORPG was all about finding a group to kill monsters out in the world as quickly as possible, all to maximize experience through experience chains.

It’s a concept that’s fallen to the wayside thanks to solo-friendly games like World of Warcraft, but it’s looking like Final Fantasy XIV will bring it back. While solo leveling will be possible, Square-Enix have dropped hints that group leveling will be greatly encouraged through better rewards and faster experience. Hopefully, that will build a culture of getting a group together and mowing down mobs in the open world.

Even in a game like Guild Wars 2, which is largely built around dynamic events that take place in the game world, there’s little emphasis to group outside of instances. Sure, it can make tagging mobs easier, and it’s a good idea for some of the tougher boss events. But it’s not necessary to coordinate the kind of hyper-efficient groups that tore through mobs in Final Fantasy XI for huge chunks of experience. If Final Fantasy XIV looks to its predecessor and makes a few improvements, open-world group content could be the flagship feature of the game.


One of Bioware‘s claims to fame with Star Wars: The Old Republic is that it brought story to MMORPGs. The problem with that claim is it’s wrong. Not only did Final Fantasy XI have stories, but there are a lot of people, including myself, who would argue the Final Fantasy XI stories were better than what Star Wars: The Old Republic delivered. The stories, which were told through multiple factions and expansions, were at the level of quality Square-Enix fans have grown to expect. There were world-saving adventures, plot twists, strange and interesting characters and a world that felt living and real.

Final Fantasy XIV could pull off the same level of storytelling. The game might not be fully voiced and have faux choices, but Square-Enix are already showing their interest in story through the interface’s emphasis on quest text. The sidequests will likely fill in the role of more traditional MMORPG questing, but the game will also have missions for classes and Grand Companies. As someone who enjoyed the personal story in Guild Wars 2 despite lackluster delivery, I can’t wait to see what Square-Enix can do with recent developments in the game industry.

Thriving economy

One of the best parts of Final Fantasy XI was how engaging its economy was. Players had to interact with the economy at every level. It was close to necessary for upgrading any gear while leveling, which, in a game that allowed and encouraged job switching, was fairly common. And some of the best gear in the game was obtained through the game’s auction house, whether it was crafted or a drop that could be sold.

With the arguable exception of Guild Wars 2, that aspect of MMORPGs has dwindled away with the theme park. Buying gear from the auction house is actually a bad idea while leveling up in many MMORPGs because it wastes gold that could be better used on skills, mounts, and endgame (i.e. the only content that supposedly matters in theme-park MMORPGs). Even then, it’s rare the best gear can actually be obtained through the in-game market; in fact, there’s so many currencies in theme-park MMORPGs that the best gear is usually obtained through alternative currencies, while gold is used mostly for repairs and cosmetic items.

If Final Fantasy XIV follows the crafting and economic model of Final Fantasy XI, that could change. So far, Square-Enix have shown crafting will remain as a prominent actor. Entire classes will focus on gathering resources and making something out of them. That’s a promising sign. It could bring back the days when server economies and individual wealth were as important as a good guild and a character’s level and gear.

Art and music

Even the most adamant Final Fantasy XIV naysayer will admit the game is absolutely gorgeous. The stylistic character models, flashy spell effects, and detailed environments are truly a sight to behold. And now that Square-Enix were caught red-handed copying and pasting environments in version 1.0, it’s likely even more time and attention will go into the revamped world.

Along with the art, music is another aspect of the Final Fantasy series that gets a lot of praise. I know a few Guild Wars 2 fans that use that game’s custom playlist feature to relive their favorite Final Fantasy memories, whether it’s through Final Fantasy XI‘s battle music or Final Fantasy VIII‘s overworld music.

If Square-Enix live up to their own standards with the art and music in Final Fantasy XIV, they will create a world that feels alive just based off the sights and sounds. It’s a sense of immersion missing in most games today, but Final Fantasy XIV will hopefully be an exception.

Chocobos and airships

How about the fact it’s freaking Final Fantasy? Sure, the series hasn’t been as strong for some audiences since the classics of the 32-bit and 64-bit eras. Some gamers flat-out despised Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII. (I personally liked the latter, but I was not fond of the former.) But Final Fantasy still holds a warm place in most gamers’ hearts.

Can anyone really argue that airships and chocobos aren’t as iconic in the game industry as Mario and Link? For many adult gamers, Final Fantasy was the No. 1 source of RPG goodness while growing up. Its characters, references, monsters, vehicles, and style have greatly shaped how all Japanese RPGs are now viewed. Many still consider Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII the greatest RPGs, if not games, of all time.

If Square-Enix can capture a little bit of that magic — and, for all their faults, I would say they have even in recent trailers — the game will be something to behold. After the massive disappointment that was version 1.0, that’s all I can ask.

  • Jacob Woodford

    Except that it looks and feels like an old game.

    With an old, tedious gathering and crafting system and an EXTREMELY tired Final Fantasy turn based combat system.

    This game is not going to do very well, sorry Square-Enix. But your refusal to evolve will be your death.

    • Mike Coulombe

      It would be, if the mini-game was as bad as EQ2’s crafting. But it’s not. The mini-game is: Level up a class, get skills to gather/craft faster and better, do quests for your gathering/crafting class. The mini-game is a smaller version of the main game.

