The players are angry: ARMA 3 female characters are non-existent.

Another big argument over gaming and gender? Looks like it! Strap yourself in and head over on the ARMA 3 alpha feedback forums, where hell is being raised over the fact that there are no female character models in ARMA 3. The debate is raging on there and through Reddit and everyone seems to have a whole hell of a lot to say. Should there be female character models in ARMA 3? It all started when one player suggested that there should be some front line ARMA 3 female characters. At the moment it appears that there will be women as passive NPCs but no playable women as active combatants on the front lines of the action.

Equal Opportunity Ass-Kicking

pc games     ARMA 3: No Girls Allowed? No ARMA 3 Female Characters!The posts on both the forum and Reddit are long and filled with bile on both sides of the argument. Some players are offended that women are not even being considered as soldiers. There are plenty of people arguing every side and facet of the ARMA 3 gender issue and lots of different points raised all around. With the new Tomb Raider showing us that there can be strong fighting female characters in games, there is a new fervor for getting female soldiers on the virtual front lines. The players advocating the ARMA 3 female characters side is summed up in these following points:

  • ARMA 3 female characters can be just as effective killers as male characters.
  • If the game is to be as realistic as possible there should be the option.
  • The game takes place in the future and following current trends, there will be many more females in the military by then.
  • There was a mod for female character models in ARMA 2.
  • ARMA 3 is still Alpha, maybe this feature just isn’t added yet.
  • But seriously, why not?

Others are defending the all male cast of ARMA 3, claiming that there should not be women fighting on the frontlines in the game. These opposition commentators appear to all be male and argue the following points:

  • Some male players don’t want to shoot females.
  • Posters seem to think women are not as effective frontline soldiers as opposed to men.
  • Women in the military are not typically on the frontline.
  • ArmA 3 developers should put their energy into a quality game not equal character models.
  • Perverted players will abuse female character models.
  • Why does it matter in the first place?

More Harm Than Good?

Some gamers seem to think that having female character models in ARMA 3 will only do more harm than good. Players are worried that trolls and griefers will abuse the character models and parade around the battlefield in underwear. One poster makes the point that the game would have “tens of thousands of morons [getting] the chance to ruin every Wasteland etc, game by trying to RP a prostitute.”

Of course, it isn’t like there aren’t MMOs out there with female character models. Just look at WoW, or Guild Wars 2, or the Star Wars: The Old Republic, for examples. There are plenty of male players that play female characters without a hitch. Only a small minority abuses access to female character models in a perverted way. What makes ARMA 3 players so special? Is there something in the psyche of these FPS players that make them more perverted?

Hot Topic

pc games     ARMA 3: No Girls Allowed? No ARMA 3 Female Characters!

At the moment, women and video gaming is a bit of a hot button topic. We’ve just recently had Feminist Frequency and her new “Damsel in Distress: Tropes vs Women” and activists condemning the current state of portrayals of women in gaming. These sorts of activist gestures tend to invoke a large and passionate backlash from gamers, especially male gamers, for a variety of reasons. Feminist Frequency has been heavily criticized for slanting her argument and the general backlash was so great that she shut down the comment section for the video. On the other hand we have evidence of positive portrayals of women in gaming from games like the recent Tomb Raider reboot, which many gamers and activists alike praise for getting things right.

Of course, this is not exactly a new topic. Female gamers and game characters has always been a complex issue and the butt of many jokes. Remember way back when Rooster Teeth added Tex to Red vs Blue and gave Donut pink armor? I doubt this issue will be resolved anytime soon. Another important thing to remember is that ARMA 3 is still in alpha testing – there might be female character models in the future. Alpha is alpha after all.

We want to know what you think! Why aren’t there female characters in ArmA 3? Should there be? Is this just another classic battle of male chauvinists vs. militant feminists? Or, are we just feeding the trolls? Leave us comments below and tell us your thoughts about the debate.

  • Artamos

    Alpha is Alpha, they need to focus on making sure the game works first.. then they can focus on other things after it runs as smoothly as possible

  • bill

    Why does it matter in the first place?

    • scourge

      cause it would be nice and realistic? if they only had female soldiers it would be nice if they added men as well.

