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Community questions answered at the Wildstar Arkship event!

Prior to the Wildstar Arkship 2013, the Wildstar community was asked to compile a list of questions for the developers at Carbine Studios. The questions spanned across all aspects of the game and while the event was under a wide Non-Disclosure Agreement, the community got as many answers as they could. You can learn more about the Wildstar Arkship event in our write-up, here.

We’ve been getting a fed a steady diet of Wildstar information trickling through the web over the past few weeks including the 2013 release announcement, information about new races and classes, and even a certain housing initiative.

Today, in a turn of exciting news, Carbine Studios have verified that the Wildstar community can have those NDA answers from the Wildstar Arkship event. No flashy videos, just some bare bones facts about gameplay: leveling to level cap through PvP, 20 and 40 man raids, mobile combat, and more! Here is all the new information Carbine Studios has released from inside Wildstar Arkship 2013:

There will be PvP leveling that should be competitive with leveling via PvE. Through this PvP system players will be ranked and have the opportunity to level up to max level through PvP alone.

The most exciting thing to note is the topic of raids. There will be huge, 20 and 40 man raid dungeons complete with two difficulty settings, Regular and Expert. Also, dungeons will not scale to group size, so that 40 man raid will stay a 40 man raid, which has a very old school MMO feel. Otherwise, outside of raids, there will be 5 man groups.

All this and more can be found over in the full Q&A from Arkship over on Wildstar Central. Give it a read and check out all the other features like instanced housing, info about knock back mechanics, and fully customizable UI options.

I’ve got to say a complete PvP leveling experience sounds mighty appealing to me, but what are you most excited about? Instanced housing? Massive 40 man raids? Let us know what you think!