If the last Aliens vs. Predator game had you feeling the Marine blues and you can’t seem to wait for Gearbox’s attempt in their upcoming game, then Mod creator oldschool.Dave may have your answer.

Using Crysis 2 and the CryEngine 3, oldschool.Dave has been hard at work building an amazing mod set in the world of Aliens.

From the atmosphere to sounds, to lighting, and finally the tension of the game, it’s all there for players to enjoy in this work-in-progress video.

Check out the video that shows the game in its entire creepy splendor and let us know if this has you installing the original 1999 version of Aliens vs. Predator.

When he is not studying to become a Radiology Technician or working, he spends his time with friends/family, consuming games, weight training, working on his pet projects Holo Call/The Fahrar, scouring the net for the latest gaming news, and showing the world what the true definition of a nub means.
  • DoctorOverlord

    Very nice video.   Great graphics and really nice sound FX.  

  • Hicks64

    I think I’ve logged more hours in mods / mod-rooted games than anything else.

  • InvaderMig

    Damn the mods people are coming out with nowadays are incredible.  Devs should take notice

    • http://twitter.com/WadeDMcGinnis Wade D McGinnis

      And keep in mind this is still a work in progress. This could be even better when completed!

  • Ravenstorm

    Holy queen mother that’s nice. And the sounds are gorgeous. Who’s up for some Aliens and popcorn now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/VahnFannel Noah Jacob

    Is looking good.

  • Infid3l

    Too bad its a dead mod