Get ready to speculate guys, SOE has an unannounced MMO on the way and it somehow relates to Star Wars Galaxies.

In an AMAA currently taking place on Reddit, SOE CEO John Smedley revealed that the company is working on an “unannounced MMO” when asked what players can expect this year.

news main mmorpg     Unannounced SOE MMO Designed For SWG Players

Interestingly, when asked later about what closed game he wished he could relaunch and what he would do differently, “S”, “W” and “G” were the first letters in his response.

news main mmorpg     Unannounced SOE MMO Designed For SWG PlayersSo here’s the question…

Is SOE bringing back Star Wars Galaxies? Will it be Pre-NGE or will it have a whole new design philosophy? Or, is it not SWG at all and a whole new game built using some of the most loved features of the game?

  • MixZ

    Don’t tease me man. I’d come home RIGHT NOW!

    • Hicks64

      Not gonna lie, I had a nerdgasm/spine-shiver when I read this article! :D

      • CrotaroLP

        You weren’t the only one :3

        • Chuck Bittersweet

          i went straight to youtube and listened to the login music…man i miss this game

          • Travis J Abraham

            Playing it right now on SWG Emu!

          • Katherlyn Shabayev

            I prefer PSWG tbh, even though they are having a bit of errors

      • Katherlyn Shabayev


    • Drew Silvis


  • James PrettyBoy Polley

    SoE does the best MMOs ! Blizzard r far too over rated… if a new SWG is on the books then that would b AWESOME!

  • Chuck Bittersweet

    i don’t even want to think about how much i would owe in building maintenance…but hell yeah i would come back home.

  • CopeTG

    Ooooo Antici-


  • Christopher Savino

    It’s a new IP as far as I can tell. EA will not let any other company get near the Star Wars IP.

    I will reserve judgement until I hear/see more info on this SWG clone/new game .

    • Hicks64

      Agreed on it being a new IP for SOE, but the EA announcement letter thing said EA had rights to “mainstream” (similar language) titles, but Disney also stated Disney Interactive and outsourced companies would work on mobile and other undisclosed markets.

    • Ronnie Graham

      EA is not in charge of the star wars title. disney is, and with 7,8,and 9 movies in the works that is post old republic. it only make sense that a new series of games both for console and online are in the works for those eras. star wars galaxies will fit in line with the movies more than the old republic and SOE renewed the SWG trademark in decemeber.

  • Jherad

    Oooh, new Star Wars MMO?!

    Oh. It’s Smedley and SOE. Never mind then.

  • acidxian

    [–]ardua 1 point 1 hour ago

    In terms of the brand spanky new unannounced MMO, will it be based on an existing IP or something new I should work myself into a frothy craze over?


    [–]j_smedley[S] 8 points 1 hour ago

    completely new IP. The data is on the interwebs.. someone just has to find it.

  • Ignore_me

    based on SWG is enough for me. Sure I would love Star Wars, but EA has that IP so I don’t see how it could happen.

    • Ronnie Graham

      EA has the rights to the old republic era of star wars. and lucas arts only shut down galaxies because they did not want 2 star wars MMO titles competing with each other for subscriptions. but lucasarts is not in charge anymore, disney is.

  • Ignore_me

    Just saw below, completely new IP. cool

  • Ignore_me

    Anyone else think they will take the EQNext stuff and just flip it to a SCI Fi game?

  • Iadien

    Well, a quick patent search shows that Sony Online Entertainment filed a
    trademark for something called H1Z1 two weeks ago. That may be it.

    • John Smith

      so zombie related…great

      • Ignore_me

        Yeah. no zombies please SOE.

    • Dularr

      Kind of makes sense. You take the tech from Landmark and populate it with zombies.

      Gamers can then build fortified buildings to protect from a Day with Zombies.

    • Josh F.

      Ugh, I hope it’s not a zombie MMO.

  • John Michael Calcagni

    Bring me home!

  • Dularr

    Nice move. Wondering if this was meant to freeze people in place with TESO and Wildstar coming out. Steal some of the hype from those two MMO.

  • Katherlyn Shabayev

    They likely aren’t bringing back SWG, but they would be wise to take what made SWG great and make a new MMO out of it… (although the issues that some people would have are, Pre-CU, Pre-NGE, or post-NGE… each had it’s own feel and such to it)

  • tee

    Disney can do whatever they can with star wars, if they want to give it to SOE for another game they can do it, unless there is somewhere in the fine print that EA has the exclusive for star wars games, but i don’t believe that true because a major company is working on an open world star wars game atm ( don’t remember which company)

    • Ignore_me

      Well there is another company making a flight game for SW, but I think EA/Bioware got the actual MMO rights to the IP for 10 years. It’s like day 903 in the SW IP hostage crisis.

    • Sally Bowls

      EA “will develop and publish new Star Wars titles for a core gaming audience, spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.”

      The star wars space game announced a couple of months ago runs in a browser.
      So SOE could not get a license for SWG or any Star Wars property for PCs or consoles for MMO or other games.

      However, SOE could get the rights to do a SWG-NGE for mobile, which would be so well received by fans.. :-)

      • Ronnie Graham

        EA does not own star wars lore, disney does and disney has always done what disney wants to do. it has always been that way even when walt was alive. if disney gives SOE the ok to make SWG2. EA will have to just allow it. swg trademark was renewed dec 2013. we will see if its a mmo or mobile later on this year.

  • Ignore_me

    Smedley, No Zombies.
    WTF that’s not a replacement for SWG. Make a zombie game if you want, but don’t re-victimize the SWG fans via misdirected hype.