    • Luke Malcolm

      From reading what you said, I can see you either havn’t seen any videos or played in the alpha.

      A game doesn’t have to have WoW’s success to be successful.

    • Miguel Crespo

      I 100% disagree with you.. REalm reborn is going to be awesome

    • Yelta Sumasu

      Then it may not be the game for you. Myself and others like me prefer and are willing to pay for a more classic MMO formula. 

      However that global cool down has to go… and it very well might as the combat system is supposedly going to go through a lot of changes in beta and what we see in the alpha videos is more a placeholder.

  • Dularr

    Sigh, another GamebreakerTV writer that pits one MMO vs another. 

    • Mike Coulombe

      While I agree it’s kinda lame, it’s just good journalism. Stir the pot or have a thought provoking headline. 

      TERA GOES F2P!!!111!
      *click on the link*
      …IN ASIA! 
      Ah, ok, so it’s not going F2P… :P

      • Luke Malcolm

        Very true, but also sometimes those titles bring in more trolls or haters than actual fans.

        • Mike Coulombe

          Indeed, and I’ve come to accept the fact that GBTV is a general MMO website and the laid back attitude of the business tends to bring in the laid back, less serious people. What I mean by this is, when the host of the shows actually takes a firm stance in trolling a game he doesn’t like, the sheep tend to follow.

          I believe this website started with WoW content making WoW fans the general population. We all know what kinda of crap the trade chat heroes can come up with.

          • QuintLyn Bowers

             Gamebreaker actually started a a general video game show. Everything from PC to console.  Our longest running show is TWIMMO – a general MMO show followed by The Republic.  WoW-specific content came after.

          • Mike Coulombe

            Oh well. I just assumed cause Legendary Ep. 1 is recorded live from Gary’s basement. Wait, you’re saying The Republic existed before Legendary?

      • rodxuxa12

        I remember the TERA headline. Good journalism? Ack..

        • Mike Coulombe

          Bear in mind I’m being sarcastic here. I should have used “Profitable Journalism” instead.

  • Larry Garcia

    lol so comparing the difference between two games in one sentence is piting it against each other? man where I have been that things are that simple now. anyways I cant wait for this game!!

    • Dularr

      The writer seems to talk about Final Fantasy XI.

      >”It may be a hard pill to swallow for World of Warcraft players”What does this have to do with features of FF?>”Even in a game like Guild Wars 2, which is largely built around dynamic events that take place in the game world, there’s little emphasis to group outside of instances.”
      What does this have to do with features of FF?

      >”One of Bioware‘s claims to fame with Star Wars: The Old Republic is that it brought story to MMORPGs.”
      What does this have to do with features of FF?

      >”The game might not be fully voiced and have faux choices”
      Really, the writer is trolling. 

      >”How about the fact it’s freaking Final Fantasy?”
      Well that’s proves it’s a fanboy article, written by a fanboy.  When you ask Final Fantasy fans which versions are their favorites, they tell you.  I’m good with that, but this article was a bit silly. 

      • Gronba

        I really don’t like to call fanboy, but I have to agree with you – one thing is to write about features you like in a game you love, but to bad mouth other games without a real purpose…

  • Irvin James

    thats personal to you, many dont want that turn based aspect removed. Me for example.

  • Jeroen Goossens

    OK, none of these ideas are new or relevant. And stop using “Theme park MMO’s” As a curse word.

  • Michael Byrne

    I’ve been upfront and called myself a “critical fanboy” so I’ll throw my two cents in here on one of these points. I actually hope FFXIV:ARR does not follow economy formula set forth in FFXI. While, yes, it was nice to make the top end gear and use or sell it, it did a fair amount of over inflating items to the point where even some common mats became outrageously priced and therefore more difficult to farm. There needs to be more of a balance in ARR’s economy…just my opinion of course.

    • Michael Byrne

      P.S. Dynamis ftw.

    • German Lopez

      That’s totally understandable. A lot of people didn’t like the grind caused by the economy in FFXI. I think it can be tweaked to be more manageable, but I also miss the tougher economies from old MMORPGs.

      • Michael Byrne

        Totally agree. I’m all for difficult, but when it becomes wildly unbalanced money wise there’s a problem. If someone hadn’t played for a long time and logged in now and check the Jeuno AH they would be shocked at some prices lol

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    I wonder if they’ll try rebooting this again after this version fails. Or perhaps will they take a break from over exposing and exploiting chocobos and actually remember they have several other wonder IPs that are not Final Fantasy.

  • Dan H

    ok so these are the TOP 5 features… so this means this is the best the game has to offer? because the lack of “combat system” in there and the inclusion of “Chocobos & Airships” instead really makes me want to ignore this game. and in all honesty even WoW has Chocobos and Airships. Maybe not as readily available but they are there.

    • Miguel Crespo

      lack of combat system? have you played the alpha? the combat is awesome

      • Michael

        You can’t be serious. Standing there and hitting buttons every 3 seconds? That is awesome to you? Man, people are easily amused these days. 

        • Mike Coulombe

          That’s how most MMOs have been since Ultima Online, my friend. I’m sorry if you’re a TERA baby, but that’s just how it is. No one moves around just for fun when there’s no danger (like an AoE). Well, no one that isn’t bad at the game, at least.

