Senator Yee Says Gamers Have No Say in the Video Game Violence Debate

State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has a lot to say about violence in video games and about the people that play those games. You may remember Senator Yee from 2005 fame. Back then he wrote a ban in California on ultra violent video games only to have it ripped from the books by a Supreme Court ruling declaring games to be protected by the 1st Amendment. Fast forward to 2011 when the Supreme Court ruled that there was no proof that video game violence caused violence in minors any more than any other media and most gamers thought this wild debate would eventually disappear.

In the wake of the extremely tragic Sandy Hook shooting though it seems both gun control and violent video games have been thrust back into the national spotlight. We are certainly all entitled to the opinions we have on both topics of course, but Senator Yee seems to want any opinions other than his own discounted from the conversation.

In an interview Tuesday with The San Francisco Chronicle, Senator Yee had this to say on gamers providing feedback:

“Gamers have got to just quiet down. Gamers have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry’s lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest.”

Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t that similar to telling all gun owners that they have no say at all in any potential gun control laws? Or how about telling all women that they have no say in the current medical/female body debates simply because they are female and have a self interest in the topic? That’s not even mentioning the irony of any politician speaking about “credibility.”

Simply, are there violent video games? Of course. Are some of them best sellers? Indeed. But just like other industries, are there other types of video games in the top selling category that aren’t violent? You guessed it, also true. Regardless of which side of the debate you’re on though, is discounting the opinion of anyone on the opposing side a sound argument?

What do you think? Is Senator Yee on point or are his comments taking focus away from the debate itself and just inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory?

The full article has some interesting and well thought out counter points and you can check it out here.



  • German Lopez

    Sen. Yee already clarified his comments days ago. He was talking about the video game industry, not gamers. He was referencing the fact the industry has a very obvious interest in making sure video games aren’t perceived as too violent.

    • Brokinarrow

      So an industry can’t testify on it’s own behalf?  

      • Erik

        Dont shoot the messenger

    • Lycronis

      He may have clarified who he was referring to a bit, but his meaning is still the same. It’s clear that he thinks that anyone opposing his agenda should have no say in it. His track record on game related issues speaks for itself. He clearly has no clue what he’s talking about and is just running on personal opinion.

    • ArsenicSpritzer

      No, he was not. Maybe he got a wake up call telling him that the people he just brushed off are voters, and he in fact, works for them. His quote:

      “Gamers have got to just quiet down. Gamers have no credibility in this
      argument. This is all about their lust for violence and the industry’s
      lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their

      Examine this sentence closely: “This is all about their [gamers] lust for violence AND THE INDUSTRY’S lust for money.” Two separate entities: the violent (us) and the greedy (the industry). He knew exactly who he was flipping off with those comments.

      You’d figure that most adults these days know empirically that all politician’s are self-serving liars. Hard to imagine trying to defend one when he so clearly deserves a public lambasting.

      • Troy Blackburn

        Have to agree with this, the statement pretty clearly differentiates between gamers and “the industry”. Like you said, somebody reminded him of how many voters he just pissed off, so the “clarification” had to come. He said what he meant the first time. 

      • Michael Byrne

        Yep, this :)

    • Dularr

      That is simply backpedaling and pandering. From your post it doesn’t seem he changed he opinion, he’s just moving the story to blaming the industry.

      Dosn’t sound like he has backed off his clam that video games cause violence in children. 

  • Clifford Dutka

    Even with the clarification, most people in the video game industry are gamers. Everyone should have a say in it. It is funny how the US think it is democratic to allow cooperation to drive there election cash yet think it’s alright to silence voices when it comes to a discussion, seems very backwards to me; may be just the Canadian in me (for those that don’t know we do the exact oposite, invite industry into discussions and restrict industry during elections)

  • Fredrik Fronken Gardsiö

    Something tells me mr. Yee has a couple of wealthy friends in the movie industry…

  • James Kell

    Lol, just replace his quote with “politician”: Politicians have got to just quiet down. Politicians have no credibility in this argument. This is all about their lust for power and the industry’s lust for money. This is a billion-dollar industry. This is about their self-interest.

