How well do you know Tyria?

Now there are many folks who already know their Caithe from their Grenth, but there are a lot of people waiting for Guild Wars 2 who aren’t aware of the wealth of story in Tyria’s lore. Thanks to — along with the books and sparkling fonts of knowledge like GuildCast — there are avenues to learn more.

Ree Soesbee — Lore and Continuity Designer at ArenaNet — did an interview very recently and spoke about how humans fit into Guild Wars 2. From the outline of their Gods, to humans’ specific strife-filled history, Ree gives what is essentially a cracking primer for those new to GW2 lore — and a good read to those already immersed in it.

I know a bit — I played the first Guild Wars, but not as extensively as I would like — and interviews like this help bring some informative background to the hotly anticipated MMO.

For those of you like me — whose German is rustier than a nail on the Titanic — there is a very handy English translation available on the page.

Are you an avid historian of Tyria? If not, how many of you are looking forward to Guild Wars 2 but would like to learn more about the lore? I’m pondering doing some character and story editorials from the point of an enthused learner if there’s interest.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

A veteran MMO player of over 13 years, Scott is a writer, editor and educator with a passion for gaming. He can be found smiling blankly over his guardian in Guild Wars2, lane running in League of Legends, or pulling off audacious headshots in Battlefield 3. Scott is Editor In Chief for ZAM and a regular co-host on GuildCast.
  • Scyfo

    Lore?…check…Guild Wars 2?…check…GameBreaker.TV? Check! I’m Very happy :D !

    • ScottHawkes

       Thanks Scyfo, I’ll see what I can do.

  • Scyfo

    I love lore Scott. I’ve read lots! 

  • Tjoerin

    Lore? yes please!

  • Khan_Jareck

     Will be nice to see episode where you gonna talk only about lore. I, for exmpl, dont have time to play GW1 and i never read books ;,,; . So if you will create video like 15-30m where we can see some screens, video, concept, etc. it will be awesome. :P 

    • ScottHawkes

       Hmm I hadn’t considered what media resources I could include yet. Thanks Rostislav.

  • Omegahty

    Would love see some lore articles… I’ve been trying to get my head around some of the lore and would to read more

    • ScottHawkes

       Thanks Omegahty, will do.

  • Brandon Carpenter

    If you need some Hall of monuments stuff Scott, I wouldn’t mind giving you a hand XD

    • ScottHawkes

       Cheers Brandon, I’m having issues linking up my game to account and all sorts of shenanigans at the moment, but the lovely NCsoft people have been helping my idiot self out.

  • David Dunford

    I played and still play GW, but I would love another perspective, maybe with a  bit of fun poking! For some reason I love it when people make fun of stuff I love….I’m weird like that 

    • ScottHawkes

       Hmm fun poking. Not sure about that, I’m usually very serious and dislike using sarcasm. Unless I’m awake then all bets are off.

  • Jason

    I am interested in lore in an article type format :o, I never played GW1, so this would be nice.

    • ScottHawkes

       Thanks Jason, you are the audience I figured was out there.

  • MaZt

    Please make Lore videos!!!

  • Erin Bossons

    The humans stole Ascalon from the Charr originally btw

    • ScottHawkes

       Yup Erin, I think of human history in Guild Wars 2 in the way Eddie Izzard sees Imperial English exploration: “Do you have a flag?”

    • J

       Charr always had that native american vibe to me… They’re not savages, they’re a strong and valorous people, just gotta get to know them. :)

  • Angel Mitkov

    Yes lore. Do it.

    • ScottHawkes

       Ok. I will.Thanks Angel ;)

  • Samuel Koty Kotula

    I would love to hear some Lore from Guild Wars, not only from GW2, but maybe from begining, not all of that ofc, but i would love to recap all the stuff that happend till Guild Wars 2. I played Guild Wars 1, but that was long time ago, and i dont have any of the books available in my country :(

    • ScottHawkes

      I’m n the same boat Samuel, I’ll definitely be looking at the Guild Wars lore before Guild Wars 2.