          This is like looking at a Patchwerk type fight in WoW and throwing fire torches at it because it looks “boring”. Sure, the guy in the video could be circle strafing the thing, it DOESN’T MATTER. A game’s only as good and interactive as you make it to be. If you don’t like standing around, play a melee and circle strafe the shit out of stuff. Oh wait, there’s probably a mechanic in place forcing you to stand at the back of the boss anyway, OOPS!

          • Michael

            If you think that most MMOs have you just standing there attacking until the boss dies you are being purposefully ignorant or have not played anything else. I actually hate Tera. It is a piece of garbage, but that is not because of the combat system. Even though personally I hate that combat system since you get stuck in animations and cannot move.

            Haha, you actually contradicted yourself by saying this is how most MMOs have been since UO…then explaining that you can’t define WoW by the Patchwerk fight. Trust me, I know this all too well. 

            The thing is that most people know how WoW really plays, not how FF14 really plays. People will see crappy videos like this and see that there is no movement, and that it looks very generic. This won’t get them to play any faster. 

          • Mike Coulombe

            Who gave you a computer and Internet access? I’m contradicting myself by comparing a Patchwerk type fight with “Standing there, hitting stuff.”? No, that’s exactly what it is. That’s why people still say that.

            Dude, take your pills, seriously.

      • Jordan Head

        He hasn’t and no it isn’t lol NDA man. :P Can’t say crap about crap. Even if were in it we can’t say were in it ^.~

      • Dan H

         I’m not saying there is a lack of combat system. I’m stating that selecting a feature that is a standard in most other MMOs as one of the Top 5 features instead of the combat system seems odd to me and could give the wrong impression about the game.  Does the Chocobo act as a mobile bank where you can stash loot? Does the Airship work as a mobile base where you can rest as if at an inn? nope? they just get you to your destination quicker on land and by air. 5 years ago this would have been something to get excited about.

  • InWaves257

    how about we do this 

    1. Housing At launch there will be 3 different size housing PLOTS, Small, Medium and Large.
    To be able to afford an M-Sized house, three players would have to level to 50 by clearing all quests and combine the gil they earned from that. Apparently, that would take about 50 hours.

    You will be able to make your house a public space for all to enter or limit it to friends
    Both Land and House prices are separate (buy the land the also have to pay to build it)
    Land starts expensive, but if it’s not bought, the price will start to drop,

    There are only 3 L-sized patches of land per instance
    Once you build a house, there won’t be any upkeep cost.
    Apparently, once we will see the amount of gil needed to buy an L-sized patch of land, we will recoil in horror.

    Since the price will be falling with time, he wants us to worry about when the right timing to buy it will be.
    No expansions; if you want a bigger piece of land, you have to buy it (full price)
    If you don’t need land, you can sell it to the NPC

    Moving to another patch of land is also possible
    A newly bought house comes without any furniture
    Apparently, in L-size houses you can distribute the space inside to make own rooms.
    Housing is planned to be implemented in the first big update after release. However, since debugging still needs to be done, we will get to test it somewhere at the end of Beta.Housing in more Detail

