Are we looking at the first images of the Guild Wars 2 auction house facility?

Half the Internet is currently scouring for every molecule of Guild Wars 2; it is no surprise that eagle-eyed fans are unearthing hidden nuggets of information. Reddit poster buckeye10 captured the images below from a beta video. The “Trading Post” UI images include some interesting sort categories to help with item searches —  Top Valued Items, Top Supplied Items, etc. could be used by the entrepreneur to quickly assess the market. Posting options such as “Meet highest buyer,” “Match lowest seller” and “Add to my lowest listing” are revealed —  though two tabs are left unseen.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this is the interface that we will see in any upcoming beta or even GW2‘s final release. However, it is interesting to see the kind of functionality and design that the team is working towards.

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