    • terror

      why would it not matter?

    • Synergist

      it would just be nice, but why wouldn’t it matter? do you mean it doesn’t matter because you don’t care so why would anyone else?

    • Stradus Woods

      Agreed doesn’t matter. If people have a problem with it don’t buy it or make a mod again.

      There is another issue here and its being attached to the game. I don’t talk about it in a post setting seriously however. I am sure anyone that wanted to could think of reasons why.

  • Matthew Burns

    Well, unless I’m mistaken, the U.S. Military didn’t allow females in combat zones until recently. So in that regard, the game is accurate. Also, it’s a video game, so who the eff cares.

    • InvaderMig

      And even with this new change, you still won’t see women serving in special forces.

    • Noremac12

      Women can wind up in combat situations but women are not allow to have a combat job. ie they dont have the jobs that go looking for trouble

  • green cactaur

    Uh I guess it depends when the game takes place, but if the game takes place in recent time line (I have no clue what Arma is about so I may have just said something stupid) Just add a damn female model.


    As someone who played a lot of Joint Ops back in the day (game in a similar vein which did actually have some female character models available), I never saw any of the abuses of character models that are being prophesied. That said, nobody played female characters because due to how the way the game looked some characters models were objectively harder to see in the grass and thus people only ever played those characters models, none of which were female.

    One technical note in favor of adding female character models is that the typical female in full battle gear looks a lot like a male after all the vests and body armor so they’d only really need to change the head and voice.

    But all of that is besides the point, since I still don’t understand why ARMA 3 is being targeted specifically…playable female character models in allegedly realistic FPS multiplayer games such as those of the CoD bent are hardly common (if present at all) so why criticism would suddenly be leveled at ARMA as if to elevate it to pariah status makes no sense especially considering the DoD only recently changed the paradigm and allowed women to cast themselves in the role of front-line soldier (or “public-sector lethal-force-for-hire”, depending on your worldview). So given how development schedules go, this game is hardly out of line with the way things worked development started.

    Finally, any post about this topic would be incomplete without offending both sides, as such it seems advisable to look this firestorm from the perspective of the outsider. What it really looks like is things started with one side one asking “why not?” (not unreasonably), and one asking “why?” (not unreasonably either). The more they ask their respective questions of each other and don’t receive compelling answers the more they “double down” on their positions and thus the more polarized they get. It’s approaching the point of complete and total absurdity now since one side claims that the change will result in game-ruining and all-prevasive virtual brothels (and game ruining over-sexualized banter to match) as well as being unable to find a part of the map where something isnt being teabagged, whereas the other is getting to the point where the position appears to be that a lack of playable female character models will be tantamount to high treason against some perceived identity politics based decorum. I’d guess at least one person has made some parallel to Nazi Germany, which is inevitable in internet discourse after a certain point.

    Of course what nobody is saying is both sides look like idiots after all that “doubling down”, and their arguments have become patently absurd especially with the game still in ALPHA so… “why you heff to be mad?”.

    • Jens Potens

      My reasoning for looking for female character options for Arma3 was basically the idea that including female character models in the game might invite female gamers to the servers, and that would be fantastic!

      Why fantastic? Well, aside from the obvious novelty, there are skills that work towards reaching success and enjoyment in Arma, that may be less emphasized by the competion. Skills that I can imagine being potentially better developed in female gamers.

      Clear communication, preferably over microphone, within and between squads and command is essential. An efficient squad leader will often use most of her time on the radio, and anyone who can do this in a fun, inclusive way are bound to be appreciated.

      In general, Arma’s simulator approach to the battlefield allows for great freedom of movement. Taking the long route, slow stealthy approaches or just staying back are all viable options.

      My thinking is that the option of the considered approach might appeal more to the female gamers, than the drop-in and blow-up recipe. It’s about the building of tension over time, even fighting boredom at times.

      It feels more mature, I suppose.

      User created content like Altis Life and the plethora of mods also leaves me hopeful that the game engine can be a platform on which to build experiences attractive to any sex, gender or other.

      In other news, Goat Simulator is out now.