    Live Letter III wrote:[0:59:26]Q: Can you explain housing in more detail?A: The image that we just showed was concept art for the Limsa Lominsa housing area. We’ve been working on mock-ups, and you can see a dummy house right here. This house is just a placeholder we’re using to check house sizes and such, and it’s not an actual design. In this picture, you can see a wider view of the same area. There are several areas where players can build houses, and a large open area. Basically, there will be three different types of housing areas areas: desert, forest, and sea. Here we have the concept art for the forest housing area. This isn’t finalized, of course. We’ll publish more information as soon as we can.Players will first choose an area they prefer and then purchase land there. Kind of like “I like this spot!” Once they purchase the land with gil at the signboard, players will buy the right to build a house there.Once players have constructed a basic house, they can open a special housing widget to browse and purchase housing materials, such as roofing. You could also commission crafters to build roofing, which could then be equipped, in a sense, onto your house to change its external appearance. You can even hang tapestries on your walls. So that’s basically how you can change your house.The yard… I shouldn’t show anymore actually… As I mentioned previously, houses will also have yards where you can place objects. For example, if you place a chocobo stable in your yard, you will be able to raise several chocobos there.There will be updates dedicated specifically to the housing system. Content won’t end with a single release; we plan to introduce new features, such as additional ways to play with your yard. Additionally, players will be able to drag and drop objects within their house easily, in both the PC and PS3 versions. We’re working hard to create a very flexible system.Houses can be used as headquarters for linkshells and Free Companies, and they can eventually be expanded to allow individual rooms. To prevent disputes over land, housing areas will be instanced. After the maximum number of houses are sold in one instance, players will be asked to purchase land in a different one. More instances will be added as necessary.Also, land will be available in small, medium, and large sizes. Certain structures will require huge tracts of land to build.We should be able to provide more details near the conclusion of the Beta Test.Live Letter IV wrote:[0:45:55]Q: Will houses be personal or shared?A: First it will be joint housing. A house of this size is going to require everyone to dish out some dough. It’s pretty expensive.You can make furniture available to people of the same free company, or, if you want, you can set permission levels so all of your friends can use the furniture and what not. There are quite a few settings.The reason why we’ve decided to establish them as free company bases first is because inside of the houses there is a new kind of system that involves parks and towers.Parks would give a bonus to everyone in the free company, like an extra 25% to experience points earned. It could make crafting faster to level, or maybe give success bonuses for HQ crafting. It’s a system that allows members to add things that will give boons to the entire free company. You’ll be able to increase the size of your house, and also your company can rank-up through free company points, allowing you to place more parks and towers around.I’d first like to create a strong community within FFXIV. When new members join, you’ll be able to get more points, and we’d like to establish a system that encourages people to support new players coming into the game. Once the community has had time to come together we will then allow players to have their own private housing and branch out from thereEven for an MMO, I believe it’s nice to have a place to call home.*The video shows off housing art for each region.Live Letter IV wrote:[0:48:48]Q: Isn’t the largest size house almost too big.A: With it being so big, you have so much room to put lots of neat stuff. For example, if you defeat Ifrit, you can place his skull on the wall above the fireplace.2 Limit BreaksLimit break is a new party battle system that replaces  the old battle regimen system.When the Limit Break Gauge is full anyone in the party can use the Limit Break as the gauge is shared, once someone uses the skill the gauge is emptied.The Limit gauge will increase by just battling regularly but they also have a feature called “Fine Play” as well, “Fine Play” is a system where if you are healing or blocking at the right timing will increase the gauge to fill faster.Limit Breaks have more than one level, they higher level the Limit Break the more you need to fill the gauge (Think FFVII)You can use Limit Breaks from a low level, but you can’t use say Limit Break level 3 from level 1, the Limit Breaks are tied into character growth3 F-A-T-EFull Active Time Event,
    This is basically FFXIV’s Dynamic Event system, a NM [Notorious Monsters, large (sometimes) signature/unique monsters that require a skilled/geared player or small party] will appear in a zone and everyone in the zone will be notified about it.All players treated as “one large party” [so basically you just get flagged as “near enough to be evaluated for a reward, which also level-synchs you to the event level].There will be between 5 and 10 F-A-T-E’s in each zone (40 zones in total)Level sync only works one-way: if you’re above content level, you will be de-levelled, if you’re below content level, nothing happens.There is currently no limit on how many people can participate in F-A-T-E.When you get close to the FATE location, your normal objective list will be replaced with the FATE one. Once cleared, the normal objective list will become visible again.The Rewards are decided based not on party, but individual performance.Rewards won’t be useless (like, “here, have a potion”), but won’t be anything rare/powerful either.Rewards will have something to do with the type of FATE cleared. For example, completing a chocobo escort will yield a reward related to chocobos.They are also thinking about a system that automatically creates an instance and moves the half of the people to a new one should the number of people reach a certain number.Last but not least there are other types of F-A-T-E such as village/city invasion (example: bandits/thieves), chocobo escort4 Game ContentNormal quests will be soloableDungeons and raids will (obv)require a partyNormal mode will be clearable when forming one via content finderHard mode is only clearable if you have people with experience working together[implying you CAN try to clear it by auto-matching, but you’ll need a lot of luck]Content may be hard at first, but if for example a patch introduces some new content that gives you a nice item, it will raise your “item level”, making clearing previous content easier.5 Crystal Tower and Great Labyrinth of Bahamut(was taken from the Letter from the Producer live IV)Yoshi-P wrote:The Crystal Tower is an alliance raid. It’s content that is taken on by an alliance of three parties, for a total of 24 players.The Great Labyrinth of Bahamut and the Crystal Tower are similar in that neither of these raids will be completed in one visit. We will continue to add floors over the span of about a year and a half.The Crystal Tower is, as I’m sure everyone knows, the last dungeon in FFIII. So as the floors increase, you can all ultimately expect something like the Cloud of Darkness to make an appearance.It’s difficult to explain the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut without saying spoilers. Well, just as everyone saw at the beginning of the stream in the video, Dalamud actually contained Bahamut. So you might ask, “Why was Bahamut inside?” And I believe you all saw that a key-like object fall out of Dalamud and that’s a large part of Bahamut’s containment. It scattered all over Eorzea and is an important clue for the dungeon. You can take on the Great Labyrinth from various locations…Well, if I say anymore it would weaken the impact for when everyone first enters the dungeon.Events will develop on a grand scale, and there will be a huge number of bosses for each “episode” of the raid. So, it’s going to be hard if you don’t dish out enough damage.It’ll probably take more than 10 or 20 wipes to really figure out.

  • InWaves257

    i am sorry to point this out but you referenced Final Fantasy XI 22 times and Final Fantasy XIV 10 (not including the title) why don’t you change the article title to.. “What Final Fantasy XIV can learn from XI” … i think it would suit more 

  • Michael

    Final fantasy 14 is going to be the death of the Final Fantasy franchise. Yeah, that is right, someone had to say it. Let’s get real here, you can’t just copy WoW and get away with a successful game. If they are going to change their minds about the sub before the relaunch they stand a chance, otherwise they are screwed. 

    Can FF14 really come back to an industry where you HAVE to deliver content on a 4-8 week basis if you have a sub? Even WoW is starting to lean towards a 8-12 week patch cycle. There is no way a game like FF14 can compete with games like Rift and WoW unless they patch competitively. Why pay 15$ a month for a game that will more then likely be sub-par to the other sub games out there and when a game like GW2 exists that gives the content for free?

