WoW streamer Murdaralph joined the small group of players who have fallen prey to their own facecams, and broadcast some unintentionally explicit footage to the entire internet yesterday.  Like several others before him, Murdaralph got distracted by his libido, and in his particular case by his girlfriend, while streaming some WoW leveling last night.

While we don’t intend to delve into any of the gory details here, suffice it to say that the camera was pointing at his bed, and the young couple shared a few intimate moments. Unlike the other streamers involved in similar accidental broadcasts, Murdaralph has taken the bull by the horns and uploaded a video, not containing any nudity or anything that couldn’t be safely viewed at work, to YouTube. You can see this video in the news hit above, where Mike B and I discuss the funniest part of the whole set of shenanigans: Murdaralph’s reaction when he realises he left the webcam on.

Murdaralph, while not a well-known streamer, has garnered some fame from these actions, and also shows his face on the youtube video, so isn’t exactly ashamed of his actions. It’s indicative, perhaps, of a shift in internet mentality of late, where facecams are such a normal part of streaming that they can be easily forgotten about. Veteran streamer and GAMEBREAKER denizen Mike B has long said that facecams are a waste of screen space, but perhaps now the internet’s connection with players and its association with their fame is starting to become ever more important.

And with the rise in notoriety achieved by players, is there a temptation to “accidentally” leave a stream running to boost viewing figures? It seems like the sort of situation we see here with murdaralph is likely upsetting for the streamer himself, but equally, if not more so, for his girlfriend. She wasn’t ever streaming in the first place, as far as we know, so was rather drawn into this from the outside.

Is this the new Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee-style tape? The Paris Hilton footage? The tapes employed “accidentally” to boost someone’s fame? It’s not a hugely pleasant way to go about increasing a streamer’s audience, especially when other people are brought into the equation, so I’ll echo QuintLyn’s advice. Streamers: Check your camera is OFF.

Twitch have taken a firm stance on this broadcast, intentional or otherwise, and disabled Murdaralph’s channel.

  • Nae Bodee

    inb4 twitch becomes pornhub

    • Enderle

      Its offtopic i know, but could you pls change your avatar?
      Do you have any idea who this man is? Thats sick.

      • Domingo4th

         you’re definitely retarded if you think he has that avatar on by accident and doesn’t know anything.

        • Enderle

          Do you always call ppl retarded that quick? Interesting.
          Of course its not by accident.
          Its just really disturbing if you know what this man (Josef Fritzl, Austria/Europe) [google it] has done.

  • Steven Barker

    The bigger news here is that a WOW player actually has a girlfriend.

    • Joey




      Oh wait, no, that wasn’t funny.

      You fail at humor that wasn’t even funny 8 years ago.

      • Steven Barker

        made you cry though.

        • Joey

           LOL!  Ok, now THAT was funny!

          Sorry buddy, you don’t make me cry.  You made me laugh, but only with that last comment.  Happily married WoW player here, so yeah, I guess I don’t have a girlfriend.

          Try again, though!  I’m sure you’ll succeed at some point.  Maybe.

          • Steven Barker

            I’m the king of the moon then if we are starting bullshit stories.

          • Joey

             So wait, you’re saying you don’t believe me that I’m married?

            Oh no!!  Whatever shall I do??  Some douche on the internet doesn’t believe me that I’m married!!  I should end it now!!!  There is nothing worth living for anymore!

            Mr. Barker, you are an entertaining guy.  You really are.  I really don’t care if you believe me or not.  That doesn’t change the fact that you tried to make a joke, and failed.

            Also, you’re on a video game based website.  By your own logic, you’re probably alone, too.

            I’m sorry.  Maybe one day you’ll meet someone.  Maybe.  But you should get some better jokes, son!

          • Steven Barker

            As I said, still got you crying haha.

          • Joey

            You really are delusional, aren’t you, boy?  You can think anything you want, really, it’s a free world.  But that doesn’t stop you from being wrong.

            You are no longer entertaining.  You are now boring me.  So, I bid you adieu, and hope that your future life is good.  One day, you may find someone that makes you happy.

            Of course, it will help to hit puberty first!

      • jayremy

        Oh crap you said something not funny let me bash you all to hell like the jerk I like to be. Why bother?

        • Joey

           It’s what I do, man.  I’m bored, so I look around, and when I come across something so blatantly stupid and unfunny, I comment on it.

          I’m just wondering why he deleted the rest of his comments.

    • Azyral

      The funny thing is, you’re just another ignorant fool who think only of the stereotypes. And you think the WoW community are only like that? Trust me, kid, there’s more than a million people in a relationship and playing WoW. Ever heard of Mila Kunis being a WoW addict? Yeah, that’s right, piss off kid.

  • Jado Cast

    Oh no, LOL, that was funny!  

  • Michael Lauria

    Darnell need to “Accidently” leave the cam on after Blizz Blues.

    • Enderle

      Actually, Darnell was caught fapping XD
      I think it was on an “After Dark” episode

  • Steven Barker

    Oh, the video worked now! She’s a fat dog. Explains everything….

  • ou1975

    Hey if you’re going to go at it with your woman, just own it. Make a screen saying I’m doing my woman be back later or something. 

  • John Sardella

    Really sad how even gamers are now doing anything for 15 minutes of efame. God, it’s infected the internet.

  • FantomBlu

    Doesn’t matter.
    Had sex.

  • Josh Brito

    >.< Epic now thats a gamer hehe 

  • Squared002

    youtube watch?v=RFZrzg62Zj0
    That is all.