  • Monstercloud

    The older I get, the more apathetic and cynical I grow to manufactured problems. A game that is in Alpha is getting shit for not including female models…

    What happened to giving feedback, and waiting? Are people really that impatient, and need something, ANYTHING to bitch about, that they are willing to be whipped up because a game in alpha, which focus isn’t to add new features, but to fix gamebreaking bugs? It’s in Alpha people… this is manufacturing outrage, and it benefits no one.

    • Daniel Sutton

      This sure is manufactured outrage. How could you possibly be against including options to let people create an avatar they identify with? I mean really, how could they be so opposed to including models for everyone in a game? This outrage is very manufactured, as there is nothing remotely controversial or problematic about including female character models.

      Also, people should definitely wait until much later to provide feedback about features in games. At least until beta. Probably until after launch, so it’s too late for the company to do anything about it.

      • lith

        Actually I could see one reason to not include female models.

        It requires work. Which they are spending time on other things.

        Personally I’d prefer having a giant robot before female models. Because that’s a whole different module they have to create versus a different human model anyone with a week of time could create and stop bitching about.

  • Deathstar2x

    I’m for adding female characters in the game as long as those that are for it are also supporting adding female characters in all games or at least the FPS genre.

  • Divinorium

    With Arma III trying to be real as it is. The model of Female Characters will cause alot of problems,
    The frame of females would be smaller so or the hitbox would be “buggy” and works were don’t have body or the female model user would have advantage over the man’s model.

    And don’t come to argue “but both can be the same size” THAN it would be strange, i mean men develop muscles faster/more than women.

    • Daniel Sutton

      This objection actually makes sense, as the game from what I understand, is basically a realistic shooter simulation. I can see how uneven hitboxes would cause balance issues.

    • Synergist

      gears of war 3 and the new one and blacklight retribution just to name some, have none of these issues so why would this game suddenly become buggy if they put women in it?

      • Divinorium

        Until where i’ve played Arma II, in my country we don’t have servers and playing Arma with 200+ with ping it’s not a choice, 2 bullets you are dead.

        A smaller frame/buggy hitbox it’s not big deal in gears of wars, Blackligh because you need 2673273672 bullets do drop someone. Now do the same in a game as unforgiven as Arma, you most of time dies before having the chance to look back at the enemy, and you will see the problem.

        Not saying Gears of Wars is bad, but you can’t pack in the same bag as Arma.

        Just as example of Gunz:The duel, a korean matrix-fps like game. In the early stages of the game the female had a smaller hitbox because of the size. Result? When you passed level 30 99.9% of the characters were female, Just because of this “little” advantage.
        Just google Gunz:The Duel in the youtube and you will see the lack of male characters in the game.

        • Synergist

          that’s too bad about the gunz game but gears and BLR have the same hitboxes for all character models. jim sterling has asked zombie studios about this for his episode of the jimquisition episode about the FPS sausage-fest.

          • Divinorium

            Well then you have a “buggy” hitbox. you can hit females where she doesn’t have body.

            Even then, the female have “advantage”.
            Looking at her ppl would have to guess where begins and where ends the hitbox. Since it doesn’t match her body.

            And just to end if you think it’s not a problem. I have 1,63 Meters of height (yes i’m really short).

            If the models isn’t a problem i want a model of my height and skinny like me intead of these dudes of 2×2.

            Even having the same hitbox i would love to see everyone losing time to adjust their aim to hit me.

          • Suicideking666

            Enter the Oddjob problem.

          • Divinorium

            An unfair advantage for a user who uses female/my character?

          • Suicideking666

            If the female character model is smaller then the male model it will have a smaller hit box and an advantage.

          • Divinorium

            Ok… now i didn’t understand your point… since it was what i’ve said on the first post.

            And for your post “Enter the Oddjob problem.” Looked like you were being sarcastic. If i didn’t get it right in the first time i apologize.(i think it’s clear that i still learning english)

          • Suicideking666

            I was just putting a name to it. Oddjob was a character in Golden Eye, and was really short and a pain to shoot because his hit box was a lot smaller. This is pretty much the same issue that would more then likely pop up. Although I guess more people would probably be familiar with this issue with the Elite in Halo, who has a small head then the Spartan, making headshots more difficult and a constant point of controversy online.