    • Miguel Crespo

      They arent copying WoW.. if they were you would see a shit load of dailies in realm reborn… and they dont need to compete with any of them, they have a royal fan base. I played the alpha and its by far way better then Rift and WoW put together. I played GW2, I thought that was a pile of crap after a few levels. didnt like it at all

      • InWaves257

        its funny i have to agree, i have currently played GW2 for 1000h+ and after playing the FFXIV alpha GW2 combat seems slow as hell 

        • JeanPierre Naranjo

          MMO combat IS slow as hell… That is just how it is, since the beginning. ‘Real Combat’ mmo’s fall flat on their faces. Dont get me wrong I’d love to see an mmo actually get it right but after Tera i can tell it will never happen. It just doesnt work, who knows maybe one day we’ll see it implemented. For now this discussion is FFXIV and FF combat has NEVER been fast. FF combat is about intelligently using your skills not how fast you can mash the buttons. If FFXIV reborn properly uses this approach is still yet to be seen but if they use their own model (FFXI) they will do just fine with their fanbase.

          • Michael

            Just saying that “MMO combat is slow!” does not give FF14 an excuse to have boring combat. Fast combat is not always good combat. Slow combat is not always bad combat. The point is that FF14 just looks boring. Fanboys can shout from the rooftops all day about how great the game is once you hit higher level or that some encounters are more sophisticated then others, but at the end of the day all that matters is how the game is perceived by people not playing it.Those are the guys you want to get to play the game, not the people who are hopelessly sticking with the game just because it is a Final Fantasy game.

          • rustyhagun

             Well FF13 combat is the fastest, for a single FF rpg experience so far. And FF vs 13 will have action RPG combat, like Kingdom Hearts.
            But that the thing about rpgs and mmo’s in general. Its always been about imputing the command and seeing it go through to the mob a.i. From paper & pen rpg table tops, that’s what makes rpg’s so fun.

            Once dev’s start wanting to make an rpg into a fast pace action game, some of the magic/draw goes away for me.

            Games like Vagrant story, Parasite Eve, FFXII. I loved that combat style. You got to thinkg but think quick.

            RPG game developers need to bring back that pen & paper feel back to rpg’s again. The new casual, gen stuff is just to soft for hard RPG’s.

            That’s why I loved the challenge of FFXI and always will.

        • Dularr

          Was the combat faster or did the mobs die faster?  For some reason, Arenanet seems to load up the mobs with hp. 

        • Michael

          Whew man, someone smells like a fanboy. Seriously I know GW2 combat is not exactly “fast” but the point of it is the interaction of it. You have to play pro-actively, not re-actively like most MMOs. (IE: FF14) Its funny how fanboys love to point out the flaws in other games so that they can justify the flaws in theirs. You seriously think combat where you stand around, hell even move to avoid fires every once in a while, while waiting on a 3.5 second GCD is fun? 

      • Michael

        Funny how the fanboys instantly claim that you have no idea what you are talking about. It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters how it “looks”. If a game looks bad, people won’t play it. If a game looks good, even if it is bad, people will play it. The problem with FF14 combat is that it looks awful. Mark my words: FF14 is not going to be a success. I would be shocked if it even got as many subs as FF11 had at peak. (Which is also not good in today’s standards)

      • Michael

        Who cares if you played the alpha? It doesn’t matter. If people look at it, and it looks boring, they won’t play it. Like for example, myself. I won’t play it because the combat looks like something in an MMO pre-WoW. The game’s image has been completely ruined due to the poor launch of the game. No relaunch is going to save it. It could be the best game ever when it comes back and still no one will play it. Higher quality games have gone under the radar.

        • rustyhagun

           Combat system was not even shown in the alpha. Beta is going to usher in the full combat system, for testing. From combos, limit breaks, battle regimens to skill chains.

          All alpha showed was basic fighting and pushing of skill buttons… just like the full, advance battle aspect of Rift or WoW. Yah it looks like those.

          Stop talking about the a cars’ bare skeleton. As all cars have a similar look, from the bare bone of it. Its not until the insides, features and body is put together, that you can then say…”this car provides,drives and handles just like all the other honda civics”.

          • Michael

            Rift and WoW have far more mobile combat then just standing there. Lots of stuff to avoid on the ground in those games ;)

        • Miguel Crespo

          You are so blind kid. The game is gonna do just fine :) Cause you all emo about not playing it doesnt mean its gonna fail.. Combat is so much better then WoW lol….

          • Michael

            Calling people names just shows that you are so wary of the game yourself that you have to defend it this desperately. People said the same thing about FF14. Look where that got them. 

          • Mike Coulombe

            He called you blind. You sure have not looked at ANY FFXIV fights because you make idiotic calls like “No one has to move, ever, it’s boring stationary combat”. Yet a lot of fights have Move out of fire phases and a some classes even have positional abilities (abilities you have to MOVE to a certain side of the target to execute).

            He called you emo. That’s because you reply to every single thread with complaints and never bring any facts or useful information. You are clearly driven by your hate for this game, therefore, emotion.

    • Lucy Lestat

       Actually, Yoshida promised that 14 will have very frequent updates once it launches.

