Community questions answered at the Wildstar Arkship event!

Prior to the Wildstar Arkship 2013, the Wildstar community was asked to compile a list of questions for the developers at Carbine Studios. The questions spanned across all aspects of the game and while the event was under a wide Non-Disclosure Agreement, the community got as many answers as they could. You can learn more about the Wildstar Arkship event in our write-up, here.

We’ve been getting a fed a steady diet of Wildstar information trickling through the web over the past few weeks including the 2013 release announcement, information about new races and classes, and even a certain housing initiative.

Today, in a turn of exciting news, Carbine Studios have verified that the Wildstar community can have those NDA answers from the Wildstar Arkship event. No flashy videos, just some bare bones facts about gameplay: leveling to level cap through PvP, 20 and 40 man raids, mobile combat, and more! Here is all the new information Carbine Studios has released from inside Wildstar Arkship 2013:

There will be PvP leveling that should be competitive with leveling via PvE. Through this PvP system players will be ranked and have the opportunity to level up to max level through PvP alone.

The most exciting thing to note is the topic of raids. There will be huge, 20 and 40 man raid dungeons complete with two difficulty settings, Regular and Expert. Also, dungeons will not scale to group size, so that 40 man raid will stay a 40 man raid, which has a very old school MMO feel. Otherwise, outside of raids, there will be 5 man groups.

All this and more can be found over in the full Q&A from Arkship over on Wildstar Central. Give it a read and check out all the other features like instanced housing, info about knock back mechanics, and fully customizable UI options.

I’ve got to say a complete PvP leveling experience sounds mighty appealing to me, but what are you most excited about? Instanced housing? Massive 40 man raids? Let us know what you think!

  • Dr. Yiggles

    I’m interested to see how well the 40 mans will work.  Its been quite awhile since we’ve seen a game go with a 40 man raid group & will be nice to see it being brought back.

    Lot of other cool features.  Like the wardrobe and dyes.  Curious to see how the dye system is after playing GW2.  It’ll be nice if the dyes are permanent and not time based like in other games where it only lasted maybe a day or so.

    Great to see that there is pvp interested to see how it looks as well.

    Somewhat disappointed about the housing being instanced.  Hopefully it will not draw people away from the persistent world that they end up designing to players just sitting in their house.

    • Kamil

       The days of housing not being instanced are long gone. There will never be another game with Ultima Online-like housing.

      • Dr. Yiggles

        That isn’t particularly true since ArcheAge is going to be open world housing.

  • Joseph Legemah

    This is the same developer who said not too long ago “we just crunched on Warcraft for six years, we want Wildstar to be anything but WoW”

    • Adam Atkinson

       I think both of you will be pleasantly surprised at what Carbine will be bringing to the table in Wildstar.

      • Joseph Legemah

        WoW with a good combat system and some housing.

  • Michael

    40 man raids are a mistake. The industry barely supports 20/25 man raiding anymore. Asking people to give up the current format of the guilds they have worked with for years in favor of a larger roster will not go well. I suspect when the game starts merging servers 6 months after launch they will go back on this. Wildstar looks like a solid game, but it is a game that should have been released years ago. They are basically taking a bunch of elements that worked in previous MMOs and slapping them together with only one or two new ideas. Don’t developers realize by now that in order for your game to be successful you have to make something a little bit different? 

    This game sounds a ton like Rift but with more PvP and housing support. Rift was a solid game with tons of updates but even after all that they are starting to lose people due to both layoffs and less content production. This will become especially bad in that game in a couple of months. 

    The only way I can see Wildstar working is by offering a Buy 2 play model similar to GW2. I just don’t see them doing that though so I have a feeling it is not going to do that well. 

    • Joseph Legemah

      just seems like wow at heart with different limbs attached.

      • Michael

        Exactly. I just don’t see Wildstar being competitive especially considering the magnitude of games like the Elder Scrolls Online and GW2. 

        • Jakrapan Veaworawit

          I felt ESO will not to go well, after watch beta leak, the graphic, gameplay seem odds to me.

  • Hicks64

    Chat bubbles confirmed, but will they deliver?

  • Radek Tomasz

    40 man raids? Man… it’s been such a long time. Might be nostalgia talking but Im actually willing to give it a shot. 

  • Alan Roosen

    40 man raids are something to be excited about?  Yeah, about as exciting as pulling teeth….. Sounds fun on paper till you actually go through the experience of trying to get that many people together on time on the same page.  There’s a reason 40 man raids aren’t around anymore………….

    • Joe Bloe

      Yup carebear casuals like you.

      This entire game is built for the people who want 40 man raiding. They are filling a gap in the market. Its called niche marketing. Might want to look that up. So, if you aren’t interested, then move along. Ohh and be sure to not let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.