Weekend Indie Bundle Roundup 3

Welcome to your weekend indie bundle update. There’s a new free bundle and some updates to existing bundles.

This week we see some additions to both the IndieGala Magicka bundle and BundleStars #2.  Unfortunately, the Indie Royale bundle has ended, but we should be seeing another next week.

We also see a new Free Bundle.  For those of you who missed the last one, it is conveniently archived on the bundle’s site.


New Bundles

The Free Bundle 2 – Ends Feb 7th

  • Games Included: Under The Garden, Zineth, Blitz Meet, A Nation of Wind, Mad Father
  • Steam/Desura: These are free games so they’re typically standalone PC downloads.

The Free Bundle is an indie bundle put together to highlight the games of talented developers that might have gone overlooked.  It’s put together by the creators of Cypher, who plan to do more bundles like this in the future.

If you  missed the first Free Bundle, it is easily accessible through The Free Bundle website.

And if you haven’t picked up the other games, go do it now.


Returning Bundles

Delightful Point & Click Bundle – Ends When Keys Run Out

  • Games Included: Shadows on the Vatican Act 1: Greed, The Journey Down and Metal Dead
  • Steam: No
  • Desura: Yes

The Delightful Point & Click Bundle is an indie bundle offered by  This site is unique because it actually offers several bundles at once.  All of their bundles consist of three items (or in some cases albums) and are always $5.  They also have a limited number of available keys per bundle.

This particular bundle is their most recent offering, however there are many others that would be worth looking at.

The Indie Gala Magicka – Ends Jan 29th

  • Games Included: You are Empty, Trine, Cities in Motion, Deponia, Painkiller: Black Edition, Magicka, Magicka: Vietnam, Home and Victoria II.
  • Steam: Most
  • Desura: No

Indiegala is a pay-what-you-want bundle with a suggested price of at least $5.60.  Paying under that amount will get you You are Empty and Trine.  Paying more than that will grant you the rest of the games including the secret bonuses that are unlocked weekly.

The current bundle supports two charities:  AbleGamers and Gala Project X

BundleStars: Bundle #2 “Indie Jam” – Ends Feb 10th

  • Games Included: Unstoppable Gorg, Stellar Impact, Twin Sector, Dead Horde, Future Wars, Greed: Black Border, Grotesque Tactics, Trapped Deadand, Grotesque Tactics 2 and a mystery title.
  • Steam: Yes
  • Desura: No

IndieStars offers a fairly large bundle for the set price of $5.24. Their second bundle is a mostly sci-fi/zombie oriented offering at a pretty impressive 93% off.  Five percent of each purchase goes to a charity called SpecialEffect which is designed to help persons with disabilities have a better quality of life.