  • Kimberley de Jong

    I’d love to hear about some lore!

    • ScottHawkes

       Marvelous, thanks Kimberley.

  • Nappie Chappy

    Yes to lore!

    Few people on You Tube cover lore, but they do a horrible job. (imo)

    • ScottHawkes

       Hopefully I can provide something fun for you Nappie. Thanks for commenting.

  • Jay

    lore pl0x!

    • ScottHawkes

       Okie dokie Jay.

  • Zach Crevola

    if you want some lore check out wooden potatoes on youtube! 

    • Tom


      Wooden Potatoes has tons of great content.

      • JJGlyph

        Wooden Potatoes is great, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some lore from GameBreaker. WP videos are long winded. Would be nice to have these “compact” lore tidbits to share with friends getting into GW2.

    • Chris

      YES! WP is amazing and I’ve followed him since he first started. Playing along with his Let’s Play series is, without a doubt, the most fun thing I’ve ever seen or done on youtube.

    • Glajummy

      He’s even got entire Let’s Plays of ALL the GW1 campaigns. They’re not the mos exciting things ever, but I still recommend it for those that plan on purchasing GW2 and not GW1, but are still interested i what went on during the first game (Eye of the North content is the most GW2 relevant). 

    • Tom Attwood

       haha I was so shocked to see this comment, I’ve watched his stuff forever! People should definitely check him out, hes working on his lore summary videos soon so they’ll be really useful!

    • Carlos Moreno

       Gamebreaker should get wooden potatoes to write stuff !

    • Jado Cast

      +1  WP is Great!

  • Willi Enderle

    that would be great.
    I have read the books but there is so much more to know

    • ScottHawkes

       Thanks Willi, I shall endeavor to do my best to bring something interesting. Or fail in an amusing manner at least ;)

  • Vrall

    I’m a lore-fanatic. Sucking up every bit of information on that topic.


    • ScottHawkes

       Hehe I guess that’s a yes then. Thanks Vrall.

  • nabbis_finland

    I am one of the guys who know pretty much everything major that conserns the lore of tyria, but I would like if there would be more talk about it.
    I am very interested how the world came to be, there are many different stories about it on the community but nothing final has been said from the Anet’s lore section.

    • ScottHawkes

       Cool Nabbis, what I’m hoping is if I can bring my perspective as an explorer of the lore I can have some fun with the community and be happy to be slapped down by those with the more extensive knowledge. Well, more gently cajoled perhaps.

      • 7BitBrian

        I am a Lore buff in almost every game I play. I know almost everything possible to know so far in GW lore, but I love to hear other peoples perspectives and discuss/debate.

        So in short; yes please, but be prepared to get lots of replies from me.

  • ScottHawkes

    Out of interest, what area of the lore would you want covered first?  Time period, characters, race or some other topic?

    • Kelvin Ong

       I would really like a general background/history of the main characters of each race such as Rytlock and Eir and where they stand at the beginning of Guild Wars 2.

      • TacoBaal

         I think that would be spoiling GW2 a little bit. If I remember correctly, the whole point of the personal story is to bring together all those heroes to fight the elder dragons, and along the way you learn about each hero.

    • Wade D McGinnis

       So long as you do not talk about Logan, anything in terms of lore would be schway.

    • TacoBaal

      If the goal is to keep it simple and complementary to the lore in GW2, I’d say the best place to start is with EotN.  That’s where the Destroyer stuff which relates to Primordus and foreshadows the other Elder Dragons’ rising starts. It’s also where the Asura and Norn pop up and where the Charr get more development in the GW universe. If this becomes a regular thing, then I personally would like to know more about the human gods, the city of Orr, and the origins of the world in general as well. I didn’t see much of that when I was playing through GW1, or I didn’t explore enough :/

    • Wilco Duijnhouwer

       Go at it chronological please, you can hardly start a story from the middle. So starting with Pre-searing or even the Searing itself would be fabulous.