  • Revanhavoc

    The United States Supreme Court has already told Mr. Lee to quiet down.

    If they have to tell him again, they will.

    • Dularr

      Give it a year or two.  This is going to be a much different Supreme Court by the end of the next four years.

  • Nate Amaral

    All that coming out of a politician, change the subject from gamers to politicians and it still makes sense.

  • Ravenstorm

    North Korea is blatantly conducting atomic research and screaming they will annihilate the cursed US and allies. Did you see their fully pumped up, ready to eviscerate us, standing army?
    I don’t think their populace is allowed to play computer games but still they are intensely agressive.
    Ministers, please stop b*tching about this and focus on imperative matters.

    • Revanhavoc

       “they do have Pyonyang racer”

      Lol…when they have electricity…

  • Kenneth Meagher

    I think that this is just Bullshit sorry for my impolite language, but seriously? worrying yourselves about Pix elated Violence thats not even real? It doesnt matter what kind of Violence it is we live our lives everyday in Violence whether or not we see it that way. The fact that the government is losing its sorry ass mind over the Shootings is a laughable statement. Their just blaming the gaming industry so they can get more $$$$$$ in their grubby pockets by publicity.  And why arent they going after Super Violent Movies? or Super Violent Anime? all would have the same effect correct? Movies have been known to cause killers dont know if Anime has caused any but you know theres 3 words i would like to say “Anything Is Possible”

    In my opinion i think the government should concern itself with bigger problems rather then the small stupid stuff

  • Carlos Madrid

    Politicians need to quiet down until they can do something to end the ultraviolent drone strikes and undeclared wars we’ve been conducting for all of modern history

  • Zax19

    probably naïve but if some couldn’t be more wrong I refuse to pay attention and
    assume every sane person will do the same. Politicians talk nonsense all the
    time and just as Kotaku they are either trolling or simply dumb. And I’m not
    going to feed the troll.

    • mchugh760

       I agree. Our congress is full of morons. There are some good people too. Its sad who we elect in there sometimes. This guy is just running off at the mouth and nothing will probably happen to games except stricter enforcements of the age restrictions.

      • Lord Styx

         I disagree there not stupid there acting.   There doing what there getting paid to do.  Someone somewhere has something they want to happen and there using the issue to distract change or move something around be it some hidden agenda.  Blow up the issue huge overly so they can get that one thing they want in place.

  • Justin Pfeifer

    Honestly I have no respect for any of the Senators or Reps from California anymore.

    • InvaderMig

      The only good thing to come out of Cali is the weed. Oh and Gamebreaker of course. ;)

      • Dularr

        and Netflix

    • Jado Cast

      Why, don’t you like paying really high taxes, and getting your refund checks delayed?  

  • Lord Styx

    So nice that they can point there fingers and the small stuff and ignore the big stuff.  This isn’t an issue its a distraction.  Like a band aid over a decapitation.  Lets talk about the real problems how about banks and the money system.  How greed and control is the number one evil in this world.   Any hunger in the world is caused by these main issues.  The evil in the world caused by these things has caused more evil then I can count. 

  • TrackerLV

    First comic books led to juvenile
    delinquency, then rock and roll, then Dungeons and Dragons and Heavy Metal were
    responsible for Satanism and now rap and video games lead to murder.

    What a load of crap. It’s just another way of a small group of political ideologues
    to either reach out for the sensationalist low hanging fruit as a scapegoat or
    divert attention from the real problems. Problems like a piss poor educational
    system, undeniable economic and opportunity inequality in this country that
    forces both parents to spend less time with their kids due to working longer
    and longer hours for less pay or even to take second and third jobs, just to
    fund the necessities, a for profit health care system that leaves an embarrassingly
    massive number of mentally ill people, some of whom are dangerous, out in society
    with inadequate care and medication to control their conditions.
    No let’s not
    talk about THOSE elephants in the room. Let’s blame Halo and Call of Duty. What a freakin’ Joke.