  • HallusH

    atleast wow had a “good raid” for a change  >.<
    "oh no… same pants dropped agian damnit"

    • Thomas Renshaw

      ^^^^ this!

  • J

    Are people stupid. People are doing on purpose to get some exposure its stupid. Gamers are showing how stupid they can be now.

  • Glenn Hyatt

     How do you forget that you are streaming while the cam is pointing right at your bed? really? I am with Gary here.

  • Hillary Nicole

    This was definitely on purpose. SO MANY TwitchTV streamers are turning to these antics to bring some attention to themselves, not only from ppl watching streams, but from media as well. It’s sort of like the e-celeb sex tape scandals. He has to up the anty, though.

  • Michael Kubath

    You know what after this twich should be just about game raw live game play footage and not have any face cam’s, after all the face came does clutter the stream feed.  A portrait representation of the steamers face is all that most people want/need, so that the viewers can put a voice to a face

  • scottsummer

    Attention whores everywhere, some people will do anything for it.

  • ToriMcgrath

    I agree with Hillary, honestly I think he did this on purpose… and even if he didn’t he’s definitely playin on this for attention… Such a half hearted “oh no” considering that he knew his account would be banned I’m sure. Ugh… Soon y’all will need a new show called sex tape streamers or something

  • Sherry Lynn-Theresa Sharp

    Well.. at least they were good looking… 

  • James Walters

    *sigh* OK! at this point people are doing it on purpose.. I take it this is the new flavor of the month of something lol xD

    • Brandi Evans

      you read my mind.

  • Roger Means

    hope they were at least 18 because just posting this article can be bad even for game breaker if they are underage lol

  • Roger Means

    people should be smart and at least cover the web cam whenever walkin away from the camera

    • nathan law

      the sounds more like being insanely paranoid than being smart, of course it ma have benefited this guy, but so would simply shutting of the camera when he was done.

  • Kyle Bohannon

    im starting to believe people are just doing this on purpose at this point to draw attention to themselves….

  • Jess

    Nerd porn, the next big thing

  • DoctorOverlord

    Contrived or not,  anything that helps get away from gamer stereotypes has some worth. 

    Now if someone can only release a Youtube video of gamers at conventions actually taking showers.   *That* would be truly shocking.  

  • Steven Barker

    Looks like a fat dude and a slightly less fat dude.

  • Michael Coulombe

    …It’s the look of a bad actor / someone who doesn’t give a shit. It’s on purpose, it’s the new thing, let’s move along shall we?

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    just search in google for his vid… It’s already uploaded on porn sites – internetz never forgetz! It was 100% porn, I’m sure stream viewers had fun watching it. It’s hard to tell if it was intended or not coz it’s only action part w/o any before and after, he noticed that before posting on YT and didn’t delete that part just to get some attention.
    I hate this facecam view… I dont get it why ppl doing it.

  • David Hakki

    Anyone else notice they were watching Mulan?

  • Deadalon

    WTB Danell’s sex tape.  Just not with a dwarf.

  • Naughtypants

    Bit late on the band wagon with this one, Gamebreaker. Parts of this article really show how you are “winging it” with what little information you found. Don’t mean to be a kill joy but it happened over almost a week ago where I live. Also thats not his youtube, some guy from reddit made it to troll him. Trolls were also grabbing the full VoD and uploading it everywhere because he didnt know how to delete it.

    Twitch wouldn’t have permanently banned him for an accident (Refer to other people who had slip ups) and he did ask everyone in chat according to a screenshot “how do you cancel your Twitch account?” in his chat room, so he probably request for it to be disabled when Twitch contacted him about the issue. He was very upset about it and even wanted to know how to put a donate
    link on his page to afford an apology gift for his girlfriend.

    If you see this kind of thing happening on Twitch type /emergency into chat and it will alert Twitch staff to come asses the situation and shut it down if necessary. Abuse it and they will permanently ban you. You could possibly prevent a gamer from ruining his life (and/or who ever else may be with him) because the internet never forgets, this article proves it.

    • Cody Moody

      Get off of it mate. Really. Just go.

  • Kyle Schmelzer

     Seems to be the way to get popular with online gaming, like sex tapes are what get talentless whores fame in the real world.

  • DoctorOverlord

    We can always count on GBTV for entertaining gaming news!   Thanks for the laugh folks.

    Wise words from Mike B. Facecam is just asking for it lol

  • Kevin Cox

    I just treat this as a public service announcement that serves to educate the public that yes, nerds do get some pooon taaaang.


  • Zhenhe Zhu

    Forgets… right…

  • xalier

    Isnt this why webcams have the funky lights on the front to show if its on? 

  • Jason C Matzke

    Calling total BS now yeah he knew it on. Recently just way to many people doing this lately. Suddenly in week few time 5-6 people getting wink wink caught on cam. I wouldn’t watch his stream for sure now look. I can’t “Attract” with my award winning personally so “Attract” them with some cheesy nasty porn. 

  • Inkogni Alex

    this guy/girl is a WINNER, while the others were all alone ****** off at random porn this person got some real action
    still think its kinda fake
    next stop 3 WAY GIRLS, now only to get on the live stream

  • Revanhavoc

     All you need is love.

  • Feyd Darkholme

    Fake or not, everyone knows this guy now…  If he makes money via streaming he just made a great marketing move. Granted it’s pretty sleazy, but if all you care about is making money then who cares right?

  • Soapdodger

    Swifty sex tape next maybe Kappa?