I wanted to follow up on Olivia’s Chat Bubbles question from the other day where she asked viewers, what kills games and causes them to go under? Today, I want to know what events and scenarios have caused you to quit an MMO.

For the purposes of this discussion, I’m interested in hearing about MMOs that you’ve played for a decent length of time. I’m sure there are many MMOs that people have played for a week or two and just didn’t enjoy. But for the games that you have played for a lengthy period of time, what was the final straw that led you to throw in the towel and stop playing?

I stopped playing Everquest after seven months, because I found the game frustrating. Deaths could mean entire evenings spent doing corpse runs to get your equipment back and the experience point penalty was just the nail in the coffin for me. Some people loved the difficulty and harsh consequences, but I was looking for something that rewarded my time a bit better.

World of Warcraft scratched my MMO itch for seven years straight. I played that game non-stop and raided 3-4 nights per week for six years. But being the guild master and raid leader eventually took its toll and I decided I had to offload the huge time commitment and over-scheduled evenings.

I stopped playing Guild Wars when Guild Wars 2 came out and that’s pretty self-explanatory and like many people I found the endgame lacking in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So what has caused you to quit playing MMOs? Have you ever stopped playing for financial reasons? Did the developers ever make sweeping changes that caused you to cancel your subscription? Was it merely boredom or lack of content? Or did some drama occur with you and other player on your server that caused you to log out permanently? Let us know your story in the comments below!

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