    • InvaderMig

      Pretty much this.

  • Joshua L Sant

    He’s an extremist and it seems everyone knows it. Lets just be happy nobody important takes him seriously.

  • Feyd Darkholme

    Same old song and dance from the establishment since the beginning of “pop culture” and our storied tradition of blaming everything but ourselves for our problems, and treating symptoms instead of finding cures for the actual “disease”… Thankfully in the US and most civilized cultures, people like this lunatic are marginalized for the loons they are and laughed out of the room.

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    I predict many lost votes for this man. 

    • Steven Opie Wallace

      Well he doesn’t appear to have lost any since 2005 lol.

    • davidthegreater

      You’re not that familiar with California politics are you? ;)

      Representatives in CA have very safe districts (especially in this case by virtue of Yee being Blue in SF, where functionally nobody votes Red, the only viable opposition, ever), it’s almost impossible to get rid of them unless they do something morally equivalent to killing a puppy. Or term out, but usually they play musical chairs and transition from the state assembly to the state senate or visa versa, and then we have to wait for them to term out again…at which point they typically get replaced by someone equally unreasonable.

      • Dularr

        They have said they eaten dog and still get re-elected. 

      • theunwarshed

         these areas you speak of are neither “blue” nor “red” they are yellow.  yellow is very united and organized and they always vote yellow. 

  • Thomas Hoyt

    There are three stages to arguing against someone: Arguing against their argument, arguing against their credibility, and calling them names. Once you’ve gotten to the third stage, you’ve lost.

    He’s currently at the second stage, which is fine. You can still win an argument from the second stage. The problem is that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Gamers aren’t credible because of their lust for violence? Might I ask where he got that “fact” from?

    On to his argument though, why should these games be banned? Does he have a reason to ban them other than he doesn’t like them? We already know they don’t cause violence. What he needs to do is get a better argument, not try to discredit gamers.

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      You’re not particularly familiar with American politics are you?

      • Thomas Hoyt

        “I’m not going to let this battle be dictated by facts!”

        Something like that?

    • Dularr

      Crazy talk. (that’s a joke)

      Doesn’t matter what the studies shows, it’s public policy that violent video games cause violent children. 

      The media coverage of school shooting gives him the backing to say gamers have a lust for violence. 

      I suspect video games will become a regulated industry and require government approved rating.  It could be viewed as a mental health issue with government approval panels under Obamacare. 

      • Thomas Hoyt

        Is it bad that the media’s always lying and everyone knows about it, except maybe old people? Not even joking, if someone told me Fox News is a reliable source (and they were dead serious), I would laugh at them. (Actually, I probably wouldn’t be that harsh. But I would explain to them how tides work.)

        Isn’t Obama doing some kind of study on violet movies, books, and video games? … not that we haven’t done this before…

        • Kagitaar

          It’s actually an overarching study into mental health issues, but those are going to be looked into as part of it as well.

      • Nick Cattane

        Good luck developing something that the supreme court has already heard and ruled against.  Not to mention you’d have to apply these regulations to any type of consumer entertainment (games, movies, TV, web content, etc).  It is simply put 100% unconstitutional – and that is actually a legit fact.

        • Dularr

          I don’t think it will be an out right ban.  I think it will be a mandatory government rating system, that will be very expensive for the industry and will delay the release of new games.  

          • Nick Cattane

            So, you mean like the mandatory gov. rating system we have now – I must be getting trolled here.

