It would be easy for Relic Entertainment and THQ to simply cash in on the Company of Heroes franchise by regurgitating the same old game we played in 2006.

Luckily for us, it looks like Company of Heroes 2 will have some significant changes that will separate it from its predecessor.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Company of Heroes 2 Lead Campaign Designer Jacen Torres notes a few different features that will set this sequel apart from the original. One of these features is the new “True Sight” system, which allows “true movement across the battlefield,” and for a “dynamic line of sight based on objects that can block line of sight.”

If an object is blocking your view, chances are that you’ll be able to blow it up. Torres confirms that most things in Company of Heroes 2 will be destructible.

For those of you that are bored with the standard WWII scenery, don’t worry: Relic has chosen to go with the battles on the Eastern Front because the general public is less familiar with them. Even though these tales aren’t as popular, that doesn’t make them less significant: Torres says that 13 of  the 15 biggest, bloodiest battles of WWII were fought on the Eastern Front.

Company of Heroes 2 is scheduled to release in early 2013 for PC.

Are you excited for more Company of Heroes?

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  • BossFi

    Company of Heroes is still the best strategic RTS out today. Only CoH2 can top that!

  • pc11

    RTS brilliance is coming back! Eastern front conflict just makes this 100 times more awesome. The war there was brutal! Russians invented the zerg rush.

    • Ronny Sunrock

       The zerg rush also known as Blitzkrieg was invented by the Germans. But you might say the Russians improved on it as they only gave every 4th infantry soldier a weapon and then make 3 other run behind him waiting for hit to get killed so they could pick up his weapon.

      • pc11

        Blitzkrieg means thunder, or lightning is more adequate, war and it was the name that reflected the fast moving hard hiting tactics of the germans. It was based on highly trained infantry and mechanized units and the complete opposite of a zerg which relies on overwhelming numbers.

        You are right about the Russian tactit but that only happened at a point in the war when they started to run low on resources and was not standart practice (see the movie Enemy at the Gates)

        Your history knowledge is a bit off. Even a quick look in wikipedia would have avoided that comment.

        • Revanhavoc

           Pretty sure anyone quoting a Hollywood movie and Wikipedia as historical references is the embodiment of pretentious. 

          • pc11

            I didnt quote movies or wikipedia. If you re-read the comment you will realize that I implied that, even with inacurate info such as that, he would have avoided being wrong.

            …or maybe you wont realize it because you are just posting to try and feel superior by calling another person pretentious. You fail at understanding arguments and having self-confidence. Have a good day.

          • Revanhavoc

            I only go out of my way to reply to and shoot down overbearing pedantic commenters who obviously don’t get enough positive feedback in real life about their knowledge, so they relieve frustration and a feeling of ‘being small’ by condesending others.

            Try getting a feeling of superiority from actual achievement. 

          • pc11

            …and realizing your original comment missed the point of what I posted you go on another little rant of ego masturbation.

            Cool story bro… 

  • Ronny Sunrock

    Well way the most bloodies fights was fought on the eastern front is not really that surprising consider that the Russian army only equipped every 4th infantry soldier with a weapon. 

  • Revanhavoc

     Love your guys breaks – we are all into the same games.

    Staligrad, Kursk, Seelow Heights, Berlin – gimme gimme those battles were huge.

    Oh and be sure to do a review of the new trailer for Metro.

    (Speaking of Russia – I don’t trust them…)