A while back, MikeB and I discussed Storybricks, software created by Namaste Entertainment that allows people to easily create AI and story within a game environment.  The software was designed with “build-an-MMO” applications in mind.

At the time, B and I both tested out their browser based proof-of-concept Kingdom of Default, and I we both agreed it was pretty cool.  Sadly, while it is a neat program, it turns out it’s not something enough people were interested in to keep going.
As a result Namaste has announced that Storybricks and Kingdom of Default are to be shelved.

It’s not all bad news, however.  Due to having learned quite a bit while working on the project, Namaste is now able to bring their knowledge to help other companies create better in-game interactivity and AI.

As gamers who have spent a lot of time interacting with NPC’s , I’m sure we can all appreciate any efforts to improve games on that front.