    • J

       Characters, but not specific spoiler details… You should probably keep it light. Races would be great as well. I suppose it would make sense to do races before characters, but I think characters would be a more interesting start. Or maybe pick a race and introduce the characters through the race’s history.

  • fallos24

    I’d love to see some lore! 

  • fallos24

    I’d love to see some lore!

  • Kelvin Ong

    YES! Please give us a lore overview of what’s happend!!

  • Justin Klammer

    lore .. yes.

  • Paul Sivier


    As someone who grew up reading Warcraft lore as a kid, I remember sitting reading the manual for Warcraft 2 many years ago, I absorbed all its lore as a kid, loved it, in many ways it was like my Lord of the Rings, So several years ago when I was playing Wow I bought GW just out of curiosity, I hated it, though I think i was blind to it thanks to Wow still being fresh to me.

    Now, many years later I have now been playing GW since about October last year and boy I love it, its so well written and so enjoyabled and not worrying about tiers and just having fun, its a game now a second job, its so refreshing and even now many parts of Nightfall and Eye of the North still look impressive graphics wise, but most of the all the lore is just so epic and well sourced, its got that epic feel but at the same time feels credible like it could happen, its not
    unbelievable to work out how this and that happens, its a got sort of grounded sense.  Like Warcraft while I enjoy it, goes all out comic book crazy epic (No surprise when you know Chris Metzen is a comic geek!) and that’s cool and Warcraft own thing, However with Guild Wars 1 & 2 its just so awesome done, I really love it, its just awesome and I can’t wait to see what Jeff Grubb and Ree Soesbee can give us in Guild Wars 2 ohh and by the way, Scott Hawked i’d love to see a lore segment on Gamebreaker!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Matt Sanford

    Lore is the only gaming info game breaker doesnt give me that i would like to have so yes please!

    • JJGlyph

      They have plenty of Lore. He’s on Legendary almost every week! *sarcasm*

  • anthony tracy

    I’d love to hear how Rytlock acquires Sohothin. I’m in the middle of the second book, but not sure if the info is there or not. I’d also like to hear about the warrior who brought Jormag’s Tooth to Hoelbrak. Not sure if the lore is out there about this, but I’d love to know why the dragon’s started waking up in the first place.

    Oh and Scott, in the next beta, get your schaffnit together and DON’T STAND IN THE FLAMES!!

    • JJGlyph

      I originally thought Primordus (the first elder dragon to wake up) was stirred out his slumber bc you kill his champion the Great Destroyer at the end of Eye of the North. The final cutscene really seems to suggest that. 

      Then I found this on the wiki: “Originally supposed to awaken in 1078 AE, Primordus’ awakening was set back until 1120 AE due to the defeat of his greatest general, the Great Destroyer.”

      So, I’m not really sure why he was supposed to wake up in 1078 AE. Maybe just a hibernation thing. If killing his champion delayed his return to reality then maybe sleep is simply a way of regathering their strength. Like it for us, except more magicky. Dunno.

    • hemmer

      It’s never clarified how he got it, the last known location of the sword from GW1 is Hell’s Precipice… it’d be interesting how that location has changed in those 250 years, since it’s an island it might’ve drifted off somewhere.

      Definitely a potentially interesting story there, maybe they’ll take it up in the game itself.

  • akiman89

    I would be interested to lean about the lore it can only enhance your experience.

  • MaZt

    Guild Wars has such a big lore that it would take a long time to cover everything. Probably 30 minutes each lore episode would be good beginning with the creation of the world all the way to the races, to the elder dragons and so on and so forth. But yeah GW2 lore episodes are going to be a great add in Gamebreaker TV and you care more about the world that you playing in if you know it’s history.

  • Matthew O’Neill

    I think i know enough about Josh Allen (hurr hurr)

    Yea more lore would be awesome, I’ve also been playing some GW1 (i’m such a noob :S) for HOM and for some of the lore, so more of it here would be awesome :)

    • ScottHawkes

       Cool, thanks Matthew

      • Matthew O’Neill

         Try not to spoil the books and stuff though, I know that might be a bit difficult when talking about Destiny’s edge and stuff, Either that or big spoiler warnings :)

  • koujow

    Long time watcher, first time poster. Just wanted to say, yes. It would indeed be very awesome if you guys did a series about the lore. 