      • Michael

        Keyword there: “Promised”

        • Mike Coulombe

          The 1 month I played FFXIV towards the end I played through 4 patches at least. One added new classes and quest lines to unlock them. Anyone who’s experienced XIV until the end knows Yoshida isn’t about BS.

          • Jay

             Yeah, he does deserve a fair shot.

          • Michael

            A fair shot that most people won’t give him. I honestly don’t even know who that is.

          • Mike Coulombe

            Thank you, for proving everyone’s point in one, short sentence. You’re the easiest troll to deal with. But you’re not very good at it. :P

    • rustyhagun

       GW2 content is not free. You have to pay 60$ for the content. Think of it this way…You go out and buy it, come home and play. You play for 4.5 months($15 sub) with that 60$+tax purchase. Then the content you are getting is free from the developers.

  • JeanPierre Naranjo

    Good write up, not only did you state some good pointers on FFXIV but you also stated alot of what is wrong with MMO’s these days. Folks that complain about the combat speed you need to get a history lesson on MMO’s. Its always been this way, you want fast paced action you need to go scoop up an FPS or some adventure game because the mmo genre will always disappoint. No one can get it right and I don’t think they ever will.

    • rustyhagun

      I like your point as well. People just dont know how much Yoshi & his team improved FFXIV 1.0 before its 1.23 final patch. Story was very well done to ushered in a perfect segue for ARR to set itself upon.ARR will surprise a lot of people, just for the fact that 1.0 was so much better, after Yoshi made his changes.

      What do you think he will be able to do with new engine, specifically made for ffxiv alone, a new world setting, after a 5 year lore gap.FFXIV:ARR will have its draw and the fans, vets, noobs, & curious will come out to play.

      Just remember FFXIV:ARR is a totally new game experience. Its a new game, with the same title of a once unfinished piece. As that piece closed its severs down and you can no longer visit that relm.

    • Mike Coulombe

      So true! Even when it’s relatively engaging, like an action game in an MMO setting (TERA, kinda), there’s going to be something else that loosens the grip on you. 

      Not only that, people seem to ask for the most player interaction possible and seem to forget that at some point, you WILL have to farm something for hours. This is an MMO we’re talking about. Having to block/dodge and be perfectly concentrated for casual PVE farming is just a drag really. It’s like when I need to farm old copper in GW2. Since I’m always scaled down, mobs aggro me and it’s just like farm the end-game stuff except a little easier. Nevertheless, it’s annoying.

  • Jordan Head

    You know what i hate Micheal lol People reading an article about a game they don’t have any interest in playing, and then bashing people’s comments who are.

  • Andrew

    Mr. German Lopez, good effort on the write up. Although it is obvious this article is based more on your experience with FFXI instead of FFXIV, it is still a better effort in finding out what FFXIV is compared to the other commentators on this site.

    There will always be 2 groups of people, those who like FF and those who do not. This is perfectly normal and there is no point trying to “talk” them into playing FFXIV. All of us have differing taste and no single MMO is going to satisfy everyone. First and foremost, FF needs to attract their fanbase, secondly, it needs to be attract new first-time MMO players. Then FFXIV needs to be interesting enough to get existing non-FF MMO players to try.

    FFXIV will not be able to attract everyone and it does not need to.

    Personally, I do not fret over those people not going to play because FFXIV is subcription based because, let’s be honest, this group of players are at best, short-term players and will move on to the next Free-to-play that comes along and catches their attention.

    However, to those bashing on FFXIV subscription in a misguided attempt to get FFXIV to go F2P just so you can play for free, Move on. If you know anything about YoshiP and his strong commitment to the subscribers and fans that supported FFXIV 1.0 so that 2.0 ARR is possible, you will know that F2P is not happening.

    To the people who thinks that FFXIV copying WoW, I do not blame you,
    instead I blame the article on this site that misled you into thinking
    so. It was a matter of lost in translation, but the intention was for YoshiP and crew to
    look at the good things in WoW and incorporating them while keeping the
    game true to FF.

    Anyone who honestly think that FFXIV is straight out
    copying WoW after all the failures of so many WoW-clones is not utilizing their mental capacity.

    Haterz gonna hatez.

    • Mike Coulombe

      You’re so awesomely right on the “It’s primarily made to attract it’s existing fanbase, THEN the others.”. I never saw it that way. I’ve been interested since my short time on the last few versions of the first iteration. But never before have I seen things this way, and it just makes a lot of sense. Further proving that alpha “trailers”, as some people like to call them, are primarily focused at bringing comparisons to the people who can see the major differences as opposed to reeling in people that have no clue (most people).

      Anyway, +1 to you!

      • Andrew

        You are too kind with your word sir. I am just quoting much of what Yoshida Producer (YoshiP) of FFXIV ARR said on a 2 hour live discussion on Niconico Nama and the various interviews and videos he has posted on youtube.

        The “trailers” were made because paying players that had to stopped playing so that the servers can be tested and character data backup/transder, Alpha/Beta/Stress test for relaunch. SE felt obligated to those paying players that did not manage to get into Alpha and decided that weekly updates of Alpha footage was something they can do to keep players in the loop while waiting.