          • Divinorium

            Oh i see… I mean i’m not that big fan of 007 but one of the things i remember about Oddjob was the lack of skills to communicate and since in the post you replied had some errors(most because i’m using wireless keyboard and i’m too lazy to doublecheck so sometimes things just get some letters missing) I though it was sacarsm.

            Anyway sorry for the mistake. =p

  • InvaderMig

    Well if women will be true to scale then, the models will be smaller and thus their hitboxes will be smaller. Unless they are going to make the female models the same size as the men, which would be unrealistic then I don’t really care either way. Make a good quality game, first then if you have the time, placate these fools who waste time arguing about crap that shouldn’t effect the actual gameplay.

    • suicidenote

      that’s why there are no midgets in first person shooters cause they would have an unfair hitbox advantage. Seriously, though, Arma is a game and there are plenty of girls who like playing shooters. It’s a combat sim, sure, but it’s still just a game and shouldn’t be a big deal to allow for female players to be able to play as the correct gender. Besides, the social aspects are more fun when you have both.

  • Kevin Hawes

    _/ <- This is my carecup. It's empty.

  • Robert W. Uthoff

    Simple answer, make the game run flawlessly first THEN worry about equality BS.

    • Edward Yee

      “make the game run flawlessly first THEN”

      Literally nothing that came after the word ‘then’ would happen, Arma’s lack of “optimization” is legendary.

      • Zeealex

        True dat, it is really badly optimized. but hey ho!

  • Alex Mac

    “Why does it matter?”

    Because gamers keep asking that question.

  • Fish Bait

    If someone is more concerned of what sex the pixels are rather then trying to survive, they`re in the wrong game.
    Either way I don`t think it matters.

  • Aisar

    Is this what the drama queens of the internet are going on about these days? Along with that woman making videos about stereotypes in games I assume. I must be too busy playing games to bother with this junk. I still need to watch one of her videos, because you’s a big thing apparently?

    • Aisar

      She’s got some good content.

  • bill

    well scarlet blade has no male chars . and no ones crying about that.

    • Synergist

      i had never heard of that game and it isn’t even a shooter so nice try, but epic fail.

    • God

      Actually alot of people are crying about that.

  • Cody Moody

    Realism, or no?

  • Noremac12

    If this game is supposed to be as realistic as possible then this makes sense.

    In the real life military, women are not allowed to have combat MOSs (military occupation specialty). Women are not even allowed to be put in combat units in support roles.

    • Gee

      Actually, that’s not true. the American military recently changed allowing women to be in combat units and have combat MOS’s.

  • Karla

    Sick of Grand Theft Auto making me be a guy ._. I’ve been playing it since i was a little girl in 3.. and now 6 is coming out with THREE NEW MEN characters.. Why can’t one be female :|

  • Zeealex

    I don’t see why there is huge uproar about this?! there have been female characters modded into the previous two games before, so surely the logical thing to do would be to quit moaning, and mod it again! sorted!

    I know it’s harder than it seems, you’ve got to model it etc, etc, but still, if there is someone willing to do it, the problem is solved.

    Personally as a (female) arma player, it makes sense not to have them in the stock game, as said, women aren’t technically allowed on the front-lines, and unlike previous games this isn’t based in a fictional environment.
    and development-wise, it’s more time spent on modelling characters, and less time spent making a decent game/optimizing it.

    female pilots, yes, not female front-line soldiers though. I think we keep the “we want women in the game!” speak to the likes of Activision/IW, EA, and the other guys, as seeing as they are not developing Milsims, they can get away with the sort of ‘Ghost Recon/Rainbow Six’ approach, in which it’s a specialized unit in which the rules do not apply.

    Just my two pennies worth///

    • Milo

      Ive been on the front, and have seen women with a lot more balls than most civilian men. Cant tell me that women don’t belong on the front. They know their shit.

      • zeealex

        I’m not saying they don’t belong on the front at all, I’m saying, technically, they aren’t allowed in front line combat roles. by all means, some women like you said, do know their shit, train hard, work hard, they belong on the front just as much as any guy does.