  • Cyclops07

    I definetly want to hear about the lore of GW2. I’m currently reading the first book, so the more lore the better. Of course we really just want you to make more videos for us to pass the time until launch with Scott!

  • Emmanuel Carabott

    Think its a great Idea to have lore stories. Even as someone who knows the story its still engaging enough that I would probably not miss a single episode! So great Idea, I vote for it!

  • Mike Garcia

    Definitely do a lore series. As others have suggested Wooden Potato is good and all, but I dont have hours and hours to get through just watching someone play the game so it’d be great to get a quality summary of events. For those who have not read the books… just finished up Edge of Destiny, and GW2 feels more like a sequel to the book than it does to the original game (though I’ve not yet finished the first game so I dont know for sure), so you may want to pick it up if you havent.

  • hemmer

    As a veteran of the first game and avid fan of the books I’d still be rather interested in a lore series, not so much for myself but as something to point other people to who might be interested in it but don’t know where to start.

    The soap bubble pipe approach especially would be pretty much perfect to ease people who are new to the world into it a bit.

    +1; most definitely

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    Lore ? Hell yes

  • MoragIsabol

    Bring on the lore!

  • MoragIsabol

    Bring on the Lore!!

  • Alexander Todorovski

    Hell Yeah! Feed us Lore :)

  • Travis

    Definitely interested in compact lore. I don’t have a ton of time to read up on it but it’s very interesting to me.

  • J

     I’d like to see some articles on the main characters of the GW universe. I played GW1, but I wouldn’t mind a refresher on some of the familiar faces we’ll be seeing in GW2, and what role they played in the history of the Guild Wars.

    Let’s be honest, you could prolly do a video on the different shades of grass in GW2 and I’d prolly watch it. But yeah, short background videos sound good.

  • Joe Christy

    I’d Love to see short articles about the Lore. I think it would benefit everyone. Since launch is unknown, I think it would help those who are interested in the game to in essence, be caught up by the time they do get to play the game whether it is during the beta weekend events, or the release.

  • Alexander Donisthorpe

    I personally would love to see more lore about the game, i struggle to find time at the moment to play any guild wars one (and im not a previous player). Gamebreaker is all i have! Much love for you guys =]


  • Steve Lazarowitz

    Guild Wars was made for lore. I’m a lore-a-holic myself..but as important as lore itself is, the stories of the original games are just as important and in their own way lore. I think a lot of people don’t differentiate between lore and story. The easiest way to tell them apart is this.
    If something gives you knowledge about the world but it’s not part of what you’re doing in the game at that time at present, it’s lore. If it’s something that pertains to what you’re doing, it’s story.Of course the story of all the Guild Wars 1 campaigns are lore when considered from an Eye of the North perspective.
    One of the things I started doing, was writing a couple of articles from an in character point of view of how the old professions evolved into the new professions, including the death of the monk.They were on an old guild website, but the guild isn’t around anymore. I should probably post them somewhere.

  • Jason Haverfield

    Do it Scott, since I come to this site for most of my GW2 fix I may as well get the Lore side of things from GB.TV as well!

  • Extosion

    WTF his recollection of lore is awful. Only Dwayna and Lyssa lived in Arah. Adelbern went crazy  BECAUSE OF THE SEARING and because the Charr were felling Ascalon City. The Charr origionally inhabited Ascalon before the Humans pushed them out with the help of their gods. Which is why the Charr eventually went looking for their own gods and found the titans.

  • David Hatcher

    Logan Thackeray would be a great character for a Lore info series.   Alot of people never did the War in Kryta series to see the final events leading to his marrying of Gwen and there is nothing in GW1 from there to the founding of ebonhawk.

  • RBHgamer

    “Especially when the charr show up and things get a bit … hairy”  rofl, awesome Scott.  Yes i would love to see some lore, especially about the Rulers of the three human kingdoms that now has only Kryta surviving.

