Mike B throws his ball around in search of pies in this platformer, Edgeland.

Edgeland is a fast-paced, quick reflex platform game where you have to travel through the dangerous Edgeland to get back home to Circlia before it all goes square-shaped.

Edgeland is available now on the XBOX Live Indie Game Market.

  • http://twitter.com/HallusH HallusH

    mikeb got his hardcore pants of imnomad on

  • http://twitter.com/Nin3r Richard Martin

    I4B at 4am? Whut

  • Jado Cast

    This hurts my eyes.  I don’t like how the whole screen jumps when you jump.   Maybe if I was playing instead of watching it would not be noticeable.

    EDIT: Forgot NOT

    • Old Ben

      In the first level, the game lets the ball jump up to a certain height and _then_ makes the screen move, which means that the “camera” just gets whipped around. After that it just locks the camera to the ball, which isn’t as annoying, but still doesn’t feel smooth. 

      They could probably have given the camera its own inertia, separate from the ball. It’s not hard to code and would be more “pleasant” in terms of motion, although it would make the ball slightly harder to control (but that’s kind of the point in these games).

  • Eggers

    While these games are cool Mike I would like to see more off of Steam bro. 

  • Kagitaar

    Mike, you are a ball (no edges) and everything that can kill you has edges, so Edgeland seems to be where the edges live.