The night is dark and full of presents because Wintersday is coming.  ArenaNet has put up a teaser for the Wintersday celebration that will hit Guild Wars 2 on December 14 and run through January 3.  In the original Guild Wars, Wintersday was a human celebration and involved the various gods they worshipped.   In the sequel, each race will celebrate the holiday in their own special way with the help of an asuran toymaker named Tixx.

Tixx will fly around in his ginormous toy workshop airship and visit all of the major cities spreading holiday cheer.  I can’t help but wonder, however, if this colossal device wouldn’t have served better in Orr fighting Zhaitan.  Bah!  Where’s the fun in that?

So far there is no word of any one-time events and that’s not surprising given the community’s reaction to the Lost Shores finale.  Chris Whiteside’s ask me anything on Reddit this week confirmed that they are looking at revamping the way they handle such events going forward.

What does everyone expect to see from the Wintersday festivities?  Is there something from the holiday event from the original game that you’d like to see updated for Guild Wars 2?  Are you excited for gem store costumes or would you rather participate in mini-games and casual activities?  Or are you wishing for another soul-crushing jumping puzzle that causes you to break your keyboard in the hopes of getting a new one this holiday season?  Let us know in the comment below!

mmorpg guild wars 2 mmorpg     What Do You Want For Wintersday In Guild Wars 2?

  • Kyle Burton

    I think if they follow the standard they set for themselves with the Halloween event players be more then happy. This event appears to be twice as long as the Halloween one though, so it will be interesting to see if ArenaNet can deliver the same experience. One can only hope that this will have the same content to timespan ratio as before!

  • Charl

    A nice slippery ice jumping puzzle and of course more mini pets :D

    • Richie Procopio

      A jumping puzzle with ice?!!?!?  You and the guy who created the clocktower jumping puzzle should be locked in a padded cell and flogged with a wet noodle!

      • Nick Cattane

        Oh come on, that jumping puzzle wasn’t that hard – step up your game procopio!

      • Charl

        Took me quite a few hours to the timing of the clocktower down.  But I loved every second of it. 

  • Squared002

    Doing your own breaks now Richie? Grats man! I hope to see a broad range of activities that everyone can par-take in and enjoy. I hope (though not likely) that we won’t see more of “you can only get it” in RNG gem shop mystery boxes like the previous two events. 

  • Enderle

    Oh, official GameBreaker now Richie?
    Never saw you doing that intro before.
    Congratulations then?

    And to the topic:
    A winter themed jumping puzzle would be cool
    Unique gemstore items shouldnt be missing
    And i´d like to see one, or more minigames. The games for mad kings day were really fun and i hope we will see something like that again.

    • Richie Procopio

      Been officially writing for GBTV since this past summer, but this is my first time recording my own news hit to accompany the article.  

      • Dularr

        Kudos for the video news hit.  Glad to see them. 

  • nathan law

    It looks like they are planning an update every month, the page for wintersday has an inactive link for a January 2013 update, the october update hat the same link for november and november had the dame for this month.

    • Richie Procopio

      Yep, there’s a spot for January up there.  Will be interesting to see if they can stick to this one update per month schedule.

  • Corey “Crimzen”

    Guild halls please? That’s all I want for Xmas. lol

  • Thorghan

    I just want one thing and one thing only:

  • Dark Blue

    Snow everywhere with throw-able snowballs (piles of snowballs instead of the candy corn they did for Halloween). An actual guild wars pvp/pve. A few mini map games would be great. Perhaps a snowball fight mini game (yes, I love snowballs!). A big decorated tree where the lion was in Lions arch.

    • Richie Procopio

      I think you are very likely to get your snowball fight wish.  They already have the mechanics in place.  You can chuck snowballs at the norn kids in Wayfarer.

  • ToriMcgrath

    a ranger overhaul! please!

  • Mathieu Mauve

    I want guesting. 
    And minis of the Guildcast team (including Rubi) :D

    • Kevin J. Redmond

      Yeah… I can’t really argue.  Guesting.

    • Richie Procopio

      I want guesting and the auction house preview that someone else mentioned as well, but what would you like to see as part of the holiday event?

  • Kenneth Meagher

    I would love to see them add candy cane drops and stuff like guildwars 1 did. and the Mini Polar bear stuff cause i never really got one in gw1 cause the event was so darn hard. Also candy cane weapons :3 

  • Spammerbam

    Inspect player feature and dueling.

  • Revanhavoc

    Anyone who says the B2P model can’t support constant development and support is obvious incorrect.

    • Dularr

      Still to early to tell. I would assume the initial box price would cover six months to a year of content.  The good news is I keep seeing GW2 high on the sales charts. 

  • Jado Cast

    All I want for Xmas:

    Dungeon Finder
    AH Preview
    and most of all . . . Guild Halls.

    • Tomasz Guzik

       I’d agree on everything except Dueling. GW2 is not a 1v1 designed game, you have professions or specific builds of professions that trump others. A fair 1v1 is unobtainable and that was kinda the intent i think.
      Adding 1v1 would only serve to ignite QQ posts on Forums that “I play such and such build and I lose to such and such in 1v1 !!!! game not balanced FIIIIIIXXXX PLOX!”

