I’m not one for giving out credit advice, but I can recognize a bad deal when I see one as blatant as this. If GameStop rolls out the planned credit card off to go along with it’s Power Up program, then it might be a good time for you to drop out of the program.

Destructoid reports that GameStop plans to offer a card with a 26.99% APR.┬áThe average APR for a credit card is 14.58%. I don’t expect GameStop to offer an amazing deal by any stretch, but to be almost twice the average is a bit ridiculous.

People will argue that if you pay it off before the grace period, then you’re fine. Sure, that works in theory, but in practice, it doesn’t happen consistently; that’s what credit card companies are hoping for. Obviously, I can’t tell you not to get it, I can just ask you not to. And if you need evidence of this truth, Destructoid provided pictures.

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