Video games will turn you homosexual (via Lazy Gamer)

Okay try stay with me here because I’m getting a little bit confused as well. There is a popular American blog called Modern Woman Digest which posted up an article entitled “How video games are turning your children into homosexuals”. Now before…

  • kirby_mtg

    it appears to be a spoof site unless there are people guageing babies ears……

  • Thomas

    You seriously need to stop posting all this useless crap and spamming my facebook page. Thank you.

    • Torguish

      WAT? This literally made my DAY. This is one of the reasons i like gamebreaker.

      • IVon theUnclean

        Literally probably doesn’t mean what you think it does.

        • Torguish

          I’m quite sure i know what it means. ^^

  • Clinton Stearman

    I LOL’d the entire time i read all that LOL!

  • QuintLyn writes dumb articles

    wow you’re stupid

    • Onallion

      She didn’t write it, mr. reading comprehension

    • Torguish

      Oh the Irony…

      See that little text ”By Gavin Mannion”? :D

    • Steven Opie Wallace

      The poster’s name should be “Doesn’t know how to read”

  • Paul Gonzalez

    lmao, the entire time reading I was thinking, “This has to be a fake article…” There seems to be a rise of fake articles. Too many people trying to be The Onion.

  • Melissa Cartun

    I believe the correct term is “stupid cunt.” Also, guess I should tell my husband I have to be gay now since I play World of Warcraft, oh wait, he plays FPS games on Xbox so I guess it’s cool right? We can all be gay together.

    • tegger

      OMG, I can only imagine how many of the Michelle Bachmans, Anne Coulters and Sarah Palins are currently running to their people asking how they can work this “Study” into their speeches as fact.

      For fairness, also the George Ws, Rick Perrys and Todd Akins

  • Kyle Kraemer

    This topic has no relevance. It is clearly satire if you read her entire article.

  • David Manchester

    You really must have been asleep to think it was anything other than a joke.

  • Mike Mohawk

    This is so gay …

    • JJversion1

      Well the ppl in the photographs do look very happy…

  • Clifford Dutka

    I should write an outrageous article on my blog so GameBreaker will write an article about my blog and drive traffic to it. It’s a joke blog.

  • CosmicKirby

    “And yes I did write this article so I could post pictures of (probably fake) lesbians,”

    Don’t blame ya. It’s why I scrolled down.

  • Inkogni Alex

    “Most people who gravitate towards these games (MMO’s) are sexual predators” never saw this in me, but now i realize my true nature and i… The frigin ** has the writer of this high as ** material smoked 10min before going to work?! Makes little sense and has no facts behind it. talking about this person

  • permeus

    can people on the internet learn to read full post you only make yourself look dumb when you post jackass comments (and in most cases uninformed ones at that)

    P.S. this comment is Not aimed at QuintLyn

  • Sleeping Blunt

    I am very convinced that this whole article is intended to be controversial and kind of a troll(i.e. not at all serious). Making another article about it taking it seriously is kind of a fail in my honest opinion.

  • Lez Be Honest

    Now that I think about it, maybe rescuing Peach and Zelda so many times throughout my childhood DID have something to do with why I turned out to be a lesbian…

    Or maybe it was all the fine ladies I made in the Sims. I’m not sure, but it was DEFINITELY a video game that did it.

  • Anthony Botz

    Thank you Q, I enjoyed this.

  • Guest

    This has to be satire

  • ryan phillips

    stopped reading at “Modern Woman Digest”.

  • Rick Chez Sanchez

    Staring at Tauren butts in WoW made me turn to bestiality. Where’s the beef indeed!? This article is so right…

    • Dularr

      Blood Elf: We are aligned with the Tauren, “Steak twice a week!”

      • Jerry Wheatfield

        Tauren: Those pointy ears are just like our horns! Great handlebars!

  • John Doe

    Now i have to tell my gf that according to “Modern Woman Digest” and Lady Bull I’m GAY.