      And dungeon finder isn’t necessary but a better LFG system would be welcome.

      • Jado Cast

        Actually I would be good if you could only duel in town or in the Mist.  The only reason I want it is for practice against another REAL player.  

  • Diequex

    With Richie on this one. I would like a variety of different content, X-mas themed Jumping puzzle, maybe X-mas themed pvp matches. Different phases revolving around Toy-master Gixx fellow, silly things like chopping down Candy Canes to make certain items..among other things (A-net are creative, I feel they’ll surprise us).

    I’m more hopeful for this event as it’s clear they’re spreading out the content/dates this time as opposed to hyping a “one-time event.” I can only hope that means that it will get the programming attention it deserves, and if there are issues A-net has given themselves the time needed to fix them as the event progresses. 

    • Kagitaar

      I just hope they learn to pace themselves. Week-long phases might be too long for them, but I’d like at least three days to be able to do something. I can’t long on every day, sometimes not for a few days in a row, and these events have been very disheartening to miss. Mad King looked like fun, but I missed out on most of it just due to my work schedule. I completely missed Lost Shores as I was at a con. It really sucks hearing how awesome something was on Guildcast because ArenaNet didn’t give me a chance to play it.

  • 7BitBrian

    Grenth vs Dwayna snowball PvP. That’s what I want for GW2 Christmas!

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    I’d like to see a special event that doesn’t lag and is actually playable. 

  • Paul Granger

    I would like to see Mostly snowball fights and the candy cane snacks as well maybe diff kinds of flavors for diff stats maybe and most of all, I want a “Guild Hall” to celebrate in  with my fellow guildies.

  • !wut_iz

    What do I want? I want GUESTING.
    GUESTING would be a very nice xmas gift.
    The mechanic of GUESTING.

    • QSatu

       Yea It’s taking them forever to implement this. I wonder if it’s a problem with the servers or it dropped down the list of “must have now features”

  • David Hatcher

    An eccentric Asuran crafts toys for all the kids.  What could go wrong?

  • Ethan Baird

    If they handle it half as well as they handled the Mad King content I will love it.  Snowball fights would be fantastic, but step it up from the simple fights north of Haelbrak – have the asurans develop snow mortar weapons, update WvWvW for the week with snowball related weaponry (how fantastic would a thief barrage look if it was machine gunning snowballs? It would also be nice if the event brought everyone to one of the homeland cities that wasn’t Lion’s Arch.  Given that it has historically been a human festival perhaps going with Divinities Reach, or given that an asuran is now running the festivities Rata Sum?  Or go to the already snowy Haelbrak?  Gift wrapping races? Elf tossing (for Norns)? Elf wrestling (for asurans)? Elf eating (for Charr)? Elf cuddling (for sylvari)? Systematic attempts to take over elf lands and wipe them out as a people (for humans)?

    Lastly the rewards should be more in line with the rewards from Mad King.  How about for town clothes you get a bag of toys where you can throw random toys at people?  Or Nutcracker type costumes?  As far as non-town clothes how about a candy cane backpiece?  Or a shining red nose headpiece skin? 

    I realize a lot of this is kind of weird and out there, but the game does humor so well, there’s no need to forget that.

    The Halloween event was fantastic – the big reward was a really cool back-piece that wasn’t overpowered but was an item that had two tiers and virtually anyone who had started playing prior to that weekend could at least achieve the first level of.  It had a few titles that people like me get excited over.  And all in all it was simply well handled.

    The Lost Shores was a bit of an egg, but only because it forced everyone to take part in a three hour long event which should have given a vanity type item but instead gave an exotic bag, accessory, and two to three random items (including some legendary precursors). That’s just WAY too much.  Most of us just want something we can show off and prove “we were there when”.

    • Richie Procopio

      I like the idea of adapting projectiles to snowballs for all professions and siege weapons.  That would be hilarious.  I agree about the rewards.  Keep them mostly cosmetic and accessible to the masses and it will go over well.  I’m not opposed to having a clocktower type thing that is really hard and rewards you with an exotic either.  Thanks for your input!

  • Zedris

    i want for the game to actually be worth playing. i havent logged-in in months. wvw is just a zerg fest spvp has no rating no nothing just bad. no content besides doing map completion which I’m at 96%.

    • Richie Procopio

      If you haven’t logged in for months, perhaps it’s time to give it another try.  Since you’ve been gone they added the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, qualifier points and paid tournaments in sPvP, and WvW (at least on Blackgate) has been super fun.  Right now in our WvW bracket we have a match-up where first and third place is only separated by 25K points.  Nail biter!

      • Nick Cattane

        I have to say my play time has diminished (LoL addiction), but hopping into wvw is still pretty damn fun :)

      • Kelsey Walker

         Hey Richie. I am on Blackgate too. What is your toons name?

        • Nick Cattane

          estalker alert!