ArenaNet is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with some new additions to the Guild Wars 2 gem store. One of those items, the Bouquet of Roses, is a toy with some custom animations allowing you to launch flowers, shower an area in petals, and even lie in a bed of thorny roses. The best ability, however, is tossing the flowers behind you causing anyone in its trajectory to also acquire a bouquet of roses… whether they want one or not. Let the trolling begin!

I quickly learned how much fun it could be running around the Mists and handing out gifts of floral delight. People would arrive via the asura portals and before their character finished loading in, they had Valentine’s Day gifts in hand. Others weren’t appreciative of my gesture and would toss the bouquets aside, but I would quickly make sure they had fresh flowers again in case they changed their mind.

The bouquet of flowers is my favorite vanity item so far in Guild Wars 2. The effects are fun and they allow for interesting interactions with other players. I even saw someone suggest using the bouquet of roses as anti-botting measure. Imagine watching an automated farmer trying to tackle monsters armed with nothing but a fistful of flowers!

The bouquet of roses will set you back 400 gems and there’s a new red dye pack for those wishing to get into the romantic spirit. Also for anyone who wants to their hair did for the holiday, self style hair kits are now 20% off. But if you’re interested in any of these goodies, you’ll have to hurry, as they are only available in the gem store until February 18.

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  • Inkogni Alex

    why i didn’t get a flower? why Richie?

  • INKS

    loved the video….trollin indeed

  • Ravenstorm

    Wish that could happen irl, who doesn’t love getting thrown a bouquet of roses into their hands. Could solve all the problems for guys forgetting their partner’s birthday.
    Which ofcourse, I never forget. Ehm.

  • Jason D Williams

    i love items like this, game devs take notice

  • DoctorOverlord

    Nice video Richie!   It’s cool to see what this stuff actually does before deciding whether to buy it.    Your excitement at the end was infectious, this is one of your funnier vids.

    One request, don’t ever try to do a Darnell impersonation again :)   Just keep conveying that enthusiasm for GW2.  

    • Richie Procopio

      Darnell impersonation? That’s my undead romantic voice.

  • Razor4884

    They need to add “gifting” to the gem-store, so people can buy items for others.

    • John Michael Calcagni

      No kidding!

    • Richie Procopio

      That’s an awesome idea.

    • DoctorOverlord

      I agree, it would seem more like a valentine item to be able to give this to another player.  

  • Chris Martin

    Would be nice to have costume tabs, so people could have multiple outfits that are easy to change between on one character. I think Rift had that ability, but the more slots you had the more expensive it got.

  • StepnSteph

    I laughed.  That almost got me to sign back into GW2.  Almost.  Just to see if someone would throw my character flowers, and then maybe we could beat each other up with flowers, as in any proper relationship.

  • BobBlast

    That rhymed “shower with flowers!” lol!

  • bsqminus4ac

    Flippen hilarious man. Thanks. 

  • Andrea Davis

    I want your town clothes.. how…