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Every Tuesday, during the four week run of this special mini-series, our own Gary Gannon will give us tours of two top-rated Dimensions.  After watching the episode, we encourage you to vote on which Dimension you liked more using the poll located below.

As an added bonus, one lucky voter will be chosen at random, every week, to receive a Storm Legion t-shirt.

Today’s featured Dimensions are two incredibly unique Dimensions.

The first is a very comfortable, rustic looking Dimension featuring all the comforts of home; including a rather large Christmas tree with a pile of presents under it.  There’s plenty of room for the entire guild to get together an have a good holiday celebration.

If you want to check out this Dimension for yourself, you can hop onto the Wolfsbane server and look for the Floating Island Oasis by Zili.

The second Dimension feels a bit more suited for royalty (although I don’t think any king would mind having the first one as a summer home).  This Dimension features a small barracks area and a dining area designed for a small army.  It’s not short on weapon racks either.

There is one thing both Dimensions share in common: A barkeep — no good Dimension can live without one.

If you’d like to check out this Dimension, you can log onto Shatterbone.  This time, look for Sapphire Falls by the Ascended Phoenix guild.

Once you’ve watched the video and checked out the Dimensions, be sure to vote above and, of course, remember to check back next week for an all new episode of Tuesday’s Top Dimensions.