Guild Wars 2 Human Lore

How well do you know Tyria?

Now there are many folks who already know their Caithe from their Grenth, but there are a lot of people waiting for Guild Wars 2 who aren’t aware of the wealth of story in Tyria’s lore. Thanks to — along with the books and sparkling fonts of knowledge like GuildCast — there are avenues to learn more.

Ree Soesbee — Lore and Continuity Designer at ArenaNet — did an interview very recently and spoke about how humans fit into Guild Wars 2. From the outline of their Gods, to humans’ specific strife-filled history, Ree gives what is essentially a cracking primer for those new to GW2 lore — and a good read to those already immersed in it.

I know a bit — I played the first Guild Wars, but not as extensively as I would like — and interviews like this help bring some informative background to the hotly anticipated MMO.

For those of you like me — whose German is rustier than a nail on the Titanic — there is a very handy English translation available on the page.

Are you an avid historian of Tyria? If not, how many of you are looking forward to Guild Wars 2 but would like to learn more about the lore? I’m pondering doing some character and story editorials from the point of an enthused learner if there’s interest.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.