Mists of Pandaria Brings Back The Spirit Of Vanilla WoW

Deathwing has fallen and the heroes of Azeroth unite once again in the glory of victory!

However, we are now bracing ourselves for the return of another Warcraft villain that will lay down death and destruction upon us all — you know, that old cliche.

Or are we?

Mists Of Pandaria will be returning to its vanilla roots, moving away from the main antagonist that pushes the expansion’s story forward. Pandaria is a whole new area of the world, that has just emerged onto the maps of the Horde and Alliance who want a piece of it for themselves.

Vanilla never had the “posterboy villain,” Kel’thuzad wasn’t the climax of the story that drove us to The Burning Crusade. MoP will be moving back to WoW‘s original template for story progression.

Lore nerds — myself included — will rejoice in happiness that can finally see new story on the horizon. Our story became very familiar in the previous expansions. The Lich King rains death, take the fight to him! Deathwing crashes open the world and his old allies arise, take the fight to them! We all had a sense that we knew what was coming, we knew the final raid would be at Icecrown Citadel for Wrath  — and the expansion worked towards that.

With MoP, times have changed.New Zones Since Blizzcon For Mists of Pandaria

Blizzard are taking us on an adventure. Pandaria itself is brand new to all of us, we have no idea what may be on the horizon; we may face an old enemy of the legion, a old god may be imprisoned under Pandaria flexing its influence, or it could be the old favorite: Horde verses Alliance.

Some content is set out like Cataclysm. We will be graced with three raids comprising fourteen bosses for launch along with nine heroics. A similar style to what we are accustomed to — nobody likes too much change — and a new raid with each patch seems to be the most likely way forward, keeping it close to the previous success of content releases.

All of this content has no clear outline yet; which makes it so amazing, a land of peace and harmony and we have three raids and nine heroics to sharpen our newly acquired gear right off the bat.

However, this begs the question of how many of these raids/heroics will be actually on Pandaria? If we are truly entering the land of peace and harmony we wont be seeing bastions of evil and faction controlled lands. So will there be multiple areas on the old world that will play host to our heroics or raids — cough rehashed content cough?

Pandaria is set to be “EPIC” — it’s been decreed by Chris Metzen, after all. The expansion will have a sprawling, but driven story and not a “Hey lets go hang with the Pandas” feel. The size of the map has already increased since Blizzcon, as they have added two new zones.

Hopefully the originality of the writing team will bring us something truly astounding.  As we dive into the unknown of Pandaria, finding more out about ourselves as war hungry protagonists what happens to harmony and peace as we find our own personal ways to destroy it?

Tune into Legendary at 8 p.m. Pacific tonight to get a sense of just how epic Mists of Pandaria will be.