          • theunwarshed

             they’ll get the industry to slap another sticker on the box, so that the industry has to charge more (don’t believe me check out the price of cigarettes these days) and the government gets to dip it’s fat, greasy fingers into the pot.

            in other words, they’re going to tax the hell out of vid games, perhaps prohibitively so in an effort to dissuade the casually interested gamers from purchasing them.  they won’t get the hardcore that will pay any price for their addictions (which, ironically are the ones they claim are most likely to be negatively seduced/influenced by the inherent destructiveness of these types of games). 

          • Jado Cast

            The ESRB is not a mandatory rating, Yet.  However, in other countries Pegi 12 which is more strict and mandatory regulates the industry.

  • Hoigwai

    He is a worthless ass who needs to take his bandwagon and drive it off the nearest pier.

  • valkilmer

    I wonder if all these people get paid off to never mention call of duty in their crazy rants.

  • Steven Opie Wallace

    Why can’t you guys get it through your thick skull?  As gamers, we lack credibility because we know exactly what games are capable of yet we argue that games are a victim-less hobby!  It’s time we move on to a victim-less career in politics to spread credible information on things we know nothing about just like Senator Yee.  HE is truly a man to look up to.

  • Steven Opie Wallace

    *stupid browser*

  • GrindedStone

    Senator Yee is right.  We don’t have a say.  The issue is directed toward how the molding of the young mind into something useful is effected by media.  With games it’s possibly on a more personal level than other media types.  So it should be viewed as very powerful stuff to the bigger picture of the developing mind’s adjustment into the real world around them.

    The decline of violent adult content started over 7 years ago.  There is very little to say about it on our side of the argument.  What we see is a more limited amount of violence that are increasingly market driven.  They make the games that sell the most copy, an of those games we play the ones that are the most fun.  That isn’t going to change, so hush up.

    • Deacon1979

       I think as an adult I do have a say in what I can and cant watch/play/read/listen to. As long as no one/thing is harmed in the making of said product, then there is no reason for a ban

      Games are less personal than books where you are actually imagining the acts of violence yourself rather than seeing it portrayed on screen, yet I don’t hear cries for the ban on violent books.

      There is no difference in the modern witch hunt against gaming than the witch hunt against rock n roll in the 50’s.

      And tbh anything thats a threat to freedom of speech should be spoken up against, especially by those that are being penalized by it

    • Nick Cattane

      You’re right, no responsibility should be placed on any parent for their child’s up bringing.  Clearly the media walks into your home, installs a chip in your child’s brain, and forces them to consume massive video-game related violence (that of course also contributes to a direct correlation between video-game violence consumption and your ability to disconnect from relatity/go on a massive killing spree – clearly this happens all the time and is scientifically proven).  In fact, why not just replace guns with pillows, missles with giant marshmellows, media with an even more false representation of real life, and images of death with a cartoon and XX’d out eyes?

      Your post is either an entirely troll post designed to pull individauls like myself out of the depths of posting or you really just don’t have a grasp on the realities of life.  Either way, it is blatantly wrong just from a factual standpoint.

      • blonyandcheese

        Dude, I can see exactly where he is coming from. Grinded says 7 years, but its been going on longer than that. I can make a really good guess that you are probably a parent. I’m a parent, and, yes, we do have a responsibility to teach our kids what is real and what is not. I bet everyone in this forum does. But you need to realize how many rights and responsibilities you DON’T have as a result of being a parent. My kids know what is real and what isn’t. That’s pretty basic. But what they also know, through their schools, and through media, is what the government tells them their parents can and can’t do regarding their upbringing. Any message given to them by you, is repeatedly countered by someone outside the family’s sphere of influence. The battle over your influence concerning your kid’s morals and values, are at constant odds with the people we choose to guide their formal education. Heck, your daughter knows that when she turns 14, she can get an abortion without telling you. She can also get GYN services without telling you. All your son has to do is say that he is gay and he is all of a sudden only half of your responsibility. The government has already seen to this. Trust me. This post may seem trollish, but its not. I am not arguing for/against abortion or hating on gay people. Anyone who is a parent in this day and age knows what I am talking about. If they don’t, they need to ask around and be prepared for the answers.