    I can understand that this lady is cucu to say the least but someone should of read the articel before printing it.

    • NinjaNick

      That’s not the point of the article. It is supposed to show how stupid this lesbian writer is and how she thinks that video games make kids homosexual.

      • John Doe

        Maybe it’s an ironic blog post, I can’t be sure but i hope it is.

  • InvaderMig

    Obvious satire is obvious.

  • IVon theUnclean

    The article is a joke the woman who wrote the article on modernwomendigests bio says, ” She currently operates out of New York, New York with her heterosexual life partner, Janet, and cat Vincent Van Furrball.” I’m pretty sure she’s lesbian because I’ve never heard of a man named Janet. So to all the people who think this is legit go bonk yourselves.

  • Gungar

    The writer of the original articles name is Adora Bull can’t get any more trolly than that.

  • João Aniceto

    The original text is clearly a satire so… yeah…

  • luke johnson aka bludrunk

    lol, video games and homosexuality have “both been around a while”… lol, video games have been around since the 70’s. homosexuality has been around since always.

  • Galdros

    Can I be the one to say it? You know what, saying it anyways.

    “Thats Bull!”

  • Koma

    Kind of seems like a troll blog really, and if serious… well that is something I still have too much faith in humanity to believe.

  • Dan Watt

    Spoof article from a spoof blogger on a spoof website.

    Funny once you realise that though, I’ll grant it that.

  • jgelling

    I might be willing to risk it if video games made me look like the people pictured above.

  • JJversion1

    Lol, good one guys. Love the article, you had me at the beginning until I realized it was a spoof. Silly trolls.

  • Graphics_Programmer101

    You are giving them value by responding to them.

  • Matthew Burns

    Adorable, simply adorable.

    • William Flett

      wait… what?

      … -_-

      • Matthew Burns

        In the fake article the reporter’s name was Adora Bull. Adorable.

  • avinater

    one of the dumbest things ive read in a while

  • Robin

    The whole site is satire, just browse quickly through the pages of articles. It’s all for either provoking or for clear satire.

  • Mike

    Any website that identifies with “women gamers” is gueranteed to have some lulz

  • André Degaspery

    Ops, too late for me. If only I knew, maybe I would had become a homosexual. Now there is wife, kid, cat. Meh, too much of a trouble there to load to the previously saved statement. Will keep going straight till I restart, at least.

  • Hoigwai

    Bottom of article states. We got suckered; It seems this came from one f those parody sites. on the internet. Our bad.

  • DoctorOverlord

    No, GBTV fell for Internet lies! My faith is shaken.

  • Fuck you.

    Just, wtf.
    This must be something you wrote when you were drunk.

  • Danny ‘Shingara’ Goy

    ow no its happened, im a lesbian. ow wait, im a guy……………..

    • JJversion1

      Hey I’ve always viewed myself as a lesbian trapped in a man’s body…

      • William Flett

        the man’s body is growing on you like stolkholm syndrome i take it?

        or are you living n a part of the world where getting access to trans* services is not very possible?

        • JJversion1

          I like a good joke just like anyone else, but not when it’s at the expense of someone else. That’s tasteless and rude as well as immature. You took my joke to a dark place where it wasn’t meant to go, makes one wonder about your mindset.

        • Jens Linder

          Mate, it’s Stockholm Syndrome*
          From the swedish capital city, for no known reason though.

  • Krymm

    You can tell who read the WHOLE article and posted….and who skipped straight to the comments w/o reading….joke article ppl :D

    GBTV prolly wants to see who simply posts from a headline in the comments and who actually reads their articles :D

  • NervousMeatball

    Oh I like that logic. Statistics say that with the rising of global temperature during the same period of time… the number of somalian pirates(or just pirates …can’t remember exactly) decreased. So … therefore with this logic, the global temperature is the cause of that. :)))

  • Michael

    “Video games, as well as homosexuality, was an invention of the early 20th century”

    Hahaha, that is a classic line right there.