Cops Dig Ouya, In Spite Of E3 Fit

Ouya decided they wanted to show at E3, but not in the way everyone else is. Instead of renting booth space at the conference itself, Ouya rented a parking space at E3…. Several of them, in fact. The have invited the public to try out the new system just across the street from the super-exclusive E3.

“OUYA game developers will be on-hand to demo their games to the public—yep, no credentials required!—so  stop by and play some awesome new games with the people who created them! Invite friends, family — hell, invite anyone ‘cuz you’re ALL welcome to join us.”

The Ouya Park had the console on display in a lot across from E3 for anyone to check out. There was a banner directing the public to the site with displays of the games that the Ouya will have on offer.

Yesterday, the folks at Entertainment Software Association rented parking spaces in front of the Ouya setup. In order to block the public from noticing Ouya, they decided to park several semi trucks there. Then, the Ouya team outside of E3 rented their own spaces in front of the trucks to put up banners. Then, the police came.

You can imagine ESA reps stomping their feet and calling the cops to get rid of the rebel nuisance.

pc games     E3 Fails To Shutdown Ouya!

The calvary rode in on Segways specially equipped to bring down the E3 freeloaders. What they found was a group of people showing their new product with all the paperwork to legally do so. Those rascals at Ouya may win this round of the E3 standoff, but rest assured that the ESA has more tricks up their sleeve. *Cue maniacal laugher.

Ouya is the $99 gaming console powered by Android. All games available on the Ouya will have free trials, be free with purchasable upgrades, or be completely free. Click here to see Gary Gannon’s Ouya unboxing. 

*Cover photo courtesy of IGN

  • Cameron Grunow

    HAHAHAHAHA! This funny to me on so many levels.

  • Enricola

    While not a big fan of the ouya, that’s pretty unnecessary on the ESA’s part.

  • Thomas Vu

    This is hilarious. I definitely want to buy ouya now even though I dunno what it is.

    • Thomas Vu

      Also, in ESA’s attempt to block and call the police on Ouya they had instead brought more attention to the console. Is this a good example of irony?

      • Summer Walker

        That’s kind of what I was thinking too

  • Bebo

    Can understand why people at the ESA are pissed, because everyone has to pay for space to advertise there wares, this company doesn’t, which is a kinda of a kick in the teeth to all those that have, as they still have the advertisement from E3 yet not the same cost involved.
    The ESA were sad though to rent spaces in front of Ouya, at that point, they became as bad as the cheap skate (or clever marketing ploy)people.
    Obviously there is more to this than we are being told imo, and why it started.

    • kymmico

      i was under the impression that you had to be invited to E3 in order to be able to rent a space. Sounds to me like E3 didn’t think the Ouya was important enough to be invited. But who knows?

    • Summer Walker

      I can certainly see both sides… but the rebel in me has to smile at Boss Hog not being able to catch those crazy kids.

  • artillicous

    Those poor poor cops. It reminds me of the old Dennis Leary bit about Bike cops. Guy gets into a car and the cops follow only able to shout Stop and make bad imitation sounds of Sirens weewooweewoo, God that’s got to suck. WTF is Ouya? I like the person who commented before me wants to know. Now I want one from a company that stuck it to the man.

  • k3rc

    Rage against the machine!

  • Aesir Valkyr

    I was on the fence about an Ouya, but after hearing about this, I am heading to the site now to pre-order one.


    Ok first anyone can join e3, then you say exclusive which one is it. Also esa is angry because ouya is advertising, without giving money to esa ( so esa is angry because of greed. ) I was going to get an ouya either way, even more now that what sony and microsoft said about there console.


    Also on facebook it says post was 4 hours long, but I have seen this post around 2 days ago. So you re posted the same post on facebook, why.