  • RBHgamer

    Another subject that could use some lore recapping is the various internal strife in each of the races:  the nightmare court for the sylvari, the sons of Svanir for the norn, etc. A basic knowledge of each would be immediately useful in GW2, since that will be the basis for most of the personal stories of your character.

  • Adam Elliott

    Would love some lore-casts

  •Štir/100000793489896 Mario Štir

    We want GW Lore 101 ty :)

  • anthony dotchin

    thanks for all the videos and info on guild wars2 there great. i would love to hear more about the law in this game as i feel it will give a greater feel to the game and make it even more exciting if that is possible lol

  • Englisheart

    Not interested at all myself, but I can see the appeal and the more content the better :)

  • Josh Dooley

    Yes, i would love some lore bits :)

  • Hakim Artis

    I would definitely would love some lore

  • snikendelarveføtter

    Never played gw1 so it would definitely be nice with more lore here. 

  • Sven Erik Reinumets

    Lore is always easier to listen to… So yeah, it’s an awesome idea.

  • Revanhavoc

    I can’t enjoy a game without being able to put myself into the story – its a roleplay thing.

    The lore of GW2 seems vast and I would enjoy to see some background articles about the different races/characters/areas that we will encounter.

  • sirblacknessz28

    I’d like to really see some lore for guild wars 2 it’d be nice to see!! :)

  • Esteban Fernandez

    I do want to see Scott Hawkes smoking a bubbling pipe by a nice fire reading us some good old tales of mad kings, hairy situations, and humans who just can’t seem to get along…well I guess any humans will do in that regard.

  • Dave Gordon

    I would love more lore 

  • Joey Bard


  • Apb Rpg

    The smoking Jacket and pipe, telling us the lore of Guild wars. Yest that would be a brilliant set of vids that I would watch. :)

  • Javier Martel

    I would be more interested in *videos* rather than articles. Similar to what Force did with the Diablo universe. 

  • muffinmadness

    Great show, would love to hear more lore :D

  • Jan Lappalainen

    yes for lore

  • Scott Mahoney

    Bring on the LORE! I have read the books, played GW1 and I am still fuzy and get confused on the whole history of GUILD WARS… so help us out.

  • Meesters

    yes the Lore is awesome it’s all because of wooden potatoes on youtube i even read the books now

  • JJGlyph

    It’d be cool if you used some of your extra footage in the background as you talked about the lore. You know, the stuff you’ve not shown us yet =)

  • Jim Daggett

    would love a lore segment

  • Pat Are Green

    Will the Gamebreaker TV crew play on a certain server/will you guys announce that so people can play with you guys?

  • Liam Richardson

    Is there a link to the article?

  • Christopher Mitchell

    I was so glad they decided to make GW2 based in Tyria because that was the best story side of the game in GW1.   I love the lore and if I can read up on it in compact forms and not have to buy a book to get an explanation thats even better (I don’t mind reading books though).

  • loki4687

    I’m kinda interested in the lore. 

    I’m really into Dragon Age, *frothing at the mouth* waiting for DA3. I just think it might be overwhelming. I read the GW2W on Destiny’s Edge but thats about it.

  • henninghagh12345

    yes please, it will be great

  • DoctorOverlord

    I think it would be a nice resource if Gamebreaker had a series of lore videos for GW2.  

    It could particularly cool if you could cover the original GW1 storylines as well.   Afterall, they are the history that sets up the current game.  All the cinematics to those campaigns are posted, perhaps you could include those or even gameplay footage showing a little of the big boss fights that concluded the GW1 storylines.  

    I’ve played those some of GW1 myself but it would still be a nice reminder of the history shown in GW1.

  • GettCouped

    If it can be organized properly, that would be great. Organized as in a clickable section dedicated to lore.

  • Leon van der Merwe

    Giff Lore nao!!!

  • RolyVento

    Yes please make more Lore videos! I have no clue about the lore of GW1