The STEM system created by Sixense has earned over $600,000 in its Kickstarter campaign set to raise only $250,000. It’s exceeded its goal because it will allow users of the Oculus Rift to actually feel like they are in a 3D world.

These videos illustrate, just how amazing this device is. The best description of the STEM is that it’s like the PlayStation Move controller, but better.

Just watch the videos; you’ll see that it can give you a true feeling of wielding a weapon like a lightsaber or a pistol. Now, I’m going to have to get a Rift so just so I can wield a lightsaber.

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  • Magnar Moland

    oh my;) looking forward to this;)

  • Gregory Otis Dow

    Ya i been waiting for this technology to go main stream for ever.

  • bob

    Raised just enough money to get sued by Disney for using something that doesn’t belong to them. Shame really.

  • Andreas

    Seems cool and all, But can it play crysis?