“Where are you going Dreamer?” The Dreamfall Chapters trailer is beautiful.

When Ragnar Tornquist stepped down from his role of Creative Director of The Secret World, it was to continue a saga he’d begun a good while back.  Making a deal with Funcom, he started Red Thread Games with a small team and began work on the next chapter of Dreamfall.

Now, after a successful — but not yet over – kickstarter, a Dreamfall Chapters trailer has been released and it’s beautiful. No, I don’t mean just in how it looks…

As a long time fan of RPG’s I love anything that compels me to want to know more about a game’s story and its characters.

Two worlds in balance.

The Dreamfall Chapters trailer shows viewers the two worlds that players will be exploring as the game’s protagonist Zoë Castillo.  The two worlds; Stark — a crumbling dystopian future, and Arcadia — it’s magical counterpart; exist in harmony with one another, even allowing some people to cross the bridge of reality between the two.

There aren’t very many of these people left, but Zoë is one. She dreams her way between the worlds.

5 Days left to pledge on Kickstarter.

While the kickstarter for Dreamfall Chapters has been incredibly successful — raising $1,179,736 of a $850,000 goal — it still have five more days before it is over.  Of course, like many developers seeking funding on Kickstarter, Red Thread went with a base amount and have since added a plethora of stretch goals.

Most of these goals, such as creating Mac and Linux versions, adding new locations and characters, an interactive graphic novel and more have been achieved.  But there are a few goals left.  The first one at $1,250,000 will allow the devs to make German and French versions and include even more voice-overs.  The other goals… Well, they have yet to be revealed.

If you’re on of those people who have been debating pledging, but haven’t committed one way or the other, perhaps the Dreamfall Chapters trailer is enough to help you make up your mind.

  • Joey

    Looks like I’ll finally have to play Dreamfall.  ;)  Loved The Longest Journey, but hated the controls in Dreamfall, so never played it.  May have to give it a shot now.

    • Awesomo2k

      The game is all about the story and the characters though so the controls being terribad really doesn’t matter that much in the end :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/stradus.woods Stradus Woods

        Is there some way to get the story with out the game then.  Bad controls will stop me from playing through any game.  I am interested in the story however if not guess I’ll just forget about it.

      • Joey

        I agree with Stradus.  I’ve put down amazing games because the controls were so bad, I just couldn’t play them anymore.

        I will give Dreamfall another go, though, just to see if they’re as bad as I remember.  As I said, I loved Longest Journey, and have a feeling I’d love Dreamfall, also.

        • Awesomo2k

          I don’t disagree that some games are ruined by bad controls, they just don’t matter that much in a game like Dreamfall because the playability is secondary to the story, the characters and the world. Arguably if you can’t get past the bad controls it probably isn’t your kind of game in the first place.

          That being said, try playing with a gamepad if you can. That helps a bit :)

          • Joey

            I’ll have to give that a shot.  At one point, it was available on the XBOX, I think in the Arcade, but it’s not available anymore.  I’ll have to grab a gamepad for my PC.

            Oh, and I have a feeling it’s definitely my kind of game, but I get so frustrated when controls don’t do what I think they should, that I move onto another game, and never seem to go back.  But, it’s been a while, so maybe the time since will make it a bit easier on me.  ;)

  • Vojislav Stojkovic

    Actually, the last stretch goal, The Longest Journey Home, has already been revealed and it turns out that it’s a twofer deal: if the goal is met, Red Thread Games will not only make Dreamfall Chapters, which finishes Zoe’s story, but also The Longest Journey Home which finishes April Ryan’s story. The really exciting bit about The Longest Journey Home is that it would be a point and click adventure, available not only for PC, but also for mobile platforms!

  • DoctorOverlord

    Nice trailer, very well done.   I’ll check the Kickstarter page which was the point to it I guess lol 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Rúnar-Guðmundsson/739700469 Anthony Rúnar Guðmundsson

    Loved the previous games in the series. Hoping for good things