Rift - Storm Legion - Hunt Rifts

As we get closer to the November release of RIFT‘s first expansion Trion keeps teasing fans with new information as to what we can expect out of Storm Legion.  Recently, the team spoke with about some of the things we can expect to see — including what are called “Hunt Rifts”.

According to the team, Hunt Rifts are different from other rifts in a few ways.  First, players will be actively seeking these rifts out and drawing powerful rift lords out in order to destroy them.  No hanging out and waiting for them to start messing things up…

Like other events, hunt rifts will come with their own variety of rewards including their own variety of currency and items.

For those looking forward to trying out hunt rifts, they will be part of the content available on the two new continents and will require that you unlock them by finishing one and moving onto the next.  But, don’t think you’ll do ten or eleven of them or be done.  According to Trion staff there are about 50-60 hunt rifts available for unlock.

Once again, I’m pretty excited by this expansion and I can’t wait to see everything.  What about you?  Is there something you’re really looking forward to in it?