        GrindedStone is correct. You don’t have a say. I say you only think you do. Senator Lee is making this all about the kids, as if parents have failed in their kid’s upbringing. You know this is false, yet everyone trusts the politicians when they say, “You want this”. Funny, I never remembered being asked.

        • Kevin Cox

          Sounds like you’re using the government as an excuse to shy away from problems you should probably be preventing yourself. 

          For example, A good parent probably wouldn’t allow their 14 year old daughter to be caught in a situation where an abortion is necessary. 

          But yes, there are loopholes in parenthood. Obviously a well-educated child (regardless of whether or not what they’ve learned is desirable information to be given out), can see those loopholes. 

          But I’m the parent. You’re the parent. We have authority. Authority with limits, yes but authority nonetheless. What does this mean? This means that if my child fucks up, then regardless of what his or her actual rights are I’m bringing the parental hammer down which (assuming they’re underage) is gonna override any and all desire they might have to challenge me. They’re 14. If i’ve done my job as a parent the right way up to this point then regardless of whatever rights they may have, they will KNOW that they FUCKED up and will heed my advice on how to deal with it. 

          Morality. Responsibility. Integrity. 

          Good parents teach those things and they override whatever laws and rights the government or our schools may teach our children. A child may have complete knowledge on how to supplant you, but if you’ve raised them based on those 3 values then they’ll be able to figure out on their own that they are wrong and you are right and won’t even bother exercising those rights. 

          Parents should know what their limitations are, sure. 

          But you should be damned before you let your kid think his less than adequate knowledge of law is enough to rule over you. 

          Quit blaming things on the government. Ignore the government. Raise your kids to be good people. 


          Because good people don’t hide behind their rights when they’ve clearly messed up. 

          And don’t you dare let your children see this apparent grim pessimism you have on parenthood, no matter how justified it is. 

          • Nick Cattane

            I have to agree with Kevin here.  Any parent should understand that their will OF COURSE be influences outside of your own control.  The job of a parent is to mitigate these accordingly and teach their child right from wrong respectively.

  • Anthony Botz

    This guy should stop telling us how he wants to be re-elected anything he has to say on the matter is obviously self service. He should just quiet down, I am trying to play video games.

  • Keith William Gretton

    I don’t reckon it’s video games that make people want to commit violent acts, it’s the stupid people in positions of authority that repeatedly make nonsensical, idiotic, self-serving, small-minded, short-visioned statements and decisions that are the problem. The only way I’ve found to calm my nerves is just to assume that they’re trolling. I just wish we could have an external body that would moderate legislative forums and could then issue bans on trolls. Repeat offenders would be perma-banned and might even loose their retirement benefits. Hey if it works in WoW, why wouldn’t it work in the real world.

  • fairlane32

    No Senator Yee. Just no. What an asshat. California, will you please vote this idiot out of office? Kay, thanks…….bye

  • HallusH

    another dumb ass that sits and waits for shit to happen to promote himself and not fix the actual problem. i say dumb people are the cause of every world problem lets ban dumb people.

  • Blk Ink

    I just sent this maniac and email and recommend you all do the same. This civil servant has no idea what he is talking about. First most of the worlds gamers aren’t kids they’re voting adults. You just can’t go around making statement like that. 

  • Methadras

    The D beside his name is for Dumb. Anyone who follows a D is just as…

  • Mike Dawson

    Get off my lawn you damn kids.  

  • Michael Williams

    *played the most video games when was younger out of his entire school*

    *Is the least violent boy growing up* 

    • Deacon1979

      Same here, I’m actually a pacifist, I love computer games both violent and non violent, movies too, because I recognize that they are just pretend, they are stories nothing more, its no more harmful than playing cops n robbers in your back yard or cowboys and Indians.

  • HappyHansel

    Forget my lust for violence. Can he cure my lust for potato chips?

    • Ravenstorm

      Never. They’re. Just. Too. Good.

