This 2009 Strategy Game Will Run You $1,700 In Japan

Hearts of Iron III is a strategy game which was released back in 2009 and has lately seen a bit of a resurgence in Japan. Despite being available on Steam for $30 the price for a retail copy in Japan has gone up to a whopping 13,800 yen ($135.41 UDS). It’s even more insane when bought on Japan’s Amazon where it’s being sold for an incredible 179,450 yen ($1760.76 USD).

The reason for the price spike is Cyberfront, the company which localized the game to Japan, was shutdown last year. As a result physical copies in Japanese have been harder to find. There is an unofficial patch to the steam version which translates Hearts of Iron III into Japanese, but it appears the allure of having a physical copy of the game is enough to keep people wanting to buy at these prices.

More details can be found over on Kotaku.

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