Brandon Sanderson is probably not a name you’ve heard of unless you’re a bit of a fantasy geek like me.

However, you might have heard of the Wheel of Time series by Robert R. Jordan. After Jordan’s death, Sanderson was commissioned specifically by Jordan’s wife to finish up the series.

But what does this have to do with gaming?

Sanderson’s best-selling series — titled Mistborn — makes the all-important transition from book to video game. Publisher Little Orbit picked up the series and announced that it is producing the a game based on that setting, calling it Mistborn: Birthright.

At this time the details are scarce, but Sanderson explains in his blog, “In short, we’re hoping to do a fun, fast-paced, action game with some RPG elements, cool Allomancy effects, and some (hopefully) killer dialogue. That last part is my job, as I’ll be writing the story and most (if not all) of the game’s dialogue.”

Although Little Orbit is not a huge player in the realm of video games, I’m personally interested¬† because Sanderson is steering the writing in this game, which will be available for your PS3, Xbox, and PC.

Keep an eye right here for more information. There’s always another secret.