With the last penny thrown into Chris Robert and RSI’s Star Citizen, the crowdsourcing campaign has broken records with $6,224,123.

Having beaten Obsidian Entertainment’s RPG Project Eternity which made $4,127,028, Star Citizen team has more than enough funding to bring gamers’ a sci-fi MMO to remember.

The game having reached all its milestones will now grant access to colossal Bengal carrier ship, adding a full orchestral soundtrack, giving players 100 star systems at launch, and anyone who backed the game will get Behind Enemy Lines, the first Squadron 42 mission disc.

Having the game being fully funded, all gamers have to do is wait.

While you wait leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts on Star Citizen making its mark.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/shane.cominotto Shane Cominotto

    Money is not everything look at swtor … i know it was not crowdsourced but it cost a crazy amount of money and it still flopped.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Reyna/1830988318 Jonathan Reyna

    Except Swtor was doomed from the start being published by EA and developed under their strict guidance with extreme deadlines forcing the game to be released when it was clearly not ready. When devs can take their time and pump out a game that is ENJOYABLE to play from the beginning to the end and the content doesn’t feel “rushed’ there isn’t much that could go wrong. Add in the fact this is being developed by Chris Roberts and knowing that he is against all of the previously stated I’m more than assured Star Citizen will be one of the best MMO’s of 2014.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Feyd-Darkholme/100000194391744 Feyd Darkholme

    Pretty much what Jonathan said. I backed this game via Kickstarter the day that it went up and was made aware of the crowd funding push.

  • Sverre Palmstrøm

    Yesterday was crazy, watch the live stream for hours and the final countdown *hums the tune*
    Very much looking forward to a good space sim again. Been too long since Freelancer!