Kickstarter Indie Bundle

You all know by now that I’m a huge fan of indie game bundles and Kickstarter. So when I was browsing through the net and saw the KickStarter Indie Bundle I did a slight double-take.

Rather than the normal Kickstarter project — which is set up by a single person or team to raise funds for one game — the indie bundle is a group project designed to acquire enough funds for nine developers to finish their individual games. The project brings together developers from around the world who are currently working on games of different genres for various platforms.

While all the games will be available on PC, the developers are also making them for a variety of platforms including Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the PS Vita.

For $20, pledgers can secure copies of all nine games, plus soundtracks and earlier games made by the developers. Those donating will be receiving games that include everything from a horror-adventure game called Enola to the space combat game Ensign-1.

At present, a total of $3,440 has been pledged by 148 people in support of the project. That’s still a good bit off from the $45,000 goal. But, there is almost a month still left for the project to meet it’s goal.

For further details on this Kickstarter — including a release date chart for the games — pop over to their project page.

On a personal note.. I’m defnitely throwing money at my screen for this one. Bundles are one thing you can almost never go wrong with.