  • Wade D Hinkle

    Later in the discussion, John Smedley states that it is a whole new IP, not SWG.

  • Rosalind K Quinn

    We want SWG now!!!

  • Dizzyl3mon

    I know it won’t be exactly SWG, but I am excited to see what they do create.

  • Batty

    The problem with his statement is this…
    It will bite him in the ass if it is anything but a Star Wars Galaxies title.
    The thing about SWG vets is that they want SWG back.
    Not the mechanics with a different skin… although The Repopulation amidst an unsettling two kickstarter campaigns seems to be coming closer to doing it than our faith in Smedley has ever done… but SWG. As someone stated, he went on to say it will be a different IP…
    So… guess what?
    That isn’t something for SWG people to come home to Smed. Sorry.
    You either license with the Mouse and bring back our house… or don’t make statements like that. Period. :p

    • Ignore_me

      Man you said it. SWG vets don’t need to be dicked over again and again.

    • Bob Rooke

      YOU want swg and starwars. Everyone else just wants a solid game with the same mechanics and a good lore background.

      As for stating the repopulation is close to yoru expectations… Theyve hardly stated anything and it looks VERY simplistic.

  • Reidforspeed

    If they start with the original SWG, and then make improvements (possibly taking feedback from the community like with RT), it could be great.

  • Tsuru Kun

    you men pre-CU. the post-CU and pre-NGE system isn’t the thing bitter vets cry over.

    I would like the pre-CU system back. no levels. just a bunch of professions and non-combat professions. pre-CU was very ahead in many things. check out swgemu and see for yourself (lets plays on youtube from vets on swgemu if you can’t bear the newbness of that nearly forgoten game *ahem*).
    Put in something like the jedi .. even as OP as it was with all the drawbacks being one and the grind attached to it.

  • Sally Bowls

    The question I have is what about EQN? I think a lot of commenters were hoping that EQN would address a lot of what people missed in SWG. If it will instead be this new game, without SW IP, that will address the SWG fan desires, what does that say about the direction of EQN?

  • Robert

    In that same Reddit thread Smedley says it is a new IP. So its not related to SWG, just a game that SWG might enjoy.

    • Ronnie Graham

      he did not say new ip he said our next game. SOE renewed the SWG trademark in december. look for other teasers john and the devs will give out over the next few months. more than likely in august during SOE live they will announce it. I will be there.

    • Ronnie Graham

      i looked over that whole reddit thread and cannot find where he says new ip. do you have a link to that?

  • Ronnie Graham

    but you guys and girls seem to forget that SOE renewed the star wars galaxies trademark december 2013. with that said it has to be SWG2. if it was a completely new IP and not SWG they would have made a completely new trademark application

    • Christopher Savino

      I don’t know. Smedley said it was a new IP. Star Wars is not a new IP.
      Maybe you are right and it is SWG2, It would be awesome but I will not be holding my breath.

      • Ronnie Graham

        what john actually said was this:

        SWG. I would do everything differently.

        SWG PLAYERS – OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) IS DEDICATED TO YOU. Once we launch it… you can come home now.

        he said our next game, he really never said new ip. he said game. we will see sometime this year on what it actually is. my guess is they will probally announce it during SOE live in august in las vegas, am im going to do my best to make it this year.

        i have been playing SOE games since the original everquest and john and his devs will give more teasers as they do their podcast and Q and A sessions.

        also, it may be just me. but i could have sworn that the gamecards on the SOE shop website were changed in 2012 to not reflect SWG. but i went there earlier and the 30 day card had SWG on it on the website.. has anybody bought a time card from SOE here lately? did it have SWG on the cover?

    • Iadien

      You are very wrong. Smed stated that the game would be a new IP. It’s not going to be Star Wars related. Go look it up, it’s not difficult to find.

      Smed: “completely new IP. The data is on the interwebs.. someone just has to find it.”

  • Ignore_me

    Tell him if you want an SWG2
    @j_smedley on twitter

  • Christopher Savino

    One thing I love about this though is it brings out the SWG fanboy in most of us. I had a blast in SWG even though it had its issues.

  • Brandy Siniard

    So could soe be using stargate as the new ip? Back in 2007 they developed a trading card game for them? n have you noticed that star gate worlds mmo disappeared? wonder who picked it up? Seeing SOE as ties to the stargate franchise recently, only thing i would think could come close?

    • Ignore_me

      For me there are two acceptable options. Star Wars IP, or something completely new that isn’t zombies. It could have zombies in it, just not completely about zombies and set in contemporary time period.

  • Shayde

    Let’s see… he said it would be an FPS and not a sci-fi setting in his follow up info, so tell me again, how will SWG vets give a damn again?

  • jason

    I don’t buy the completely new IP thing. From 2005 – 2010 Bioware stated that SWTOR was a completely new IP also. Seems to be a standard statement during the lets keep this game a secret phase of development.

    • Brandon

      Well I highly doubt they still have the Star Wars license so they probably do have to create a new IP that is has it’s mechanic’s based off of SWG (please god pre-NGE). Either way I’m excited! I can still remember all the amazing times I had with that game. It was my first MMO experience and nothing has come close….

  • SaltyJ

    what if this had everything we all loved about SWG PreCU…..with jump to lightspeed space combat and coop, But set in the….FIREFLY Universe.
    Now tell me you wouldn’t play the shiz outta that?

  • Jimmy Buffet

    Its a pos zombie game called H1V1 and has absolutely nothing to do with SWG. Smedley sucked his dick againand left us all hoping for something great. Nope, Smed I hope you catch aids and die you faggot bum.

  • Nelwin

    I just hope is not another hack like swtor… No playeble wookiees bah