Top 6 Most Anticpated

The question of what exactly is an “MMO” is still a little dicey. Since this is my article, I prefer to define them as requiring something more than lobbies or servers with very limited (and generally known) caps.

Still, we think the following games appeal to MMO players, and we’ve covered all of them at various times on TWIMMO, so join in with us in celebrating the best games of the coming year – and beyond!

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1. DayZ

The DayZ phenomenon is in full swing, and the standalone game – originally announced as being available by the end of 2012 – should be coming along nicely for a 2013 release. With many players willing to try out a buggy alpha build that required another game to play, the standalone should generate even more attention.

How much attention? As of this writing, the Day Z site boasts of 1,450,673 players. Some probably owned ARMA II beforehand, but I’d wager that the majority bought that game just to play DayZ. A million-plus sales out of the gate is hardly unrealistic, and much more could follow.

2. MechWarrior Online

Who doesn’t love giant bipedal fighting robots? MWO brings ’80s nostalgia to life, offering players the chance to climb into their own ‘mechs and customize their specs for whatever role they choose, whether it be hard-pounding, front-line fighting with a 100-ton behemoth or long-range sniping with lighter, more agile death machines.

World of Warplanes

3. World of Warplanes looks to do with planes what it did with tanks, and there’s no reason to think it won’t be a success. With 30 million-plus players to draw from, WoWP should have no trouble generating instant interest among both history and video-gaming buffs.

4. Hawken

Hawken is an underrated title that, in some circles, is more hotly anticipated than its ‘mech-battling cousin, MechWarrior Online. It lacks the name recognition, but Hawken has everything in place to be one of the sleeper hits of 2013.

5. World of Warships’s got a different style of “holy trinity” in mind, and it involves tanks, planes, and ships. While WoWS probably won’t be ready in 2013, it’s likely to build on WG’s other titles and make a big splash.

End of Nations

6. End of Nations

Trion’s MMORTS has been in development for some time, and it’s hit more than a few bumps in the road along the way. It’s an interesting enough mishmash of genres that we hope it will make it out in 2013.