        Now that SE provides updates and all the information along with it, folks that do not bother to read on the explanations complain: wtfux crap game clickerz GCD over 4s failz static gameplay lulz SE feilz moar CG trailer naoz!!!111!! I am an existing player and I for one was glad that they use mouse clicking so that I could read the skill descriptions because they have changed compared to old version. (Did not get into Alpha fml)

        FFXIV ARR will be entering beta in mid-Feb. For those who are interested in Beta but is new. Beta Phase 4 is open Beta, just need to register. Phase 4 data will be saved and carried over to launch, barring any major issues. Beta registration have yet to commence, likely end Jan. Phase 4 will start around May if things go according to plan.

        • Mike Coulombe

          Yeah I was reading about that today. When they say “Legacy” account holders, do they mean ANYONE that had a FFXIV account in the past or only the people that were still subscribed at the end?

          Anyway, I’m very excite about this. Last time I played I had a blast and a “less clunky” version is the only thing I could ask for. I just hope group grinding is still the optimal way to go. I met a lot of fun/crazy people just doing a leve somewhere, and there was a group grinding at that spot, and they just asked if I wanted to embark on the XP train.

          While I can live with solo quests and they are a nice change of pace sometimes (they really just add to the “things to do” list), I hope they don’t expect people to just solo quest all the time. That, and what happens if I do all the quests in Black Shroud as Gladiator, and then decide to level Conj? Do the quests come back when you switch classes? I’m getting off topic here, but that’s just me! Getting excited all over the place.

  • rustyhagun

    Nice write-up. Good to see a positive opinion, for FF14, on this website. For once.

  • cyberpunkhobo

    In reply to your comments on the economy, there’s a actually good reason why MMORPGs use alternative currencies: they devalue the impact of bots.

    Alternative currencies in your typical theme-park MMORPG are usually obtained in ways that are impractical and/or unprofitable for botters. You could say they exist to legitimize player accomplishments when it comes to obtaining desirable items. If everything can be purchased using the same currency the bots are farming, you’re not going to get much of a “player”-driven economy.

    • German Lopez

       This applies for gold farmers as well, which kind of go hand-in-hand with bots in a lot of cases.

      Admittedly, those were problems with FF11. But I like to think companies are capable of greatly mitigating the bot and gold farmer problems for the sake of keeping a real economy.

  • Passio1

    Nice write-up, although you mention most of the good things from FFXI as opposed to FFXIV. If they are going back to some of these things then they may turn things around. It`s a big ask though with the dwindling in quality of FF games in the last few incarnations(in my opinion) being something most people are well aware of. 
    Still see a few people slamming GBTV for criticising Square, but the fact is if they didn`t put out the mediocre gameplay shorts that they have recently, then they wouldn`t get a pasting from the critics. 
    Hope Square can turn this around as i love the FF universe and if this takes off well i`ll be joining up as the grouping up appeals to me and Moogles…..just Moogles. 

  • Jay

    I enjoyed reading this, and I look forward to your future posts.

    I haven’t given up on FFXIV just yet…

  • Owen Curnutt

    Article is pretty meh.

    You talked more about other games than XIV, you are comparing a lot of what exists in XI as if it will be the same as in XIV, which is a lot of assumptions I’m willing to bet will be wrong.

    I guess my main problem is the article should be titled: “What I Think the Top Five Features of Final Fantasy XIV Will Be.”

    You’ve also provided very little in terms of information for the reader, why not show some screenshots of the game? Dev posts? A sample of music?

    With a few changes the article could be a lot better and a lot more informative, let’s look forward to the next eh?

    • German Lopez

      These are all features Square-Enix have hinted at and somewhat shown in some trailers, like I said in the article. I was referencing FFXI because it’s the closest example fans can relate to, and it’s probably the clearest example of these features succeeding for Final Fantasy fans.

      This was an editorial mostly aimed at fans, not a strict news article aiming to inform. So it’s mostly assuming the reader has been following news enough to pick up on the references.

  • Jay

     So, you’re saying you’re in it… I’ve seen it, it looks better, but I’m waiting to see how it performs on PS3.

  • Jay

    He was pointing out how those things are different in relation to FFXI-XIV. You can say something is hot, or you can say it’s far from cold. What’s wrong with being a fan of Final Fantasy? This wasn’t an interview or news, it was an article.
    There are more than enough WoW and Star Wars fans out there…

  • Jay

     The same way not evolving was the death of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft?

    • Michael

      Saying that WoW has not evolved is pretty ignorant. It has most certainly evolved, maybe not enough to some people, but it has. Call of Duty has not, but there are a lot of blind fan boys out there who just buy games on a whim. It is the reason there are so many in this thread defending FF14 so much. Not to say there are a ton of FF11/14 fan boys, because there certainly are not.

      • Jay

        The opinions of haters are about as rational as the opinions of “fanboys”, because they both have their own agenda… Saying COD hasn’t evolved is just as “ignorant” as saying WoW hasn’t evolved, given your logic.

        I prefer Battlefield, does that make me right? No; it’s just my choice.

        I wouldn’t be so arrogant to feel I determine what people should and shouldn’t like when it comes to a hobby/recreation. Are you a “blind fan boy” because you like a game that someone else doesn’t?

        Popular =/= better in any regard.

