The time is nigh and the end of waiting is approaching!

You are not dreaming, we have the Diablo 3 release date for you: May 15th!

After the many, many years of waiting, we finally have the day for Diablo 3 to hit the shelves.

In a tweet from all Blizzard staff and this from Bashiok I’m pleased to announce that Diablo III will be hitting store shelves on May 15, and digital presales start right now.”  Blizzard have waited so long, and we now have Diablo 3 — arguably the most anticipated game of all time — ready for us all.

Blizzard will release the biggest game of the year and have other titles called StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm and World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria to follow it up. Its going to be a good year for Blizzard.

I am currently in the process of pre-ordering my copy right now, what are you waiting for?

  • lee long

    Arena net caused this released date

    • Jado Cast

      I was actually wondering if GW2 releasing in 2012 influenced D3’s release too, but I’m not so sure.  It is funny the Blizzard mantra was “when it’s ready” and that obviously changed but it does seem very coincidental doesn’t it?  Of course, I guess you could say in theory that Anet is ramping up to release soon as well because of TERA, but personally I don’t buy that either.  I think they are all trying to release soon, because summer is historically a bad time to release games.

      • Yadiel A. Ramírez

         I think you are just over thinking. We been waiting for this game for a long time that probably any day release they give us could have coincide with the release of other games. let me explain myself a bit, this year is a year of a lot of releases of multiple games that are expected to be big, so trying to imply that a release date is pushed due to other games is kind of dumb really because any date release you give for a game this year pretty much can coincide with other games. Not trying to disrespect you btw hehe, just giving my opinion.

    • Jamie McCutchen

      Pay to Win? What exactly are you paying to win? No PvP at launch, not that it would matter much anyways because PvP for this game isn’t intended to be an E-Sport. I won’t be using the real money auction house because it doesn’t interest me in the least and it has always remained an option, the same for the normal auction house. That said, you are either unaware or have forgotten that long time D2 players have spent real money buying and trading items for years, through unofficial channels. So I ask, what is different now, other than Blizzard getting a small percentage (and before anyone starts bitching about how Blizz shouldn’t get a cut, they are the ones hosting the service.) of the transactions? 

  • Edward Crockett Jr.

    Now I just have to stare at this for 2 months.

  • JB

    Now everyone can stop crying about no release date! …… And now everyone can start crying that  its not May 15th yet!