  • ReAlIzEr

    I am a working professional – here is my two cents in the form of questions to make you think.

    Watch any Disney movie and prove to me there is no, (zero related), violence shown in them what …. so….. ever?

    Read any history book ( FROM OUR SCHOOLS ) related to any world changing event since the written word and prove there is no, (zero related), violence?

    When was the last time you swatted a bug or used pest controlling products.

    • J Oberman

      You could read the Bible and find violence in it too, so whats your point? Violence in the media has increased from the normal to the extreme norm and not everyone enjoys knowing there are people out there that worship it in the form of a game, movie, TV news, wrestling, boxing, sports, magazines or books. What’s bothering people who don’t like them? Maybe, people who enjoy it have found ways to express what they see and do (game play) that rubs those that don’t like violence.  There seems to be restrictions on everything we do these days, so much for free will.

    • Revanhavoc

      There is still an important question that I have left unanswered:

      Why is it that violence dominates so much of our favorite entertainment?

      Beyond the detached history you speak of, there is very little in an average gamers life that subjects them to actual violence, barring some unforseen event or trauma.

      So then why do we seek out that violent media as a hobby?

      I love it, but I’m more interested in understanding, from an outside the box perspective, why I love it.

      • Ravenstorm

        Ah dear Revan and Havoc. Imo it’s to do with Fight Club:

        “Man, I see in Fight Club the strongest and smartest men who have ever lived. I see all this potential — damn it, an entire generation pumping gas and waiting tables; they’re slaves with white collars. Advertisements have them chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We are the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no great war, or great depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised by television to believe that one day we’ll all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars — but we won’t. And we’re learning slowly that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

        So we compensate the fact that most of us probably will never be the most important person in the galaxy with jedi powers or carving their destinies outof the living rock itself, by putting our minds in cyberworlds which give us that which we crave for in out deepest inner thoughts. Glory. Fame. Adventure. etc.

        And we can still be great parents/partners/working ppl too if we work for it. Now isn’t that groovy. And you do not talk about Fight Club.

        • Revanhavoc

          I really enjoyed reading that, man. And I love “The Club which shall not be named”.

          (Shhh! *zips lips*)

  • theunwarshed

    what else do you expect from a politician from the People’s Republic of San Francisco?

    Darth Yee: “You’re either with me or against me!”
    Gamers: “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

  • BBerry2251

    So the whole video games make you violent thing is idiotic. I am a living example that they don’t nor do watching bad movies as a kid or anything else they spout off….

    My name is Mr. Berry. I grew up playing games….Ive played every Resident Evil, COD, Battlefield and a plethora of other  FPS and Horror games. I also Enlisted in the Army when I was 18. I went into the infantry (11B) did 6 years and I went to Iraq. I have PTSD from combat. I also am the only surviving parent of a 2yr old boy that I raise by myself.

    I have never in my life started a fight or hurt anyone out of malice. I was raised by my mother to have respect for my elders, to say please and thank you, and to idolize the proper people like King Arthur, Sun-Tzu, George Washington and other people who deserve to be idolized. 

    By congress’ thought process I should be a monster and a danger to society, yet people look to me still for kindness and advice in this dark world we live in. To protect the people I love I would endear any amount of pain and die a thousand deaths. Does that sound like a monster to you Senator? Its time the United States wakes up and stops blaming everyone and everything else for things that are our own fault. People for a long time have not been raising their kids right, have been letting them run the streets and not teaching them respect for themselves or other people.

  • Joseph Spears

    What a scrub

  • blonyandcheese

    Look…why is everyone talking about “Adult this and Adult that”? This isn’t about the adults. It was never about the adults. This Senator isn’t differentiating between gamers and the industry. He is equating them and he is then using both together to say that they are the reason why Sandy Hook happened. It is another piece of government-speak that everyone always misses, because the sound bite includes someone that will get offended. Again, the government is using “kids” as a reason to make another attempt at regulating something that was already declared as covered under the first amendment. Personally, I think everyone should be more offended at how they are going about this, and just stop being offended that this politician decided to spew nonsense. Remember, we have all seen it. When a politician can’t get his/her way through the courts, they will get you through regulation and higher taxes, and the money will go to childhood education against violent video games.

