What We Know Patch 5.2

Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft is pressing ahead with its quicker development schedule for Mists of Pandaria, with patch 5.2 already live on the PTR. While the PTR is certainly a work in progress, with players having no acess to the new raid, new scenarios, new daily quest hub or the quests therein, along with a few other glitches, but there’s still a good amount taking place on the PTR.


Transmogrification restrictions have become far less onerous on the patch 5.2 PTR, meaning players no longer suffer from transmog limits on off-hand, main hand and one-hand weapon limitations. In the past, players could not transmogrify one to the other, only exactly matching weapons were usable. The increased leniency doesn’t stop there, though, with players now able to transmogrify any items that share animations. So, for example, two-hand axes, swords and maces can all be transmogrified into one another. I mention two-hand weapons because they feature an important restriction: polearms. Because of polearms having different animations to other two-handed weapons, they cannot be transmogged in the same way as axes, maces and swords.

oondasta 600x350

World Bosses

Mists of Pandaria patch 5.2 brings two new world bosses, Oondasta and Nalak, the Storm Lord. Oondasta is a giant devilsaur in troll-styled armor, similar in appearance to an armored devilsaur mount datamined a while back, so mount collectors can hold out hope that Oondasta might drop that! Nalak the Storm Lord is considerable more evasive than Oondasta, who seems to simply spawn on the Isle of Giants, awaiting his attackers. Nalak is only available to players who control the Isle of Thunder, by means, presumably of daily quest completion. Nalak is likely to be the patch 5.2 version of Galleon, while Oondasta is the Sha of Anger!


Warlock Quest Zone

There has been some datamined footage of the Warlock quest zone discovered by Adriacraft. This bears a striking resemblence, in the visual part of the video at least, to the Obsidian Sanctum, where Sartherion was battled with or without his army of dragons. Given that the majority of information on the warlock quest line so far has pointed to the Black Temple raid, could this point to further developments in future? This certainly doesn’t resemble any of the Black Temple we’ve seen so far, so perhaps it could point to some association with the mysterious Council of Six Daggers, or the Council of the Black Harvest, as they are sometimes known, the Master Warlock Trainers whose story is interlaced with the quest series.

DotA Battleground

There have been whisperings about a DotA style battleground in the game since the Azshara Crater was first mentioned, and a teaser screenshot a while back led to further speculation. Could Blizzard really pull of a DotA Battleground in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft? It seems likely that any such battleground would be a very diluted version of DotA, something along the lines of Alterac Valley or Wintergrasp. And would Blizzard’s audience really want to play it?