The night is dark and full of presents because Wintersday is coming.  ArenaNet has put up a teaser for the Wintersday celebration that will hit Guild Wars 2 on December 14 and run through January 3.  In the original Guild Wars, Wintersday was a human celebration and involved the various gods they worshipped.   In the sequel, each race will celebrate the holiday in their own special way with the help of an asuran toymaker named Tixx.

Tixx will fly around in his ginormous toy workshop airship and visit all of the major cities spreading holiday cheer.  I can’t help but wonder, however, if this colossal device wouldn’t have served better in Orr fighting Zhaitan.  Bah!  Where’s the fun in that?

So far there is no word of any one-time events and that’s not surprising given the community’s reaction to the Lost Shores finale.  Chris Whiteside’s ask me anything on Reddit this week confirmed that they are looking at revamping the way they handle such events going forward.

What does everyone expect to see from the Wintersday festivities?  Is there something from the holiday event from the original game that you’d like to see updated for Guild Wars 2?  Are you excited for gem store costumes or would you rather participate in mini-games and casual activities?  Or are you wishing for another soul-crushing jumping puzzle that causes you to break your keyboard in the hopes of getting a new one this holiday season?  Let us know in the comment below!