    Welcome Gamers!!! You are going to be in the same league as smokers and those of us who pay income tax! Awesome.

  • Ray Guzzetta

    Well I don’t want to live in this country anymore…

  • Daniel Flesher

    Since 99% of people are gamers of some type, I guess this just leaves inept and naive people like this senator to make the decision on whether or not video games cause violent behavior. 

    Oh wait, if 99% of people are gamers, and there isn’t 99% of the population running around committing acts of violence, then maybe it’s the non-gamers that have no clue what they are talking about and can shut up now. 

  • Sir Alec Guiness Stout

    The douche is holding up three games that are more entertaining that most movies.

    I thought for sure he would be holding hands with Jack Thompson in the photo.

  • Sir Alec Guiness Stout

    Leland? We are to get advice on violence from a guy named Leland?  I can understand why he hates violence. The guy was probably given one too many swirlies in middle school.

  • Chris Gianettino

    Figures he’s from Cali. No offense to Californians, but your politicians are a bunch of asses. They think they know everything, and that they know what’s good for everyone. If that were the case, they’d be doing some actual work and not sitting around figuring out how to ruin the country and the Constitution I took a vow to protect

    • theunwarshed

       because California politicians are ruining the ENTIRE country?  i guess you have to be from California to understand that there are certain counties (the greater San Francisco  bay area in northern Cali and specifically San Fran) where their politicians (and people to a greater extent) take a certain (perverse) pride in being “Odd Balls” with weird positions on everything and being the laughing stock of the country.  as a lifetime Cali resident i understand these unfortunate realities, however, it is a constant source of political embarrassment when the rest of the country only sees us all as a big, sad joke. 

      • Dularr

        But they keep trying to force their local politics on everyone else.

  • anthony seitz

    sorry dumb-ass like him thinks they know everything.  He needs to take his asian ass back to his own country. we as gamers are speaking out because all the old people think everything is bad for younger people and that they know more then us we are mean they are dying out we need to start speaking out more and send all these old asses to a old people home where they belong

  • nathan law

    i love how the all these idiot politicians will defend guns, because guns don’t kill people, people do but games, games kill EVERYONE ban them all.

    • Michael Metz

      That works both ways, everyone is okay with saying video games don’t cause violence or any other problems yet those same people are okay with banning games like Rapelay, Ethnic Cleansing, and The guy game.

      • nathan law

        Actually i don’t think games, or for that matter any media should be censored at all, also everyone is ok with saying games don’t cause violence, because there have been studies done that confirm this to be true.

        • Michael Metz

          I don’t think they do either. I just find it funny and hypocritical when others believe games could never be a problem, but then turn around and call games about racism or rape horrible and have no problem with them being ban. 

  • Patrick

    As a person who sees hypocrisy on both sides of the isle, I do find it highly ironic that democrats ( especially the ultra liberal ones in Cali ), are all about protecting your civil rights, if you’re gay or homeless or transgender or a woman or hispanic/black/asian (really, anything other than a straight white male);  yet the moment you stand up for your own rights and it happens to clash with their ideology, you become the enemy.

  • rulez

    Another example why it is so hard to take politicians seriously.

  • Michael Bower

    Sadly I can understand his logic. It seems to me that basically he’s taking the news reports of those really bad isolated cases about people becoming addicted to video games and doing stupid things with the reports that people who do shootings in the US like video games. It’s not entirely flawed logic, but it’s based on misinformation spread by sensationalist news companies like FOX. I feel sorry for Americans when their Government can’t even seem to gather facts because of their bullshitting and slanderous news companies.