        • Michael

          Call of Duty has not evolved. Evolving involves the use of new technology and code. What Call of Duty is doing is more like stand alone 60$ expansions. WoW has added new game systems. Now there clearly isn’t as much room for innovation in the shooter genre, but the primary form of innovation in a shooter is technology. Call of Duty has not evolved at all from that stand point. Obviously this is in part due to the restrictions of modern consoles, but that does not change my point.

          A blind fanboy is someone who thinks that something will be better then it is because they refuse to think their purchase was not worth it. FF14 came out already, it bombed, it’s “relaunch” is a joke and everyone with any bit of sense realizes it.

          • Andrew

            A blind hater is someone like you who thinks that something will be worse then it is because you refuse to understand that as much as you are entitled to hate something, others are equally entitled to like it. Did FFXIV kick you you in the nuts? Did it steal your lunch money or something? I am concern for the amount of hate you have for a game which is not even out yet.

            Seriously though, you have the right to your own opinion and it is cool that you hate FF14. But when you start to assume that your opinion is the only one, it starts to go wrong. Everyone has differing taste, you do not like it fine. I like apples, someone might like oranges, Squirrel might like nuts and Klaus might like suasages. 

            Why attack others over something so subjective as preference for a game? You can have your preference, others can have their preference. Relax my friend.

             I do not see anyone here guaranteeing you that FF14 is a 100% sure good game. We hope that it will be a good game and we are hopeful because we read up on the developments, which is more than I can say for some of the supposed “experts” on TWIMMO.

            In anycase, if you do not like FF14 ARR, it is all cool, we will find someway to carry on without your presence in it. We will survive, *breaks into Tina Turner singing*

          • Michael

            No. I just love getting FF14 fanboys’ panties in a bunch. The game was out though, but it was because it was such a catastrophic failure that Square figured it was a good idea to make a new version of the game and dub it a “new game”. I have never even played the game. I knew it would be trash before it came out and told people the same thing. I was right then and I am right now. 

            I never said that my opinion is the only one. I just indicated that everyone who thinks FF14 stands a chance is being blinded by faith to Square that they don’t deserve. And I love attacking fans of a game that shouldn’t be because it is terrible. That is what half the fun of the internet is about!

            The guys on TWIMMO, while certainly not experts I agree, are basing their opinions on the same things that many people will who have not played the game. It looks like garbage. It doesn’t matter how it plays if it doesn’t LOOK good.
            Actually saying stuff like “we will survive” does not do much to help the game out. I mean, it did not survive the first time around. What makes you think it will be so different that it will survive the second? I mean, the game is going to have a subscription… this day and age. Yeah I know that older games still have them, but those game’s also cost next to nothing to run. They also either produce no content updates at all or barely any support is provided in that form.

          • Picoman

            “I just love getting FF14 fanboys’ panties in a bunch.”
            Thats not very nice. :(
            I dont know if gbtv comments is an appropriate place to try upset people just because they are fans.
            What is wrong with having hope? Who are you to deny people of hope? Do you feel that you are trying to enlighten people or are you solely here to, like you said, annoy gbtv viewers/readers?

          • Michael

            I have not yet been proven wrong on any point. Once the game returns I will be right again. Sure, I love trolling the fanboys, but it is not my sole purpose. My purpose is to inform people as to why it will not succeed. 

          • Picoman

            Thats a shame, have a nice life.

          • Mike Coulombe

            Yeah… That might be because no one feels the need to prove you wrong after reading: “I have never even played the game. I knew it would be trash before it came out and told people the same thing. I was right then and I am right now. “.

            We all understand where you come from and how much your opinion matters. But hey, every castle needs its Jester, right?

          • InvaderMig

            Call of Duty has most certainly evolved.  It has not been much of an evolution at all, but if you think the current version of the game is exactly the same as the original Modern Warfare, you are truly blind.  The thing about Shooters is, evolution is not nearly as important as it is with an MMO.  How much of an evolution is Counter Strike Go vs the original.  Not much at all, but it’s still a great game as is the original.  Shooters are a completely different animal and shouldn’t even be part of the convo imo.

          • Michael

            Please explain to me how Call of Duty has evolved. No, new perks and death streaks aren’t exactly evolving. While I agree that evolution is not as important, its different for MMOs. The reason MMO evolution seems more important is because they have not evolved much at all. Shooters have evolved substantially. The original Modern Warefare had alot of those evolutions. Death streaks, progression, and cinematic storytelling are some of the major evolutions they had. That has not changed. Everything else takes on these concepts now, but it has not changed.

            Then you have games like Farcry 3 that take on new concepts and ideas like using a sandbox for a shooter,hunting,bringing back non-linearity,ect. Borderlands that turns the game into a hack and slash style loot em up. DayZ that turns the game into a survival game. Yes, there are evolutions in shooters. You and other Call of Duty fanboys are just too deluded by your poor excuse for a franchise that you aren’t willing to accept that.

      • Mike Coulombe

        So what you’re saying is…

        Call of Duty has not evolved. Therefore, Call of Duty 1, is exactly like Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

        World of Warcraft has evolved. Therefore, Mists of Pandaria is a huge step up and actually very different from Vanilla.

        Logic is required for people to listen to you. You know that, right?

  • Alex Mac

    Overly optimistic, if I am being charitable. Utterly delusion, if I am being honest.

  • Meh

    This article is bad because of Guild Wars 2, or something…