WoW streamer Murdaralph joined the small group of players who have fallen prey to their own facecams, and broadcast some unintentionally explicit footage to the entire internet yesterday.  Like several others before him, Murdaralph got distracted by his libido, and in his particular case by his girlfriend, while streaming some WoW leveling last night.

While we don’t intend to delve into any of the gory details here, suffice it to say that the camera was pointing at his bed, and the young couple shared a few intimate moments. Unlike the other streamers involved in similar accidental broadcasts, Murdaralph has taken the bull by the horns and uploaded a video, not containing any nudity or anything that couldn’t be safely viewed at work, to YouTube. You can see this video in the news hit above, where Mike B and I discuss the funniest part of the whole set of shenanigans: Murdaralph’s reaction when he realises he left the webcam on.

Murdaralph, while not a well-known streamer, has garnered some fame from these actions, and also shows his face on the youtube video, so isn’t exactly ashamed of his actions. It’s indicative, perhaps, of a shift in internet mentality of late, where facecams are such a normal part of streaming that they can be easily forgotten about. Veteran streamer and GAMEBREAKER denizen Mike B has long said that facecams are a waste of screen space, but perhaps now the internet’s connection with players and its association with their fame is starting to become ever more important.

And with the rise in notoriety achieved by players, is there a temptation to “accidentally” leave a stream running to boost viewing figures? It seems like the sort of situation we see here with murdaralph is likely upsetting for the streamer himself, but equally, if not more so, for his girlfriend. She wasn’t ever streaming in the first place, as far as we know, so was rather drawn into this from the outside.

Is this the new Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee-style tape? The Paris Hilton footage? The tapes employed “accidentally” to boost someone’s fame? It’s not a hugely pleasant way to go about increasing a streamer’s audience, especially when other people are brought into the equation, so I’ll echo QuintLyn’s advice. Streamers: Check your camera is OFF.

Twitch have taken a firm stance on this broadcast, intentional or otherwise, and disabled Murdaralph’s channel.