  • Kevin John Greaves

     They cant stop capitalism, if it brings income it will stay. They will do nothing :) only maybe a cosmetic law :D

  • Morturion

    Why is it that most american politicians seem to have skipped most of their school, or had their common-sense-gland removed or something ? The nonsense they sometimes declare as facts never stops to confuse me.

  • Henrik A.

    We have extremely strick gun laws in scandinavia and tons of violent video games, but practically no shootouts. The only one was breivik, and he is a very unique case. It’s clearly not video games that are at fault in his case though, it’s his political view. I wonder how long it will take for america to realise that the gun industry owns their politicians.

    • Dularr

      Guess I’m not understanding where you have strict gun laws.  Can you really buy a fully automatic weapon, if you have the right permits?

    • Steven Opie Wallace

      I’m pretty sure we all know and the NRA supporters like it that way.

    • Michael Metz

      Extremely strict gun laws in Mexico as well, but still has some of the most deadliest cities in the world.  

  • Jong Min Han

    Ah America, when you do stuff like this, I still know that Korea isn’t the only one that’s going to make stupid gaming laws

  • Steven Opie Wallace

    Just yesterday, Senator Yee apologized for saying that “gamers have no credibility.”  In a post on twitter, he stated “Gamers, I admittedly didnt use best words to SFchron. Meant video game industry has inherent conflict of interest in the gun violence debate.”  He went on to add “I have a lot of respect for many gamers – many are on my staff and in my family – but the industry has profited at the expense of children.”
    Could he have gotten the hint from a smart PR man that what he said may be misconstrued or did he possibly do a Google search to find every gaming news website filled with hateful comments to articles about his initial statement?  Is this enough reason to forgive him?

    This commenter still feels that his initial statement was a Freudian slip and if he hates gamer’s so much that he isn’t willing to give them a fair chance to defend their right then he needs to be fired ASAP.

    • Dularr

      Post on twitter.  Sounds more like his office received a significant number of complaints and a staffer sent out a statement from his official twitter account. 

    • Michael Byrne

      I differ a bit here. I don’t think he slipped up. His initial comment clearly made a distinction between gamers and the game industry as two separate entities. If he just meant the game industry and it was a slip he would not have made such a non ambiguous distinction in his quote. As for his tweets, if they were an apology then I’ve been doing apologies wrong for quite some time :)

      Just my opinion though :)

  • Levi Hornby

    Please tell me what video game people have been playing for the past 5000 years?

  • Joseph Handibode

    Politicians are all the same rich people telling regular people what to do.  Guess what lame brain senator, it isn’t video games or guns.  its the government lack of any insight over the problem.  Punish the guilty and not bystanders period.  If someone commits murder, put them to death period.  Games don’t magiically appear into kids hands or the $60 dollars for them.  Parents have to be responsible and for the blame. 

    Like I find it funny they politicans want us normal folks retirement to keep going it doesn’t affect them since they rich.

  • Inkogni Alex

    So, why can’t i be a senator ? He doesn’t look smarter than me, id do a great job :D

    • DosTacos

      Cause you’re to prone to “Violence” from playing “Violent” video games and participating in a Gaming Community that “promotes” “Violent” video games, plus you just read my post using the word “Violent” several times. Sorry, you have been exposed to, too much “Violence” in such a short period of time!


      Please ENTER the “Anti-Violence” cleansing chamber and re-Education center, located at your nearest County Health Department. Sponsored by Senators, Yee and Alexander!

      PS There will be Cake available after completion of the “Cleansing” process!

      • Inkogni Alex

        Think i better go take a dump, that will calm me down.

  • Zhenhe Zhu

    What’s next? “Taxpayers have no credibility. They should quiet down and have no say on taxes and spending?”

  • Michael Pino

    Ah, video games. The scapegoat you can always depend on to turn to.

  • dinkster

    If you gamers don’t quiet down, Yee is going to have some of his triad buddies come looking for you.