  • MartyxTc

    The idea of female characters in Arma 3 isen’t particularly a bad one, but as stated here it really depends on who uses em. Theres nothing wrong with the characters themselves its more the players. Take DayZ for example and that female model, you had kids actually shooting female characters in the leg to then repeatedly teabag them, like pretty much every thing in life it has its pros and cons

  • God

    I dont see the problem with female characters and if youre worried about trolls, just put them in one piece underwear.

  • lith

    What’s funny is an early tech demo showed a bikini clad female… Lol

  • reason

    Medal of Honor had a female character option. It didn’t cause issues. There were plenty of girls in our clan and other clans. Planetside 2 has female characters and it’s never an issue. If anything, it’s great to have a mix of guys and girls playing together as opposed to one big sausage fest…

    • johnclaymore2000

      That’s because Women occasionally fought in WW2

  • Jenn

    As a girl gamer. I like being able to identify to by game character. Not being given the opportunity to even choose a female character for myself is pretty insulting. And to those that treat female characters differently or abuse and troll us in game, are you a sexist pig who who would treat your own sister or daughter that way in real life?

  • Jenn

    I will not spend money on a game that doesn’t consider females on equal level as their male characters. The whole company is sexist if it got to this stage with no strong female leads

    • johnclaymore2000

      It’s a military simulation you twat.

    • Azur_BlackHole

      thanks to god! the comunity doesnt want feminazis anyway

  • Judah Harvey

    Yo, I’m a mission developer for Arma 3, and I run a small community in the game. In my opinion, this is not really something that should be added into the game.

    There are currently two ways to add female soldiers into ArmA 3.
    1. Create an addon that adds a model for female soldiers that includes new
    animations, models, etc. This includes remakes of most of the clothes
    and effects for them as well. Mission makes would then have to define
    which slots in each game were male or female. If you want your mission
    to only have one pilot for balance reasons, then you would have to
    decide, using this method, which gender the pilot would be, offering the
    players no choice.

    2. Bohemia upgrades the engine to allow female
    player models to be selected by the player, changing the shape and
    model of the player upon connection as done with face models.

    while #2 sounds nice, it’s really not important at all. Bohemia needs
    to focus on more important aspects of the game like Netcode, AI,
    bugfixes, Headless client, Helicopters and Marksman DLC, and other
    engine and content upgrades that actually add things to the game that
    are more than superficial. ArmA 3 STILL lacks air superiority aircraft
    and re-uses a ton of models. Honestly, furniture for house models and
    female civilians that are not meant for player (A-la- ArmA 2) user would
    go much further for ArmA 3 than adding playable female soldiers would.
    Not to say that women are less important than furniture, but details for
    the game world, as well as more game features go further than cosmetic
    changes always. This isn’t TF2, this is ArmA.


    Medal of Honor and Planetside are nowhere near as complex as ArmA is. The infantry simulation in planetside is absolutely nothing compared to ArmA, which has bigger focuses as described above. Bohemia has their hands full with their engine, and features that people who actually invest into the game actually care about. We need more models for machine guns and rifles, we need more planes and tanks, We need an ACTUAL medium machine gun(Like M240 and PKM), we need more furniture for the houses, we need more variations of the Unmanned vehicles. We need vortex ring state for our helicopters, we need better physics.

    We don’t need female soldiers. We have a list of priorities and needs that are far greater than what your character looks like. It would be nice if players could pick, but as a mission maker, I need more assets for the game, I need better AI and more robust scripting commands like pushback, and because I need these things for missions my community needs these things to have an enjoyable experience far and away before women are put in.

  • Incubus

    this is the most pathetic thing I have ever read, women are NOT on the FRONTLINE in the military, they are NOT conducting raids they are NOT a part of this simulation because this game is a simulation and a representation of the real world as accurate as possible in a game. therefore there are no women, simple as that. get over it and understand this is not a game like most shooters its a MILITARY SIMULATION. the only thing that women are allowed to do in the military is anything but being on the frontline ground unit. what part of ” REAL WORLD MILITARY SIMULATION” do you not understand, if you want a female looking character go look for a damn MOD or make one yourself just STFU with this brainless whinging.

  • johnclaymore2000